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Shark Attack In Daytona Leaves Little Girl With A Tooth Souvenir

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Most people visiting Daytona Beach who want a shark tooth souvenir will go to a beach store in town and buy one. But not 11-year-old Riley Breihan. She waited for a shark attack to get her beach souvenir.

The Florida girl was attacked by a shark while swimming at WinterHaven Park in Ponce Inlet on Sunday.

Breihan said that she was on her boogie board when a shark came up and bit her on the leg.

Breihan said: “At first I wasn’t thinking about pain, I was thinking I got bit by a shark and I have to go to the emergency room. Then I felt the sting and it hurt real bad.”

The 11-year-old was taken to the hospital where doctors examined the wound. Breihan was bitten on the lower leg and heel but the injuries weren’t too serious. Doctors also found that the shark had left behind a tooth in the 11-year-old’s leg.

Breihan said: “They had to numb me and they had to prick it out.”

This has been a big year for shark attacks. Hawaii experienced its 8th shark attack (the state normally only sees three or four per year) last week. Sadly that incident proved to be fatal.

Breihan was lucky to escape with her life, and her legs, from the attack in Daytona but the little girl may have gained a slight fear of the water.

Briehan said: “I don’t think I would go back in the water. I’m going to wait.”

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4 Responses to “Shark Attack In Daytona Leaves Little Girl With A Tooth Souvenir”

  1. Joe Prager

    Great point, Ella. Sorry to hear about the little girl. Also, the locals know to never swim or wade near the pier because the sharks hang out there, but I constantly see people there every time we go to the beach. Thankfully, it must not have been a bull shark or we would be reading about a little girl with a missing leg.

  2. Jessica Dukes

    Sherri Sears be careful if u go to Daytona. This happened 4 days ago in shallow water

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