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BitTorrent Offers To Distribute ‘The Interview’ Online For Sony

BitTorrent Offers To Distribute 'The Interview' For Sony

The Interview may get shown after all. After Sony Pictures Entertainment announced that a threat from a shadowy hacking group would cause the movie to be shelved, the online site BitTorrent has stepped up and offered to release it online. Sony’s move to scrap the release of The Interview after the threat from hackers —… Read more »

Carmike Cinemas Targeted For Boycott After Pulling ‘The Interview’

Carmike Cinemas Not Showing The Interview, Boycott Planned

A Carmike Cinemas boycott is now likely after the theater chain pulled The Interview due to demands made via terroristic threatening. The controversial comedy has been blamed for a string of Sony hacks that have thoroughly embarrassed and humiliated the company over the last week. While many of the hacks have been harmless to the… Read more »

Bradley Cooper Movie Is ‘A Catastrophe,’ Sony Execs Claim In Leaks

New Bradley Cooper Movie Is 'A Catastrophe'

The new Bradley Cooper movie is “a catastrophe,” this according to a new round of Sony leaks. Sony Pictures Entertainment executives were referring to “Untitled Cameron Crowe,” which as you can tell from the moniker, has yet to be named by the director responsible for We Bought a Zoo. Once referred to as Deep Tiki,… Read more »

‘Kong: Skull Island’ New Name For Giant Ape Prequel

King Kong

Originally it was called Skull Island, and the concept was simple enough: Tell the origin story of King Kong. Now, however, according to Deadline, the film has been given a clearer title: Kong: Skull Island. In addition to the name change, Legendary Pictures also moved the release date for the film back from November 4,… Read more »

Comedian Chris Rock Finally Breaks Top Five With ‘Top Five’

Chris Rock, Top Five

Chris Rock finally answered the big one. Since making his film debut in the 1985 film Krush Groove, the albatross around Chris Rock’s neck has always been his ability to achieve the same level of success in film as he has in television and stand-up comedy. Rock is one of the biggest drawing comedians on… Read more »

‘Frozen’ Director Apologizes To Parents For ‘Let It Go’

November 1st, 2013 @ 20:49:52

It has been over a year since Frozen debuted, and many children are still singing Let It Go… over and over again. Needless to say, this is leaving some parents with icy attitudes towards the movie’s creators. In an interview with the Hollywood Reporter, Frozen director Jennifer Lee explained parents’ declining enthusiasm for the hit… Read more »