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Nicholas Hoult, Jennifer Lawrence Share Champagne Picnic

Nicholas Hoult and Jennifer Lawrence were spotted looking cute together at a champagne picnic in Montreal’s La Fontaine Park on Thursday.

According to People, the affectionate couple shared a blanket under a shade tree as they enjoyed their picnic. In fact, they ran a photo which showed a happy Lawrence drinking right from what appeared to be a bottle of Veuve Clicquot champagne.

It looks like a fun date for the two beautiful 23-year-olds. Lawrence even reportedly put her head on Hoult’s chest as she read her copy of Mockingjay to get ready for her next role. Too cute.

Nicholas Hoult and Jennifer Lawrence recently finished filming X-Men: Days of Future Past, so they probably felt entitled to take a break in the nice weather.

It wasn’t their only recent date. According to Zap2It, they recently attended the X-Men: Days of Future Past wrap party as a couple. They also attended a special screening of Lee Daniels’ The Butler hosted by Hugh Jackman, who plays Wolverine in the X-Men franchise.

According to our film reporter Niki Cruz, it’s X-Men: Days of Future Past that may take the credit for bringing Lawrence and Hoult together again.

A source said, “They started the shoot in April as friends, and then one day they just started kissing. One thing led to another…All her old feelings came rushing back.”

Awww. It’s a far cry from the night when they both attended the MetGala 2013 — but arrived and left separately.

Here’s a video report from May, when Nicholas Hoult and Jennifer Lawrence were still saying that they were strictly friends.

Nicholas Hoult Confirms Current Relationship Status With Jennifer Lawrence

It wasn’t real believable then. And they’ve stopped pretending that they’re just friends for quite some time now.

Still, the champagne picnic was an adorable glimpse into Nicholas Hoult and Jennifer Lawrence’s renewed romance.

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