Jennifer Aniston strip club

Jennifer Aniston Almost Researched Role In Strip Club, But Thinks They’re ‘Disgusting’

Jennifer Aniston isn’t opposed to a little method acting here and there, so long as it doesn’t require her to visit a “disgusting” strip club.

Aniston plays an exotic dancer hired to pose as Jason Sudeikis’ character’s wife in her new filmWe’re the Millers. She apparently considered doing some research for the role in an actual strip club, but quickly axed the idea because she doesn’t think skin joints are the cleanest places around.

“I almost went to a strip club in North Carolina too. We decided that would not be a good idea. Not a lot of strippers want to be stripping, you know. I think strip clubs are disgusting,” she told Glamour magazine.

Not wanting to offend, she backed up and simply explained that she doesn’t get the appeal.

“I’ve just never been able to wrap my head around it. Guys are going in there to basically become aroused by another woman? And somehow that’s OK? Though I’m gonna insult a whole group of women if I say stripping is disgusting.”

But, “I also think it’s not very hygienic in there. I mean, my Lord.”

Instead of hitting a real gentleman’s club to research the role, she watched films like Flashdance to prepare for the role.

Whatever she did, it seemed to pay off. Despite mixed reviews from professional critics, audiences graded We’re the Millers with an A-, according to CinemaScore.

Are you a fan of Jennifer Aniston? Do you agree with her on the subject of strip clubs, or not?