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Wild Wing Cafe Incident: 25 Black Patrons Kicked Out After White Person Feels Threatened

Wild Wing Cafe Incident: 25 Black Patrons Kicked Out After White Person Feels Threatened

A Wild Wing Cafe incident from South Carolina is generating nationwide controversy after a group of 25 black patrons were kicked out when a white patron felt threatened.

The incident happened at a restaurant in North Charleston. After the group of 25 black family members waited two hours for a seat, a restaurant employee told them they had to leave, saying a customer felt threatened by their behavior.

News of the Wild Wing Cafe incident has been spreading on social media after one of the family members made a Facebook post on August 22. The person making the post, Mike London, said he complained to the company weeks ago but never heard a reply.

“This type of racial discrimination is unacceptable and we have to put a STOP TO IT,” London wrote in his Facebook post. “The manager looked me dead in the face and said she was refusing us service because she had a right to and simply she felt like it. DO NOT SUPPORT THIS ESTABLISHMENT… PLEASE SHARE THIS POST…We need your help,” the post continued.

Another member of the group said the family members were having a going-away party for a cousin when a shift manager told them to leave. Despite protests that the family had been waiting two hours for service, the Wild Wing Cafe still made them leave — during a rain storm, no less.

The company responded a few days after London’s Facebook post admitting that they “dropped the ball in communicating swiftly to a loyal customer.” The company added that someone should have responded to the black patrons earlier about the incident instead of making them wait three weeks for a reply.

This week someone claiming to be a Wild Wing Cafe employee contacted Radio Facts to clear up some misconceptions about the incident. The caller said the group was being loud and obnoxious to customers and staff, and kept complaining about why “whitey” was able to get seated before them.

The caller added that the group had a long wait because they insisted on sitting together, and that one of the members also insulted a deaf white girl when she did not hear the person’s command to move.

“The customer that was offended was offended by a particular individual’s constant uses of the word ‘n****er.’ When asked to stop, he threw out a long string of racial epithets against one of my co-workers,” the caller noted.

In a follow up on Sunday, Wild Wing Cafe said the incident is under investigation and plan to get to the bottom of why the 25 black patrons were kicked out of the restaurant.

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4 Responses to “Wild Wing Cafe Incident: 25 Black Patrons Kicked Out After White Person Feels Threatened”

  1. Cj Macintosh

    Race wasn't even a motive from the sounds of it. Sounds like the racism card is being thrown out because the group happened to be black. If this was a group of 25 white people being denied service, we wouldn't even see a blink of the eye. Love how racism continues to flourish in this country just on the basic fact that people keep using it as a excuse for the way they behave. We only have one side of the story, but there are no two sides anymore, just whatever sides fits someone's agenda. Ignorance is bliss.You should read the other side of what took place…your eyes will be opened to which side was prompting racism, Now it turns out this group was being unruly and spitting racial epithets. Way to play the race card, AGAIN.It's called sensationalism, and of course the media is trying to pull in stories post the Trayvon Martin trial.I am a racist? Because a store employee came out and said their story was untrue. "The group was being loud and obnoxious to both customers and staffers. They kept complaining about their long wait and were talking about how “whitey” was able to get seated, but they were not. The problem was that they had a large group and insisted on sitting next to each other. They only had one area that could accommodate their large group and the patrons in that area were not done. How typical of HP not to get the whole story……when it sounds unbelievable it probably is and no business kicks patrons out without a good reason. (Actually the other story is out there if you look….and verified by other patrons). The browns even yelled at a deaf girl because she wouldn’t respond (could not hear), refused to move when asked so customers could come and go and the ‘white customer complaint’ was that the group was using racial slurs towards blacks and whites alike.Exactly. I suspect the truth will come out, maybe a video will surface showing the family the way they were really acting, but it will only get a mention on the new or on a ticker at the bottom of the screen because no one will care anymore, everyone will have moved on to the next big news that infuriates them. Such a pathetic attention span you have. You self included you are still mad at me and I believe you have forgot what you started writing me about , I hope this has open your young eyes up to the real world that every thing you read or hear may not be as it seems , I am sorry that you and me got off on the right foot , but I was only having fun at your expense , Sorry again have a good life best wishes to you . But do follow up on this story there is a lot to be learned from what was printed in H.P. to what I was saying to you . Again thinks for playing the game with me .signed CJMACINTOSH

  2. Boycott The Wild Wing Cafe Boycott

    have you watched the video? it shows the white woman getting confronted .If you want you can check out Mike London's personal facebook page its open to view you can see how he denied this happened until the video comes out then he changes his tune.Two sides to this

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