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Michael J. Fox Doesn’t Want Pity

Michael J. Fox doesn’t want your pity.

The 52-year-old actor was diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease in his 30s, while he was at the height of his career, and many people thought that he wouldn’t be able to keep acting.

But Fox doesn’t want your pity. In fact, the actor said that he one of the reasons that he is happy for his post-Parkinson’s success is that it makes people less worried about him.

Fox told the Guardian: ”Because of all the things I’ve done, nobody pities me, and that’s great. I couldn’t stand it. Pity is just another form of abuse.”

Fox may not be able to play another character like Marty McFly but Fox can still draw an audience. He has made guest appearances on shows like Scrubs and Curb Your Enthusiasm and his new show, The Michael J. Fox Show, recently made its debut.

Michael J. Fox said that Dennis Leary encouraged him to get back to work after his appearance on Curb Your Enthusiasm.

Fox said: “Denis [Leary] told me after I did Curb that I should get back to work, and I wanted to, to create a world and entertain people. There is also a satisfaction in knowing that maybe you’re doing something bigger, but that’s not for me to ponder. However, if the show does cure humanity’s ills, that’s cool.”

The actor has been living with Parkinson’s for 20 years now and he’s obviously developed a great sense of humor about his disease. Of course, Fox’s optimistic view isn’t something that he can take all of the credit for. The actor said that his wife Tracy helped him realize that life was still worth living.

Fox said: “I wouldn’t be alive today if it weren’t for Tracy, I don’t doubt that. People picture Tracy as this paragon of stoicism, this long-suffering wife, and that’s all bullshit. This is my situation and she deals with it, and I never feel like, ‘I’m sorry you have to put up with this’ – it’s nothing like that. When I told her about the Parkinson’s I said to her, ‘Are you in for this?’ and she said, ‘I’m in for it.’ And that was it. It was still a struggle but that was a really great moment. She is so funny and she puts up with my happy idiot persona.”