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Food Stamp Cuts Part Of Government Shutdown House Debate

Food Stamp Cuts Part Of Government Shutdown House Debate

Food Stamp cuts are part of the ongoing debate over government shutdown threatened by the Republican-controlled House.

As previously reported by The Inquisitr, food stamps cuts have been on the GOP agenda for a long time.

Tactics for the Food Stamp cuts usually include tacking the desired bill onto a completely unrelated bill, but even that has failed to produce the desired cuts as seen this past July. Republicans continue to encourage a government shutdown if Obamacare de-funding is not part of the debt ceiling deal. The goal of the government shutdown is to hold government money hostage in exchange for the desired votes to de-fund Obamacare, officially known as the the Affordable Care Act (ACA).

A recent poll shows that 51 percent of Americans blame the GOP for a government shutdown although other polls show Americans also believe the debt ceiling shouldn’t be raised.

The current House Food Stamp cuts proposed would cut $39 billion, allowing 3.8 million Americans to lose their only opportunity to feed their families on the average, very meager budget of $133 a month. Despite opinions that food stamp fraud is pervasive, most beneficiaries of food stamps are children, the elderly, and disabled. Although it’s supposed to be impossible to buy anything but food with the SNAP card, some people will trade their food stamp money for cash so they can make other purchases, which is illegal.

The bottom line is, for most people on SNAP, if they did not receive the food benefits, they would not eat, with some estimating the Food Stamp cuts could cause 3.8 Million to go hungry. For example, the Panera Bread CEO tried to live on a food stamp budget and found this to be difficult. Both Republicans and Democrats understand this reality yet both parties desire the Food Stamp cuts. The major disagreement lies in how large the Food Stamp cuts should be, not whether they should happen.

What do you think of the proposed Food Stamp cuts and the government shutdown debate?

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21 Responses to “Food Stamp Cuts Part Of Government Shutdown House Debate”

  1. Brenda Grass

    good now shut down welfare and the section 8 hosing raise the mimumin wage to $15 and hour increase taxes on the rich you don't work you don't eat I didn't tell you to have all those kids and I am tried of paying for all the freeloaders that sit at home and doesn't have to work they live off the taxpayers and there Are plenty of jobs out there people just don't want to work hope the free ride ends

  2. Kathi Mcdonough

    Brenda Grass, I guess you didn't read this part of the article "The current House Food Stamp cuts proposed would cut $39 billion, allowing 3.8 million Americans to lose their only opportunity to feed their families on the average, very meager budget of $133 a month. Despite opinions that food stamp fraud is pervasive, most beneficiaries of food stamps are children, the elderly, and disabled"
    Are these the freeloaders the live off the taxpayers that you are talking about?

  3. Samantha Downing

    You're article is totally biased and WRONG. The people that benefit the most from ARE NOT children and the elderly! The elderly get totally shafted, sometimes getting about $17 per month. The children get what the adults buy and so many times I've seen that be stuff the adults want and like to eat, or candies and sugar drinks that aren't healthy at all. So many times I have heard, "why should I work when the government pays me not to?" Correction, the government doesn't keep you up, the working class does, I do, my husband does!! I see so many young people that just won't get a job but think they're entitled to free food, free housing, free vacations from using their grant money from college. All of those things are suppose to be earned, worked for. I wish they'd cut out junk food, energy drinks, and perhaps help the farmers by telling food stamp users they need to use their cards at the farmer's markets! There are plenty of jobs out there, just not easy jobs. People won't work at McDonald's but they sure will get food stamps off someone else that works at McDonalds!

  4. Brian Ingham

    Brenda…your statement is pure ignorance. Educate yourself before posting and making yourself look like a complete and utter moron. Also, have a little compassion for people instead of being a selfish bitch.

  5. Alicia Gagner Geisenhaver

    Brenda you need to educate yourself on this … maybe 15 years ago what you say was the case but now in order to even be on assistance one must PROVE they are actively seeking proper employment. There are not plenty of jobs out there, contrary to what you have been lead to believe. I get so tired of ignorant people saying that all people on public assistance are no-good, free loading, lazy people and don't you know that most people on aid would LOVE a chance to work and provide for their family!!

  6. Peg Sweeney

    Why not cut spending of the congressmen & President who get everything paid for by the taxpayers? I'm so tired of hearing the only solutions, to cut gov't spending, is to take what little is given to the needy away from them. Congress is overly awarded for creating such a depressed economy in this great country. The least we can do is help the needy.

  7. Morganna Black

    Jesus lord…smh there are not great paying jobs out there available if anything, and they are going to create more poverty??? People starving and Unable to feed their kids!! They are going to create more crime, just watch…smh

  8. Sharon Hamway

    If they started drug testing and having stricter rules they wouldn't have to reduce it. There are some people trying hard and just can't make ends meet. There are also some people who choose to sit on their ass and not work because they know they will be taken care of!

  9. Laraine Tina Pankevitch

    Excuse me!!! I have a 2 parent household with both working and we NEED our foodstamps to afford FOOD! You are an ass, while I appreciate the idea of minimum wage being at a level we wouldn't need the help but simple fact it's not. There are hard working people on SNAP that need the help…

  10. Laraine Tina Pankevitch

    Peg Sweeney why do they NEED so much money? who needs more that 75k/year? they say take it from SNAP and welfare, how about we take it from past presidents, retired gov't officials, etc who b/c they served in office get 3x or more of what welfare families live on with children.

  11. Laraine Tina Pankevitch

    you are wrong. people who work hard get welfare too. i pray to God you never need help and are on the other side of the fence. we are losing almost $50 in November. Hopefully we'll be able to have enough food to last now as we were barely making it month to month before. May God have mercy on you. Glass houses and all that…

  12. Marie Laizure

    So let me get this out in the open my family gets food stamps cause I got laid off and my husband can't find a job. I'm currently 27 weeks pregnant with our first baby, and not allowed to work cause i'm high risk. You want to take away my ability to fid my husband my and my unborn child. that is just wrong and selfish of you. You also want to take away my section 8 that I need so my daughter will have a roof over her head when she is born in December. wow I would love to know why you think taking everything I need to take care of my family will help me in the long run I would love to know how you expect me to be able to take care of my family when you want to take the only way I have to keep my family alive that I paid for with working all of my life. think about that please.

  13. Brenda Grass

    I am working with people who get food stamps housing money and there kids get an ss check acutally they make more money living off taxpayers money raise mimumin wage to 15 an hour and end all the free loading and yes there are plenty of jobs out there I turned 3 down already there are a lot of free loaders out there cut the the free money off and go get a job but wages have to be at least 15

  14. Brenda Grass

    One I didn't tell you to have those kids I worked and paid for my kid I made to much to get any help back in the day where does it say the taxpayers have to pay for everyone elses kids???????????/ don't have kids if you can't afford them why do the working class have to pay for everyone else

  15. Brenda Grass

    you know if you guys talk to your parents they will tell you how hard it was growing up in ww2 they didn't have all this help and what about the amish they are living off taxpayers

  16. Brenda Grass

    brain don't call me a bitch you asshole I have seen people suffer and I also see a lot of freeloader hope they increase your tax dud e cause you are paying for every free loader

  17. Keith Stevens

    The U.S. spends $53 billion if foreign aid every year and that is only the cash aid we send out that does not account for the food aid or military aid we send this money and aid is not a loan it is just given away,maybe we should look at cutting into that before we take food from our own people

  18. Brandi Corbine

    Brenda Grass you are so Ignorant They are 100 % right! Take from Congress and the presidents they take more of tax payers money and put it in there pocket than the needy ever would! needy take tax payer money and put it in there kids mouth congress and the presidents take it and take there kids to Disney world, and take there families to restraunts that in one meal takes more money in one dinner than a family of 5 would in food stamps all month! Our gov. is twisted and corrupt.. its not ur needy you need to worry about its the cricked people running your country! AND AND && someone said "drug test"… tax payers would spend more money doing that, testing is very expensive and u will be paying for it and u might loose a couiple of people but most would pass and ur pocket would be EMPTY!
    OBAMA is just trying to black male our country into passing his dumb Obama care that congress and other government officials no is crap bc they passed a bill that IT WOULDNT EFFECT THEM!!

  19. Bethany M Flores

    Food stamps are great.. But it should be limited to a certain about of years like welfair..Also they should be drug testing and such for these programs. If the parents are dirty, then the kids get taken out and put in custody until the parents can get clean. It's really sad. I have a friend on food stamps, she get's almost 800 bucks a month for food a family of 5. Are you kidding me. Why so much. I don't budget for that much and we work. This country needs some serious changes.

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