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Michele Bachmann Says We’re In ‘God’s End Times’

Michele Bachmann God's End Times

Congresswoman Michele Bachmann believes we’re in “God’s end times,” and her proof is in President Obama’s recent actions involving Syria.

The Minnesota Republican made the comments during a radio interview with Jan Markell on Saturday on the Christian radio program “Understanding the Times,” According to Mediaite.

Bachmann explained that President Obama “waived a ban on arming terrorists in order to allow weapons to go to the Syrian opposition.” The comment was a reference to the administration’s decision to send anti-chemical weapons gear to Syrian opposition forces who were vetted beforehand.

Despite them being vetted, the congresswoman stated, “As of today, the United States is willingly, knowingly, intentionally sending arms to terrorists.” According to Michele, that’s a sign of the end times. MSNBC notes that she added:

“Now, what this says to me… that the leaf is on the fig tree and we are to understand the signs of the end times, which is your ministry, we are to understand where we are in God’s End Times history.”

However, Michele Bachmann wasn’t upset by the coming of the end times. Instead, she explained that “we need to rejoice.” Markell agreed, commenting, “We’re privileged to live [in these times].”

While Bachmann’s comments may seem out there, she isn’t the only one tho looks at Syria as a sign of the end times. A poll taken by LifeWay Research last month found that about one-third of Americans believe the statement, “I believe the battles in Syria are all part of the prophecies of the Book of Revelation.”

About a quarter of respondents also believe that US military intervention in Syria could end with the Battle of Armageddon. Bachmann is no stranger to Markell’s show, and has used her interviews in the past to criticize President Obama. Last year, the congresswoman accused the president of aiding “Islamic jihad” and embracing “the worldview aspirations of the Muslim Brotherhood.”

Is Michele Bachmann right to say we’re in “God’s end times?”

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58 Responses to “Michele Bachmann Says We’re In ‘God’s End Times’”

  1. Brian Froberg

    If she actually believes that why is she worried about the deficit and Obamacare? If the world is ending soon who cares about 30 years from now?

  2. Brian Froberg

    because at least 50% of the people in her district are morons.

  3. Yolanda Velez

    she's right, with the teabaggers trying to invade the government and the country with their wackiness, we're doomed

  4. Anonymous

    If Jesus doesn't know when the end times are because the Father has not revealed it to Him, how can she
    or any one else know when the end times are? Why is she or others so blessed to know when Jesus isn't ?

  5. Anonymous

    If Jesus wasn't told by the Father, then how do you know when the tribulation is ?

  6. Lars Beware

    If she would take her medication, she might not be hearing voices in her head saying "I am God and I want you to slander and lie" Also if Jesus were back on earth, she would be the first to have him crucified. She is nothing but a welfare queen – ask her about her farm subsidies that we pay her annually, grants made to her pseudo husbands rehabilitation centers and payment for 50 foster children that she did not raise since you can clearly see where she is in Washington. She is a gold digging, loud mouth, mentally ill person.

  7. Michael Hudson

    Given the recent news from Iowa, these may well be Bachmann's end times.

  8. Thomas Reynolds

    Backmann is a good example of how out there these Tea Partiers are. The Tea Party was chosen and paid for because they are not the best or brightest ,and therefore are easily manipulated. This is truly embarrassing.
    The Koch Brothers really know how to pick them – Wack-a-doodle

  9. Anonymous

    I really don't like terms like nutcase, crazy bitch or media whore so I will not use them for her. I will take the high road and say while to some she may sound like a nut case, crazy bitch or media whore, she is simply nuts.

  10. Anonymous

    Why does anyone even give this nut case a platform to comment? Does she actually believe what is coming out of her mouth or is she just trying to cause dissent and get attention? Those that elected her should be embarrassed.

  11. Bernie O'Brien

    Lars Beware Lars, you have it right. Yes she would yell for crucifixion of anyone like Jesus because he gave to the poor and was tolerant of all……I knew about their phony mental health clinic, but into rehab too? OMG I said long ago, when I cannot still believe this mentally ill person ran for Prez, that she was/is seriously mentally ill. She is out now by her Minn voters.

    She and her husband scare me but not as much as the people in this country who voted for her and vote for others similar to her. Politics is the dirtiest place where people can hide their sickness'.

    King over in Iowa and etc

  12. PJestin Trahan

    Bachman says the end of the world is at hand, BUT, we might all be saved IF we would get rid of that devil Obama who is trying to get health coverage for everyone and let the good guys (Republicans) take over. We could be saved if we were to relinquish our freedoms to be ruled by the filthy rich. Just how stupid do the Republicans think Americans are? (Though, I must admit, many of them are, so it' s worth a try, apparently.)

  13. Joey Alvin

    Brian Froberg, Damn, finally some common sense! Her followers are the same people that purchased insurance for their pets the last time the world was ending!!!

  14. George McMahon

    I don't know who is crazier, her or the people who vote for her…..

  15. PJestin Trahan

    Yes sir, taking care of the ailments of all the the American people is a devil's device and the Republicans know this by devine revelation.

  16. Bernie O'Brien

    The only significance that comments like this depicting Bachman —as Lars does so well—as a person that needs to be in a mental health facility in Rx, is one thing. If the young people of this country will begin another movements as in the 60s. No matter what party their parents are. The young are better educated and sharper and will not vote for someone as demented as she and her husband.

    They just quit voting is all. PLEASE COME BACK!

    Please come

  17. Mac Gardner

    Brian Froberg I think you are right! That's about the only place in the country where Coke still makes the nasty tasting diet drink "Tab." Her followers get together and drink Tab and eat apples and sing. They are known far and wide as the "Moron Tab-and-apple Choir." OK, it's a bad joke, but it's still funny!

  18. John Kovaka

    so come 11/1/13 when seniors payments (S.S.) are not mailed out…. food stamps are all stopped, the military is not paid and we as a nation default The Tea Party supporter districts should be burnt to the ground along with what is left of our nation….They want to destroy us, fine then expect to reap what you sow… Right wing Hmmmmm The last group of Right wing nut balls in a minority ………… The Nazi Party….. Everyone thought it could NEVER happen… How'd that work out

  19. Sylvia Martinez

    No, you got it wrong the bible does talk about the end the times. The only thing the nobody knows is when the rapture is going to happen. Matthew 24:33-36

  20. Mac Gardner

    Michele us a lying, conniving moron.
    She is so stupid, she thinks no one will notice when she opens her pie hole and unintentional comedy spills out. Remember last time she was campaigning in Iowa when she said she was proud to be in John Wayne's home town? It was the birthplace of mass murderer John Wayne GACY, LMAO
    Or how about her remarks when she was in Concord, where the revolutionary war began, except she was in the wrong Concord. And did you know that it was the place where Paul Revere rode and yelled "The AMERICANS are coming." as he warned the BRITISH? What a loony twit she is!

  21. Mac Gardner

    David Dodd I think she is what the Bible refers to as a FALSE PROPHET. I think whoever wrote the fairy tale "The emporer with no clothes" was prophesying about the coming of Michele Bachmann.

  22. Mac Gardner

    What would you have if Rick Perry, Michele Bachmann, and Sarah Palin were locked in a 10'X10' room? Answer= A 100 square foot box containing 500 pounds of rocks.

  23. Anonymous

    Hey Michelle: My Bible doesn't mention Obamacare. But it does mention ""false accusers"…having a form of Godliness but denying the power thereof, from such TURN AWAY. That's my queue to give you and your Neo-Confederate Insurrection the bird!"

  24. Mac Gardner

    Sylvia Martinez When Michele was running for President, and actually led in republican polls for a while (what does that tell you about the intelligence of the average republican?) Politi-Fact kept track of her campaign speeches and off the cuff statements and found that Michele was telling some degree of a lie, the least form being half truth to the worst form "Pants on Fire" and 95% of what she said was a lie, with more than half of those being "Pants on Fire." There should be nothing left of her charred azz after that.

  25. Marcelino Serra

    Stephanie Michelle Natal Bachmann like Freddo Boehner are totally crazy!

  26. Louise Purple

    God does exist God is real I feel sorry for those that think he is not it hurts me to think those who do not believe in him or accept him as their personal savior will spend eternity in a fiery pit of hell… and if you do not believe then why not?

  27. Paul Greenwood

    So, we are in the end times because we are supporting terrorists? Then I guess the end times are pretty long, because we have been supporting terrorists for decades, if not a century or more….As someone said once, one country's freedom fighters are another country's terrorists. The USA has done far worse than just support bad governments and bad people…If we haven't all gone to hell by now, I'm not too worried about the future….

  28. Cynthia Duprey

    i believe that god is real and if you take a close look at the world around us this woman may not be off her rocker i cant believe how the media discredits her yes i think we are in the end times just like how she says

  29. Paul Davis

    All americans should be embarassed by this woman. Way past time for her end of time anywhere near government in any capacity

  30. Harold Ivie

    PRO BACHMANN: Unless we believe the historical Jeshua Ben Joseph of Nazareth didn't really exist, or that if he did exist no one preserved what he said accurately; then Michelle is agreeing with Jesus. These are the end times, whatever that means..we have been in these 'end times' for two thousand years. What so radical about that? Would you give that fool of a news caster more credibility than Jesus The Christ?

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