Shark Attack Victim Dies After Week In Hospital

A shark attack victim died on Wednesday after spending a week in the hospital attempting to recover. German woman Jana Lutteropp had her arm bitten off by a shark while snorkeling off Maui.

The 20-year-old had been on life support since the attack happened, but passed away at Maui Memorial Medical Center, according to hospital spokeswoman Carol Clark.

Lutteropp’s family released a statement on her death, reports USA Today. They stated, “Jana fought hard to stay alive. However, we are sad to say that she lost her fight today.”

The 20-year-old tourist was snorkeling about 100 yards off of Palauea Beach in Makena when a shark struck, biting off her right arm. A high school teacher from California heard her screams, saw blood in the surf, and jumped in to the water to rescue her.

The teacher, Rick Moore, recalled watching Lutteropp go in and out of consciousness while he helped her get to shore. He commented that she was in “very critical condition” and kept repeating that she was going to die.

The Associated Press notes that the statement released from Jana’s mother and sister, Jutta Lutteropp and Julia Broeske, went on to say that the woman “was a very beautiful, strong, young woman who was always laughing, and we will forever remember her that way.”

They went on to thank the “wonderful caregivers and everyone at Maui Memorial Medical Center.” There is no way of knowing what kind of shark attacked Jana Lutteropp, as no one saw the animal that bit her.

However, in the wake of the most recent shark attack, along with others in the area this year, Hawaii officials announced a plan to study tiger shark movements around Maui. There have already been eight attacks this year in Hawaii and there were 10 last year. The numbers are much higher than normal for the area, which usually sees between three and four attacks a year on average.

It is not yet clear when the shark attack victim’s funeral will be.

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