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Original Rosie The Riveter Still Working At 93

Rosie the Riveter is still a member of the work force.

Elinor Otto, 93, was one of the original “Rosie The River” girls who started working in the 1940s when men went off to fight in World War 2. Otto started working at an aircraft assembly plant back in 1942 and she still has a job more than 70 years later.

Otto said: “We were part of this big thing. We hoped we’d win the war. We worked hard as women, and were proud to have that job.”

The original Rosie the Riveter said that she made about 65 cents per hour when she first started working during World War 2. Her salary has increased a little since then, she now makes about $39 an hour, but Otto said that it’s never really been about the money.

Otto said: “I’m a working person, I guess. I like to work. I like to be around people that work. I like to get up, get out of the house, get something accomplished during the day.”

The Daily Mail reports that Otto started working on planes in 1942 for the Rohr Aircraft Corporation in Chula Vista. When the war ended she decided that she wanted to continue working on plans. She worked with the Ryan Aeronautical Co. in San Diego for 14 years and is currently working at Boeing’s C-17 plant in Long Beach.

Otto’s colleague Craig Ryba said: “She’s an inspiration. She just enjoys working and enjoys life.”

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