Paris Hilton's 'Good Time' music video with Lil Wayne

Paris Hilton ‘Good Time’ Music Video With Lil Wayne Debuts

Paris Hilton’s “Good Time” music video with Lil Wayne has debuted. The wait is over, Paris Hilton fans.

The celebrity who owned the “bad girl” reputation before even Lindsay Lohan took it is back, and Paris Hilton is still riding the success gained from the release of her sex tape, pushing memories of it with vivid scenes of her body throughout.

Even though Paris Hilton has gone on record as saying that she will only party if there is money in it, she seems to be living it up with all of the glitz and glamor the heir to the hotel company is most likely used to. As she lays by the pool on a bed of what looks like gems, Paris Hilton croons about being tipsy but having a good time.

The background music is your usual dance music fare, catering to the glamor end of the sound spectrum to reflect the shiny visuals throughout.

Paris Hilton’s “Good Time” music video, which can be seen here, seems flashy and oozes with images of luxury and a party lifestyle, even if the singer herself tends to be a tad difficult to hear over the music without some reverb.

Paris Hilton Only Parties For a Paycheck

As the video continues, it seems to pick up with scenes of a crowd partying by the pool, beach balls and swimwear showing us they wouldn’t want to be anywhere else.

After these scenes of the pool party, Paris Hilton is then seen against a tropical sunset crooning about having her “sexy girls” with her and she’s loving it. Later in the “Good Time” music video there seems to be a guy dressed up in black with lights all over him just dancing in the background.

While the music video doesn’t seem to have enough shock value to take on Miley Cyrus‘ latest efforts, Paris Hilton’s name alone will most likely garner enough attention to sell some records. What do you think of Paris Hilton’s “Good Time” music video?

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