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Satan Says Don’t Watch ‘Left Behind’ Movie Featuring Nicolas Cage

Satan Says Don't Watch 'Left Behind' Movie Featuring Nicolas Cage

Satan is providing one hell of an anti-endorsement for the new Left Behind movie, which reboots the popular Christian franchise with Nicolas Cage playing the role of an airline pilot named Rayford Steele. And, yes, we presume Jesus is his co-pilot. In a related report by The Inquisitr, Satan does say read this article where… Read more »

Denzel Washington’s ‘The Equalizer’ Tops Weekly Box Office

Denzel Washington

Denzel Washington is back, and he has reclaimed Hollywood’s top spot for the week. Washington’s latest film, The Equalizer, raked in $35 million on a rather brisk week, far outdistancing its nearest competitor, The Maze Runner, which totaled $17.5 million according to the Huffington Post. This marks Washington’s third highest opening week total of his… Read more »

William Shatner CONFIRMS He Was Approached For ‘Star Trek 3’


Star Trek alum William Shatner, after plenty of speculation and rumors surrounding a possible role in the third film of the rebooted franchise, confirmed that he was indeed contacted about appearing in the next installment. Shatner had spent much of the past week denying the rumor that he would show up alongside former castmate Leonard… Read more »

Drone Flights Now Authorized Over U.S. Soil


In a major decision made today by the Federal Aviation Administration, drones will now be free to fly over U.S. soil as long as they have authorization. No, they’re not the kind of drones that carry missiles and bombs, but rather, they carry cameras. Up to now, camera-carrying drones have not been authorized to fly… Read more »