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Crocodile Attack: Man Snatched By Croc While At Birthday Party

crocodile attack in Australia takes one man's life

In a fatal crocodile attack in northern Australia a man was snatched by a crocodile as he celebrated at a birthday party on Saturday.

The Independent reported that a man, aged 24, apparently went swimming in the saltwater River with a friend. It’s not clear whether he had consumed alcohol at the party. Senior Sergeant Geoff Bahnert from the Northern Territory Police Force in Australia said:

“Several of the group in the party witnessed the male being taken in the jaws of the croc for a period of time, and then he was out of sight. The Mary River is known worldwide to have the greatest saturation of adult saltwater crocodiles in the world. You don’t swim in the Mary River.”

The crocodile attack took place at the Mary River Wilderness Retreat, roughly 70 miles from Darwin. The man entered the water and then, Bahnert said: “They (the group) were watching him swim across. And they just saw a crocodile with him in its jaws.”

Authorities in Australia carried out a comprehensive search of the Mary river, but unfortunately were unable to recover the man’s body. He is presumed dead.

It appears that the man did not heed warnings advising against bathing in the river, Erin Bayard, an employee at the Wilderness Retreat told News Corp Australia:

“We tell people to stay away from the water, they obviously went against this (and) a man was taken.” He added, “We say to everybody it’s full of crocs. It’s one of the most populated rivers in the Territory, every couple of kilometers there is a large croc.”

A full investigation into the deadly crocodile attack in Australia is underway, as police try to ascertain the exact circumstances which led to the assumed death of the victim.

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20 Responses to “Crocodile Attack: Man Snatched By Croc While At Birthday Party”

  1. Eileen Koss

    With all those warnings, and the man still went swimming in the Mary River! Unbelievable! What a horrible way to die!

  2. Ricky Ross

    Too bad Aussies can't own guns…if someone there was carrying, maybe they could have killed the croc and saved the mans life?

  3. Brian Holbrook

    The friend who went swimming with him must feel pretty lucky that the crocodile didn't eat him. On the other hand, if he was Seinfeld, he would wonder if the crocodile didn't consider him as appealing to eat as his friend was, and eternally wonder if he was considered a lesser piece of meat compared to his aussie pal.

  4. David Kamm

    Why is this news? A man swims in a piece of water known to be crocodile-infested and he is eaten. Now, if he ate the crocodile, THAT would be news!

  5. Muhammad Abbass

    Sam Lock Yes I should have said no pun intended, but it was.

  6. Patrick Vincent

    it is safer for man to swim an Australian river than for an Australian man to jog the streets of the United States. Is it 2017 yet?

  7. Bob Larsen

    Eileen. Question for you. Did you ever live in Dearborn heights Michigan when growing up?

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