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Ian Somerhalder Ditches ’50 Shades’ For ‘Crossfire’ Role

Ian Somerhalder Crossfire Role

Vampire Diaries star Ian Somerhalder is no longer in the running for the role of Christian Grey in the upcoming Fifty Shades of Grey movie.

Somerhalder was first rumored for the role in July but has since been tied to the TV adaptation of the Crossfire series by author Sylvia Day.

According to a report at HNGN, author E.L. James couldn’t see Ian taking on the role of Mr. Grey. Sylvia Day, on the other hand, is rumored to have pictured Somerhalder as perfect for the dominant Gideon Cross.

Both Grey and Cross have dark pasts which they must confront in order for them to work through current relationships. Also both female characters in both series’ are shy, awkward, and clumsy. Both men also own their own successful companies and engage in erotic BDSM.

50 Shades of Grey has had difficulty finding just the right cast for the movie while Crossfire is being turned into a television series with names already appearing from strong sources. Lionsgate announced the TV series just a short time after acquiring the book series’ rights.

A one-off movie or the chance at another highly successful TV series? This one sounds like a no-brainer for Somerhalder.

Do you think Ian Somerhalder will make for a good Gideon Cross if he really does land the leading role?

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44 Responses to “Ian Somerhalder Ditches ’50 Shades’ For ‘Crossfire’ Role”

  1. Pammiechan Escalona

    OMG yes he is Gideon Cross! He not Christian Grey.

  2. Helga Fox

    As long as Ian is in it , I will go and see it,, He is great Actor, and would be great in anything He does.

  3. Kathy Barrett

    Ian has the skills to pull off any role he puts his mind to. He will make an excellent Gideon Cross and he would have made a fantastic Christian Grey. E L James is crazy to not consider him. I may not even go see "50 Shades" as no one could do Christian as well an Ian, in my opinion. No matter who EL James decides on as Christian, I will always see Ian in the role in my mind.

  4. Cendy Ahumada

    Hell yeah Ian can do it all !!!
    I'm thinking or reading this books now

  5. Pammiechan Escalona

    Yeah you should read this book. Gideon has blue eyes and that Ink dark hair, as I was reading this book I was thinking about Ian as Gideon.

  6. Charlotte Jones

    Na. I think he would have made the perfect Christian. Yum yum

  7. Aimee Joanne Morris

    I can see more Gideon than Christian in him to be honest..!!
    Still think he's hot no matter who he plays 😉 xx

  8. Milette Cecilia Sabino

    Ian would've been the best Christian Grey! But with his skills and looks, he can nail Gideon's role. *A*

  9. Holly Carr Gilbert

    I would love to see him in either role! Sure he is
    Sexy and I would love to watch him on the big screen this man is very talented and has the ability to rock any role!

  10. Jessica Coberg Lamoureux

    Did the writer of this do any research!?! What Gideon does is BARELY BDSM and not even close to Christian Grey, and in an interview with Sylvia she said her ideal Gideon is actually Henry Cavill. Maybe Ian is a contender but the rest if this article is poorly written sooo….

  11. Brandi Clements

    I always imagined Gideon much larger in the body….but would LOVE to see Ian play him still!

  12. Jeanne Miller

    He needs to Beef up a bit then he would make a great Gideon. Gideon worked out and had a muscular body.

  13. Tammy Janke

    I thought the same thing. Bared to you was a love story. BDSM did not play a part in it at all.

  14. Tammy Janke

    I have to disagree… Christian had copper hair and grey eyes. I know those things can be changed but at first description I did not picture Ian at all. I think Christian works out but I still never pictured him super big. I know we have our own opinions I just think the media influenced people into thinking Ian was good for Christian even tho he does not fit what was described in the book…

  15. Alejandra Arosemena de Rodriguez

    I do not agree..I don't think Eva from Crossfire series is shy, awkward, or clumsy.

  16. Vanessa Mucciola

    Ian could play either of those roles well. Although I was hoping to see him as Christian, he would make a damn fine Gideon Cross.

  17. Nan Smith

    Personally as much as I like Ian, I just think his place is in TVD, the show wouldn't be the same without him. With that being said, the whole 50 shades thing is just turning into a joke with how they are handling it and after reading Crossfire, I am glad we have an alternative and it is going to be on TV 😀 When I read the books the physical description fit someone to a T of Tom Welling (6'3, black hair piercing eyes etc.) although he is more than likely too old to playit although he does look young enough…you just never know. Although Henry Cavill is the first choice, people have to remember that people like Cavill are big screen actors and more than likely not going to return to TV anytime soon, he has two movies in production already not to mention Superman sequels on the horizon, so we need to look at people who are currently on TV or are content with being there. As far as the writer saying the two novels are basically the same…do your damn research. Yes, there are similarities but Crossfire doesn't deal with BDSM and it's not a crappy Twilight fan fiction turned novel by an author who isn't very good. With the Crossfire series as well as all of Sylvia Day's other books the character development is just better and they are written by an established author who has been writing this genre for a long time, she uses descriptive prose and really makes you feel like you are there. I still don't know how they plan on putting this on TV, I suppose if they put it on Showtime or HBO they can still tell the story without losing any of the steamy parts which is important since Gideon and Eva's relationship IS first based and then nurtured by sex. I am hoping they don't draw this out and jerk us around like they have been doing with the 50 shades movie but at this point after reading Crossfire and Sylvia's other series Marked and Renegade Angels, I could care less about that movie and would love to see more of Sylvia;s books make it to TV, especially the last two series I mentioned because they are amazing :)

  18. Jessica Soete

    Before you publish something about the content of books you need to READ those books!! I mean come one Eva (Crossfire) is soooo not like Anna in (FSOG) Anna virgin.. Eva NOT, Anna shy and clumsy, Eva NOT, Fifty Shades is about BDSM etc.. Crossfire is soooo not about BDSM.

  19. Shelley BomerBabe Webber

    Ian as Gideon is a deffinat no no, not only is he too short, hes no where near in the body department, hes too thin, he'd never bulk up enough! Henry or gandy for gideon!

  20. Thanny Renee Ouellette Krueger

    Where did this writer get its sources from? Sylvia Day has said it several time that she wants Henry Cavill! Not once have I ever read or seen her say anything about Ian. All I have to say is here we go again! I just hope he doesn't lay his desperation for this roll as thick as he did for the Christian one. Such a turn off! And no one wants to see a desperate loser play such a sexual role.

  21. Eshana Cooks

    I am so happy to hear that Ian Somerhalder might be Gideon Cross!!!! i have read all of fifty shades and Crossfire and if he is the one playing Gideon then like the vampire diaries it will be a huge hit and continue to make Ian the star and stud that he is. When i read the crossfire novels he was the one i thought of to make it just THAT much hotter and i couldn't put it down!!!!! Please tell me that i will be able to watch Ian every week make my Gideon fantasies come true!!!! LOVE HIM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  22. Gemma Rigley

    Oh yeh i could so see ian in this role please be smart producers give ian a chance andnhe will not let sylvia down

  23. Kylie Gomes

    I am like praying for ian to play one of these sexy dominant men in the books!!! God please!!!

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