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Lady Gaga’s ‘Applause’ Flops, New Single Headed To iTunes [Rumor]

Lady Gaga New Single

Lady Gaga’s new single Applause may have been rushed to the market, but apparently no one is ready or willing to spend money on the track.

Many analysts believed the singer’s new effort would give Katy Perry’s Roar a run for its money. As of this writing, Lady Gaga’s tune is currently perched at number three on iTunes. Perry’s endeavor, meanwhile, is holding on to the top spot.

Applause isn’t getting much love on Amazon at the moment either. The track is presently number ten on the website, falling behind such tracks as Robin Thicke’s Blurred Lines and Miley Cyrus’ We Can’t Stop. Despite the early buzz, Lady Gaga can’t seem to catch a break.

However, it would appear that the folks at Interscope are already cutting their loses. According to The Examiner, the record label is in the process of releasing another single. Swine is expected to arrive on September 1. No one from Interscope has confirmed the news just yet.

Although Lady Gaga’s single is still being downloaded by fans, the singer reportedly started a competition that encouraged multiple purchases of the same song. The contest may have been launched prior to reports that Applause had flopped, but people still aren’t happy about it.

“Screenshot your Applause purchase, request to radio, and hashtag #Applause [and] we’ll choose two devoted fans to go with me to iTunes fest! The two fans with the most purchase-gift screenshots, radio requests, Applause selfies-video, will fly international to meet me and watch the show!” she tweeted.

After fans complained about not having the money to purchase the same song over and over again, Lady Gaga said that the winners wouldn’t be based on splurging alone. However, it remains to be seen what type of fan will emerge victorious when all is said and done.

Do you believe that Lady Gaga’s Applause has flopped on iTunes? What do you think about the singer possibly releasing a second single next month?

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23 Responses to “Lady Gaga’s ‘Applause’ Flops, New Single Headed To iTunes [Rumor]”

  1. Ade Bulla

    It's certainly not done what Gaga wanted it to do. But it has done what the vast majority of people wanted it to do… It's moved Gaga one step closer to her exit from the scenes.
    Another single in two weeks? The problem is that even if this is any better, Gaga has turned from a brand that sells to a caution sign with 'poison' on it. Personally, I would not buy it even if it were the greatest song of all time, because she is a self-centred, hypocritical, fake, fascist-minded user who has a pathological attention-seeking condition and is an appalling role model who has grabbed far too much visibility in the media by dint of the the lowest, most immoral, most vomit-inducing stunts and false claims in music history and regurgitated real artists' catalogues like a psychopathic cover singer and then tried to claim their place in music history as hers, reduced her fans to an army of intellectual zombies ready to swallow any lie she 'tweets' and uses them as her private SS to threaten other people in the most despicable way.

    Lady Cacs, just get out of here, you are the Clown of Pop, the Hitler of Hype, the Harlequin of Recycling…

  2. Anthony Pero

    iTunes only counts one sale per account unless you gift it… Guess no one told the "monsters".

  3. Chia Ying Wong

    It is definitely not a flop. Lady Gaga has worked hard on this and it is most probably that the promotion has not srarted. I am sure that after the VMA performance ect, Lady Gaga's applause is going to be the hit of all time. :)

  4. Chia Ying Wong

    Mind your words. I respect your opinion on lady gaga but it is not necessary to write characteristics about her without even knowing what she has gone through. Lady Gaga is different from others, she wears costumes that are weird, but original. Her style of pop is special. And maybe you don't like her because of her costumes and others but you have to open your eyes and see how talented she is. She is one of those people who can actually sing AND dance so well. Please view her live performances if u want. She is a stunning and breathtaking performer. Lady Gaga has a different taste in life and she does not fit in. This is why she inspires others who do not fit in to join her and tell them that they are not alone. She is inspirational and you haters are why she even sings born this way. Accept us for who we are. Cos god makes no mistakes. I love u mother monster! 😉

  5. Elephantinus Cornelius

    Chia Ying Wong Please.. please.. I am not a fan of lady gaga as i am not a fan of mainstream music.
    Her style of pop is not special, you have seen it all elsewhere. She claim to be an artist, people claim to be an artist, but I don't see any artistic values in her style. I might not like her style of art, but if the art is good, I must be stunned of her.. But I am not.. Her art is not bad, but not as good as she wants or other to be. Keep in mind that she has a lot of people working for her..There are A LOT of people who are talented, who can dance, who can sing.. and who can sing way better than her. And the most people are not that famous. But whatever, I do not like her farce and you are just a fan. But I am just sick of all the people calling her a huge artist..

  6. Mon Mon

    music is fun, it is not a race or competition, only thinking of making your single number 1 it's not fun at all. She should relax and enjoy her career!, you can't be number 1 all the time!, it's sad that she is trying by all means to do so!

  7. Jeff Mulligan

    So well said and so on point!!!!! Brilliant and hopefully the music industry and media will stop shoving this toxic thing down our throats. I plan to boycott any radio station I hear her stuff on and turn the channel when she's on. She doesn't deserve anyones praise.

  8. Jeff Mulligan

    Chia Ying Wong I just feel very sorry for you that you can't understand how she is a complete Lie and you have fallen for it. Sad very sad I wish you all the best.

  9. Andru Ur PsychicPopstar

    It is very depressing that unfortunately, in this age of multi-media societies and worshipping/damning fansites, she has not chosen to do what Madonna has and put herself above the fray, but instead has gotten more press for her antics on Twitter than for her music, feuding and stooping so low as to air her dirty laundry in public with the likes of Perez Hilton. Playing the victim, she has chosen to say 'oh, Perez sent me a picture of Madonna shooting me on the day of my accident' (what accident? I thought her hip problem was chronic?) ON Madonna's birthday, turning off a whole legion of music lovers who were trying to like this new single. She's phony and fake. She lies, about her music, about what's happening to her. She seems desperate and sad. Fascinating for culture, however, as a what NOT to do in this day and age.

  10. Brad Phillips

    Elephantinus Cornelius – Then, to be quite frank, your views on art are a little antiquated. Look up Marina Abramovic, a WORLD RENOWNED performance artist who has called her the "future of performance art." Since you refuse to see value in her aesthetic, or in the work she's done outside of her music, I feel your little rant on here is a little misguided. Sure, you can dislike her — everyone can; but to beat the idea that she is "not an artist" is to only show how ignorant you are to the concept of "art."

  11. Oliver Chang

    Jeff Mulligan Hey now, there's no need to be spiteful sarcastic. Why so negative and dramatic on someone who enjoys something you don't? We all have our opinions you know :)

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