Geoffrey Portway Kill Children

Geoffrey Portway: Planned To Kill And Eat Children

Geoffrey Portway plead guilty to distributing child pornography and planning to kidnap a child. It is now revealed that he also planned to kill and eat children.

Portway is a citizen of the UK. However, he is a resident of Worcester, Massachusetts. He was arrested following a two-year federal investigation into pedophile rings.

Following his arrest, authorities searched Portway’s home. They were horrified to find a torture dungeon in the basement.

As reported by the Mirror, the basement contained a frightening number of devices designed to torture and abuse children. The equipment included handcuffs, knives, bondage tools, and castration devices.

Authorities also found two freezers, a cage, and a child-sized coffin. The cage and coffin were both outfitted with restraints and locks.

Geoffrey Portway will be sentenced next week. Prosecutors have requested a sentence of 27 years in prison.

Portway is in the process of being deported. However, prosecutors have asked for a postponement.

Portway was linked to Ronald Brown, who was sentenced to 20 years in prison for similar crimes. Portway and Brown communicated through internet chat rooms.

Both men discussed detailed plans to kidnap, torture, kill, and eat specific children. They also exchanged pictures and videos of children being tortured and sexually abused.

Brown offered to collect children from a local church where he was employed.

Geoffrey Portway PedophileAs reported by Sky News, Portway and Brown were part of an investigation that led to the arrest of more than 50 suspects worldwide. More than 160 children were located and rescued.

Special agent Bruce Foucart explains that the investigation is ongoing. The operation identifies more suspects every day.

Attorney Carmen Ortiz is grateful to law enforcement for orchestrating and carrying out the arrests. He says Portway’s case is “very disturbing.”

Geoffrey Portway was convicted of heinous crimes. However, he was not charged with physically harming any children.

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