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Cafe Owner Kicks Family Out Because Kids Were Too Messy

Cafe owner

A cafe owner decided to kick a family out her restaurant because the woman’s two children were too messy.

Lorraine MacDuff, who owns the Rainy Days Caffe which is based in Washington’s Lake Stevens, then decided that the best way to deal with the situation would be to update her Facebook page with an image of their crumbs.

Rainy Days Caffe posted the picture alongside the caption, “Like to take a moment right now to thank our customers with small children whose kids don’t make a mess. A couple of ladies came in today and this is the mess their children made.”

As you would expect, furious mothers have reacted to MacDuff’s message with outrage, and they have started to attack her and her cafe.

MacDuff told Q13 Fox, “Somebody threatened to drag me behind their tuck. I’ve had people threaten to picket my business.” The entrepreneur added that the photo was supposed to be funny and snarky, but she eventually apologized by writing on Facebook that she was sorry for “any embarrassment [the photo] might have caused anyone.”

Here’s a photo of the mess that was posted to Facebook:

Facebook and Crumbsrumbs

The mother of the children involved, Mrs Poore, whose husband is currently serving abroad in the military, confirmed that she had purchased scones for her children before stating, “I had my one-year-old in my lap and my three-year-old sitting in the chair next to me.”

Mrs MacDuff apparently came up to Mrs Poore and told her that an employee would be coming over and vacuuming up the mess immediately, before explaining that they’d just spent over $50 cleaning the carpets and that she was unhappy with the dirt on the floor. Poole then added that Mrs MacDuff warned her that if she decided to come back to the cafe, to not bring her kids. Mrs Poole hasn’t accepted her apology, and instead has labelled it as half an apology.

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110 Responses to “Cafe Owner Kicks Family Out Because Kids Were Too Messy”

  1. Amy Kamrowski

    I suppose the lady also complained that the Mother didn't leave a tip afterwards? Unfortunately when dealing with youngster's and sometimes adults, things get spilled. Maybe the way to handle this situation is to not have carpeting in a restaurant? As an Adult I had the misfortune of dropping a large soda on the carpeting in the hallway of a movie theater. I felt so embarrassed and bad for it I went and told the /Manager who told me not to worry and offered to replace my Soda for free.

  2. David Serventi

    Right because no carpets mean no mess? The owner would still have to sweep up the mess.

    I don't know I hear the mother's side but she should also be responsible for the actions of her kids. If they made a mess at a friends house, she would offer to clean it up. The money at the cafe is for the food and for reasonable use of the tables and chairs. Leaving a mess is rude. Not a capital offense but just rude. If someone was rude to me at work I would be upset as well.

  3. Gloria Morgan Wildrick

    If you don't want a child to make a mess in your place of business…don't allow children to enter….of course you will loose a huge amount of business that would more than pay for the carpet to be cleaned, but you no longer have to worry about children getting it dirty…oh wait…adults make messes too…I suggest your close your cafe and stay home.. :)

  4. Lisa Battistin Bowman

    I didn't see the picture, but wonder if the mothers were paying attention to their children or just allowing them to do as they will. I have seen parents totally ignore their children and become totally oblivious to their actions, including putting their dirty hands on the food at buffets, running around tables, etc.

  5. Nancy Merkle

    The only person that should be apologizing is the mother of the messy brats. I took our son almost everywhere with me when he was little. I didn't allow him to make a mess. I was the PARENT, and it was MY job to teach him appropriate behavior. I started by teaching him at home. If you can't control your children, keep the mess at home!

  6. Scott Butler

    Shouldn't a business owner have the right to decide how to run their own business? They have their money at risk, their reputation on the line, and the customers get to vote with their feet. Anybody who doesn't like it can choose to go elsewhere.

  7. Matt Barker

    I was just at a coffee house earlier today where two mothers had three little children. The children were running around all over the place and the mothers were too concentrated on their conversation to even notice. Puts the barista in an awkward position. They're not babysitters.

  8. Miles Brindley

    It's no small wonder children have no respect anymore. Misbehave? Get caught? Make enough noise and misdirect the blame and you'll get away with it. This is the lesson we seem to be teaching children.

  9. Virginia Osborne Roesell

    Parents do need to control their children in public places, but tihere seems to be a lot of anti-children sentiment, too. If the kid(s) is being a brat, that is one thing, but a general dislike of kids being in a public place that is not adult only is wrong and unprofessional as well.

  10. Cynthia Hayes

    Why the fuck do you need to take your one and three year old out for scones? And not bother watching or cleaning up after them. Moron.

  11. Yvonne Gurge Douglas

    People with kids should clean up there mess the waitress and the owner is not there to clean up after your messy kids. They're to serve you food and this sort of thing happens all the time. People should have icecream at home and make a mess.

  12. Rose King

    And because the father is overseas in the military it is o.k. for the kids to misbehave and make a mess. If the kids make a mess it is up to the parents to clean up not the staff.

  13. Janice MacKenzie

    Parents need to be good role models for their children. I always modeled being neat, even at the fast food places, by getting my child to help me clean up the table. Granted, the cafe owner might have been too cranky, and posting things on Facebook when irritated is never a good idea. This does not excuse parents from their responsibilities. The threats to the cafe owner just show that there are a lot of immature people who themselves were not adequately parented.

  14. Dawn Kennedy

    I had 5 kids and they knew how to behave in public/ People who work in the food industries are not servants and should be treated with respect. It is nice that this woman's husband is serving in the Armed Services but that doesn't give her the right to be a slob with her kids. I wouldn't have apologized if I were the owner. The woman with the kids should be the one apologizing to her and all the other patrons who were there at the time.

  15. Adrienne Hunter

    This lady sounds like a tool.People eat,there's crumbs…you weren't having a dinner party ding donf!

  16. Tricia Ballew Jubera

    There is no excuse for allowing one's kids to trash anyplace let alone a restaurant where they are disturbing the other customers. I have two children of my own and I taught them how to behave in public otherwise they would not get to come. The problem is her's for allowing her kids to go wild. Next time get your food and take it home. Has she not ever heard of discipline? You young people have no respect for anyone and certainly not other peoples property.

  17. Norma Cascio

    Click on the name of the cafe and the picture will pop up.

  18. Anita Moore Fussell

    Really?? For an owner to have to ask a paying customer to leave, there had to be circumstances that were extenuating. You obviously aren't a food industry owner, or you'd be thinking about an employee slipping in that mess could cost big Workers Comp payout. Or even worse, another patron slipping and falling because someone can't be bothered to PARENT a child. Small businesses are getting scarce, and lack of integrity by patrons is a big deal…

  19. Jami Sarmadi Macomber

    If your kid makes a mess, it is the parents' responsibility to clean up. If you are seriously that filthy or lazy, STAY HOME!! How embarrassing that she is military! Shame shame!

  20. Debby White Pooley

    I don't blame the owner.. until the children learn table manners.. KEEP THEM HOME………

  21. Heather Hallett

    The cafe owner's argument is only valid if she kicks out customers who spill as well.

  22. Paula Jaramillo Stewart

    The mother of these kids needs to apologize for letting her kids make a mess.. Yes kids will be kids, but good heck, I've worked in many restaurants & some parents care & some don't..

  23. Chantal Roberts

    I can't understand kicking them out if the children were unruly and disturbing other customers of the cafe, but children are going to be messy, especially babies. If a person doesn't want to deal with messes then don't own a restaurant.

  24. Chantal Roberts

    Sorry, correction: I CAN understand kicking them out if the children are unruly…

  25. Galena Jenkins Ojiem

    I'm wondering why would you have carpeted floors at a cafe? That just makes no sense. People are gonna spill coffee or crumbs. People eat there, that's what happens.

  26. Jessica Cutler Saunders

    When I was a toddler I was super messy. Guess what? My parents didn't take me to a lot of restaurants until I got it under control. My son is 4 and knows for the most part how to conduct himself at a restaurant. If he ever did make a small mess, I cleaned it up! I have been to family oriented restaurants and watched little monsters damage furniture and grind their food into carpets and their parents do NOTHING. I don't blame the cafe owner for being irritated. Get your kids under control then take them to restaurants. If they aren't ready to handle it, get take out or practice their manners at the park.

  27. Julia Pasinski

    I don't know when everyone forgot that children should learn how to behave in public. Sure, kids will be kids, but what happened to consequences? What happened to setting an example? I don't have children myself but my parents raised me with the firm education that one must behave oneself in public or one will not have the privilege of being in public that day. It gets to where you don't want to go to movies, go out to eat, go shopping anywhere because so many children are just allowed to run completely crazy. What the hell happened to parenting?

  28. Lori Howard

    I think if you cannot control your children, keep the little monsters at home. the owner had every right to ask her to take her kids and leave. I would of done the same.

  29. Lori Howard

    I think if you cannot control your children, keep the little monsters at home. the owner had every right to ask her to take her kids and leave. I would of done the same.

  30. Norma Cascio

    If you don't want to spend a lot of money cleaning the "floor" (or carpet in your case), then don't have carpet; put down linoleum tiles. With carpet you'll have stains that may be hard to get out. With tile flooring all you would need to do is sweep and then mop the floor (at the appropriate time, of course)—voila! the stains are gone. You have a restaurant; accidents are bound to happen. Accidents in restaurants are not just children's faults; adults can drop a plate or spill soda or coffee. If you don't want children in there, post a sign saying so. Then the parents can go somewhere else.

  31. Brenda Erskine

    But we don't know she wouldn't have cleaned up the mess, but she was asked to leave!

  32. Mary Ann L. Hacker

    You know that there are restaurants now that actually say NO Children! And I saw the picture of the "mess", I've seen adults do worse at restaurants!! I've been in restaurants with my two girls. I've made sure they behaved but it is probably hard to keep crumbs from falling on the floor.
    You own a restaurant and this is what you expect to happen. The article didn't say that the kids were misbehaving and throwing things around. You can click on the restaurant name and see further. I'm sure this mother was frazzled when confronted by the restaurant owner and just wanted to get the kids out quickly.

  33. Brenda Erskine

    And we don't know that Mrs. Poore wasn't going to clean up the mess of her two children eating $50 worth of food … she was asked to leave

  34. Christina Caron

    What if one of you adults spilled your coffee on this café owners restaurant carpet and got kicked out? Would you then say the same thing? Her CHILDREN are 1 and 3. Children of that age do not have adult table manners, it is NORMAL they make a mess! It does not make them messy brats and it does not make the mother a bad mother. If this owner does not want to pick up food off of her restaurant floor then maybe she should just board up the doors and windows now and go out of business.

  35. Christina Caron

    What if one of you adults spilled your coffee on this café owners restaurant carpet and got kicked out? Would you then say the same thing? Her CHILDREN are 1 and 3. Children of that age do not have adult table manners, it is NORMAL they make a mess! It does not make them messy brats and it does not make the mother a bad mother. If this owner does not want to pick up food off of her restaurant floor then maybe she should just board up the doors and windows now and go out of business.

  36. Anonymous

    I would pay extra for an adults only cafe. I'm sick of being forced to tolerate everyone's screaming brats. Keep *them* at home where they belong, and where their parents can clean up after them.

  37. Shannon Pitmon

    Agreed. Training starts in the home. My daughter is 12, my son is 3 and they both are well-mannered and do not make a mess. If my 3 year old spills something, he tries himself to clean it up because he was taught to do so. People go to restaurants and do not take into consideration the people who have to clean up their messes.

  38. Savannah Phillips

    well to add I find s fuzed up when I c people letting there kids act like monsters or gross. my kids wont ever act like that nor would, I'm glad she kicked them out, i would not let them in my place, but on the other hand poor parents show there kids poor habits even in a restaurant.

  39. Brian Harps

    I have seen kids make even bigger messes at upscale restaurants and their parents do absolutely nothing about it..teach your kids some manners before taking them out in public which is the main reason society is the way it is today..

  40. Gladys Cox

    so according to this owner really you don't even need to walk on her carpet, "before explaining that they’d just spent over $50 cleaning the carpets and that she was unhappy with the dirt on the floor." now I don't know if she 'let' the children be messy but anyone with common since knows small children will have accidents, but yes as a parent I have watched my children accidentally drop things, yes I have picked them up, yes I have asked for a mop, but as an owner of a food place who is going to get pissy because it sounds like all she cared more for was her carpet and paying more than 50 dollars for than just dealing with the issue with a professional manor then she needs to close shop. as for the parent if she wasn't watching them, which I hardly don't see possible due to her holding her one yr old, and three yr old is next to her, if the children are throwing food on the floor just because they feel like it, then yes its up to the parent to put a stop to it, but not once in the article does it say the children were throwing the food on the floor while the mother watched. I think a warning should have been giving first but if she couldn't keep her kids in line then ask them to leave, but if it was an accident then the owner should get over it. I never seen the picture nor has seen anywhere that it was the work of spoiled children so this is just my op from what I am reading above.

  41. Gladys Cox

    just saw the pic, the owner needs to get over herself, use a vacuum and clean it up, not like she did it anyhow, no child is perfect, as for the mother, i guess she could have offered to help clean it up, but if their was that big of a problem the owner could have givin the mother a warning to make the parent aware of what was going on being the owner has a problem with "dirt on the floor"

  42. Ken Engledow

    If a cafe owner cant stand a mess on the floor, quit selling food that is messy or get the heck out of the buisness. should of seen the mess we left at the table when we ate crawfish and crab legs the other night. but then everyone else in there eating the same food had the same mess on their tables also.

  43. Connie Stockton Butler

    keep youre unruly kids at home,i can only imagine what your house and car looks like,husband deployed has no bearing on this,i hope he chews your ass out over this

  44. Cynthia Largent

    Good grief it's just a few crumbs a vacuum or vac broom will take care of it. Not like they ground it in or any thing. I work in fast food and this happens all the time with adults! Some of them are worse than the kids and the sad part is most of them do it on purpose! Grow up and get over it or you might as well close your doors. It's not even a major mess.

  45. Bruce Stephens

    Common Courtesy goes both ways. I have a repair shop but I won't allow kids to snoop around in it either.

  46. Wanda Plume

    I have a 2yr old and I'm sorry people A. scones can be quite crumbly! B. I saw the picture and I have seen worse! C. if my son makes a mess ( as he is learning to eat) I clean it up as best as I can. even to the point of getting down there and getting food particles and beleive me those floors are NOT the cleanest place to be. m – I also stack all the dishes flatware, and napkins for the waitress/staff and wipe the table even though I know they will do so with cleaner lol.

  47. Margaret Altman Britt

    Really people? Three year olds have accidents and they make messes. It doesn't sound like the Mom was even given the opportunity to offer to clean up the mess. If you own a restaurant you are going to have some messes from time to time. Suck it up and deal with it. It's a part of being in the food SERVICE industry.

  48. Bonnie Konicki

    Things happen when you have children, one you shouldn't have carpet where there is food unless fine dinning and still things can happen, two she didn't even give the lady a chance to clean the mess up her self. I think some people over react on things before the person or persons can try to mix the problem.

  49. Samantha Freeze- Byerly

    Brenda Erskine the woman didnt spend 50.00 on her order, the 50.00 was what the owner had just recently paid to clean the carpets

  50. Patricia Swift

    I guess that means you let your children do this at home? My father took me and my 4 young children out for lunch at Disneyland. We had not realized until we were leaving that the kids had made a mess under table. All 4 got talked to and I took back a 5 dollar extra tip for waitress. No waitress gets paid enough to take the time to clean up a brats mess.

  51. Karen Wallace Addison

    I raised 5 sons. If they couldn't behave……..we left. Didn't matter if it was a restaurant, friends/family home, or the movies. If they wanted to go…….they had to behave…….PERIOD! If the parents don't have enough respect for those around them………then YES…….they should be asked to leave!

  52. Anna Rose Redlich

    What ever happened to adults being parents and teaching their kids manners? When I was a kid we were taught to not make a mess and not to scream in public. Now a days kids rule the parents. Kudos to the owner of the restaurant. Sometimes I wish when I'm eating out that more people would get kicked out for the way they or their kids are acting.

  53. Marco Oropeza

    Good for that lady I see this kind of thing almost everyday with parents who don't know how to raise there kids and you see animals running around that you wish you could slap the shit out of them.

  54. Amethyst Sylk

    On the other side of the coin, there a lot of inconsiderate parents too. Just the other morning I had my favorite white skirt ruined my a five-ish looking child being allowed to run around loose on the restaurant patio where we were eating. He tripped and grabbed my skirt with jelly or fruit syrup smeared hands. The family was asked to leave and the staff spent at least fifteen minutes cleaning chairs, tables, windows, glasses and silverware on empty tables, all of which had sticky red handprints. On top of that the restaurant comped our meal and gave me money for my skirt … over $100 loss for them. I always make a point of complimenting parents with well mannered kids or parents who try to clean up unavoidable messes. I was told from the youngest age that if I couldn't behave in public places, I wouldn't be taken to them. I got whisked out of one restaurant for whining and got my butt spanked and that was all it took 😀 I've prolly behaved worse as an adult than I did as a kid 😀

  55. Theresa Sciolaro Marion

    Cut me a break. I have a 17 month old grandson and he has left some messes after we have gone to a restaurant a lot worse than those crumbs. The wait and bus staff have been very nice about cleaning up and we always leave a nice tip for their patience and understanding. She runs a cafe, not a 5 star restaurant. She doesn't say how old the children were and I have seen adults leave a bigger mess than that.

  56. Rozanne Marland

    I'm with you, I would pay extra for a no kids restaurant…I raised 4 children and they all knew how to behave in public, as well as my Grandchildren. However I am tired of our meals being ruined by other people's children running wild! If I was a restaurant owner I think I would put a statement at the door, This restaurant prides itself in providing a enjoyable experience, If you can not handle yourself or your children you will be asked to leave. Thank you, The Management

  57. Deanna Payne

    My children are grown now.when they were little I would have never let my children make a mess without cleaning it up.they are a reflection of me as a parent.I still fell that way as my children are all grown and children of there own.they to pick up after there children in public.In our day and age.they just don't care.

  58. Evelyn Braman

    lol, to this day if I spill or drop something on the table? I clean it up…lol kids are messy, though.. and if she is letting them feed themselves it's going to be messy..

  59. Kearstan Franklin

    Da fuk is wrong with assholes? That was even that messy. Why do people have to be so stuck up and anal? Relax. It ain't that serious. #firstworldproblems

  60. Wendi Victoria Kelly

    By the looks of underneath the table, it wasn't all that bad. I've seem MUCH worse.

  61. Cyndi Cumbee Tant

    The babies were 1 and 3. Scones are very messy. That was not that much of a mess. A vacuum will take care of it. I have seen larger groups of older kids making a much bigger mess. But in the same sentence what the cafe owner did was wrong. I would hate to see how she would have acted if someone spilled tea, coke, soup or chili on her precious carpet. Accidents happen. If my grandchildren make a mess, their mom and I try to clean it up, but it is hard to pick up all of the crumbs. The owner must have never had small children and grandchildren. Sounds like she is in the wrong business or she needs to put a sign on the door or window stating – NO CHILDREN ALLOWED!!!!!

  62. Kearstan Franklin

    Have any of eve stopped to read the article? The children were ages ONE and THREE. She bought them SCONES. How often have you given a toddler a pastry and there were crumbs? And as far as leaving the children at home… Do you have any idea what it's like to be a single mother raising small children, how stressful it gets? Not to mention the added stress this poor woman has because her husband is currently deployed. My god, you people are petty.

  63. Cyndi Cumbee Tant

    I didn't see where they said that the children were misbehaving. They were eating scones which are messy. One child was in her lap and the other was in the chair beside her.

  64. Cyndi Cumbee Tant

    It was not trashed. There were a few crumbs under the table. The babies were one and 3. The one year old was in her lap and the 3 year old was in the chair beside her.

  65. Ginny Riley

    Nothing irriates me more than to plan a nice evening out only to have to it ruined by unruly children. I will cut a mom slack any day of the week when she tries. However, there is NO excuse for children to be disrespectful to other patrons. I've asked to be moved when my meal was being interrupted, and I've personally escorted a child back to his mother. Respect your children enough to teach them good manners BEFORE you take them to a restaurant.

  66. Connie May Fowler

    Children here should be as well-trained as dogs are in Paris.

  67. Teri Winge

    All you people are making a mole hill into a mountain, the kids were only 1 & 3. Now if the kids were 5 yrs and older then I could see a SMALL complaint. You act like it is the end of the friggin cafe. I have seen (and there are many more, good mannered kids make bigger messes than that. Give it a rest.

  68. Vannah Hannav

    seriously? its crumbs. isnt that expected when you own a resturan

  69. Cyndi Cumbee Tant

    I just went through and read the article. The two children, 1 and 3, were behaving. They were eating scones. Scones are very messy. The crumbs just fall off. All that was on the floor was crumbs. The children were not throwing food, yelling, screaming, running, or acting out. Try reading the article. Hover over the name of the cafe and click on it. Besides all of the , the tables have to be cleaned which also means the chairs and floor under the table has to be cleaned. I have also worked in the food industry. You don't only serve the customer but you do have to clean up behind them. This is so wrong of everyone to bash this mom. I want to see any of you take a 1 and 3 year old into a cafe and give them scones and not end up with crumbs on the floor. It can not be done. The owner was totally wrong in doing this. She does not have the frame of mind that is needed for this job. She might as well close up shop.

  70. Tressie Ellis

    I have a son with ADHD and when we went out to eat he knew that if he made a mess he would be going to the bathroom for a stern talking to and maybe a whipping. He never "trashed" our home why would I allow him to "trash" the restaurant? Its a parents responsibility to make sure their children don't misbehave or make messes. But now a days parents don't parent anymore. If they would discipline more at home then you wouldn't have all the problems in public places.

  71. Kathy Bannister

    First of all, why would you take a 1 year old and a 3 year old to a cafe and order them scones? Wouldn't any parent know that they were going to make a huge mess? There are kid-appropriate places, and when you are bringing small children with you, you make some compromises. I raised 4 children. They did not get up and run around, bother other patrons, leave huge messes, etc, etc. The mother's explanation of her husband's service in the military is completely irrelevant. In fact, it tells me a lot. It tells me that she felt entitled. Likely, other patrons in the cafe were irritated by her kids, and the owner picked up on that as well. I have gone out to eat and dealt with kids dashing all over the place, bouncing off the back of booths, screaming, and otherwise ruining everyone else's time out. It is the parent's job to see to it that their children are in an appropriate environment (sorry, out for scones doesn't cut it), and that they behave in such a way that servers and other patrons are not inconvenienced. Going out is expensive. When I go out, I don't want to be made aware of somebody's children.

  72. Cheryl Ann Heislar Thompson

    Cindy Sherman Mooney, I waited tables for many many years also. THere are dirty, messy adults, yes, but there are lots of parents who could care less. Let their kids be loud, annoy others trying to enjoy their meal, and make a huge mess!!!! It's WRONG no matter if it's an adult or children. It's called RESPECT, and lets face it, some people don't have it, and could care less.

  73. Lisa Evans

    I have seen much worse messes in PIzza Hut from adults. The owner had every right to speak up as a free adult and business owner but she is stupid. It's not much of a mess. She is going to lose customers. There were people saying that employees or customers could slip and fall….no one is going to slip and fall on crumbs in a carpet. Very small children leave crumbs, especially with a crumby food like a scone. Get real, woman.

  74. Cheryl Ann Heislar Thompson

    Cyndi Cumbee Tant, then maybe the mother should go to the store, buy some scones and take them home so they can make the mess there. I did waitress work for many many years, and you get tired of cleaning up huge messes from other people, be it children or adults. Have some respect for others.

  75. Andrea Kellar

    You know what though? I did clean up after Michael so as not to leave a "path of destruction". It's called being responsible!!! :-) just sayin'. :-)

  76. Christine Sadler

    Ok most of you aren't reading the article. You are just going on the title. The children were eating a messy scone. Not running amok and disturbing other people. I was a manager at a restaurant. Where a group of adult decided to have a food throwing fight. Now that was so much fun to clean up. Took the waitress and I over 2 hours to clean it up totally and we had to get the carpets cleaned the next day. This is a standard mess that anyone could make. Not a big deal the vacuum would have gotten everything up. Owner is on a trip and needs to get out of the restaurant business if she can't handle it!

  77. Paula Qualls Gurley

    Mary Ann L. Hacker I don't really give a darn how "frazzled" this mom was……these are her kids. I also don't care what her husband is doing……… she is still responsible for her kids. If she can't control them and the mess, keep them at home. This is a café, not a daycare center. This isn't a few crumbs, this is two little kids crumbling food and dropping it……and mom doesn't care because she isn't the one cleaning it up. If she wants to do this at home, fine…… but she wasn't at home.

  78. Chryssa Rich

    It a casual coffee shop serving scones over carpet. What do they expect?

  79. Barbara Jarrett

    Sorry. The rest of the world doesn't have to put up with your little darlings. That's entitlement attitude and it's incorrect.

  80. Paula Qualls Gurley

    Sick of those who are to stupid or lazy to control their kids expecting others to clean up after them. Lousy parents are exactly why restaurants are closing their doors to kids.

  81. Barbara Jarrett

    Not anti-children simply anti-brat, anti-entitlement. I have 6 kids and mine never behaved that way. They were taught better. At home.

  82. Paula Qualls Gurley

    Virginia………the reason there is anti-children sentiment is because of lazy, stupid and irresponsible parents. I took my children to restaurants, and I take my grandchildren to restaurants………and they behave. If not, a trip to the car is in order. A few crumbs accidently dropped is a whole lot different than a mess made by a spoiled brat who is being either encourage or ignored by a sorry excuse for a parent.

  83. Paula Qualls Gurley

    So you can just walk around cleaning up after everyone if you choose. These people own this restaurant, it's not a fast food joint. Maybe if you were the owner and the money to repair the damage came out of your pocket you would feel differently.

  84. Luisa Parodi DeStéfano

    You know, this could be about parenting or could be about cranky owner, but what it really is about is MANNERS. I was taught that no matter if in your house or in a public place, you have to behave and be polite. I'm not talking about the children. Children are messy and I can understand the 1yo child being super messy, but what about the mother? If you see your child making a mess, clean it. Immediately. You don't sit there and let them make more of a mess: what you do is explain to the 3yo that they should eat it more carefully, or place a napkin on their lap and show them how. And if they keep making a mess? You clean it again and keep explaining, because at least the child will most likely do it right the next time. When I go to restaurants, I get SECONDHAND EMBARRASSMENT from people that don't seem to have any manners. I finish my food and I place everything on the plate, all together, leave a tip and thank the personnel for their great service (if there was any, but with a good attitude I don't see why you shouldn't get at least fake smiles). It's the adults. And guess what, children learn from the adults and then they grow up to be adults with no manners repeating the cycle.

  85. Roxanne Kitchens Davis

    Missypriest damn you were never a BRAT? I guess ur mom gave birth to a grown ass baboon! and yes adults are the messiest customers ever. If the parent is not paying attention that's one thing,but she had her BRATs under control. YOU MUST MAKE SURE EVERY CRUMB LANDS IN UR BIG MOUTH,AND NEVER HITS THE FLOOR.I CAN'T STAND PERFECT PEOPLE!

  86. Cathy Koch

    Thank you! As a child I was never allowed to make a mess, or run around the store or restaurant, or play with merchandise, I am not a babysitter and I resent having to clean up after other peoples ill behaved children. So many people will come in and let their children run wild, but will never offer to pay for merchandise they ruin! Some people are so self absorbed or overly permissive they just don't seem to notice the chaos and mess their ill mannered little ones cause. Come on people, make them behave or leave them home.

  87. Tawanda El Meklati

    I think the restaurant owner needs to apologize. My child didn't make messes when he was younger, but some do. If one of the women had spilt a glass of whatever they were drinking on their freshly cleaned carpet would the owner had told them not to come back? Messes are part of the restaurant business, accept it or find a new business.

  88. Cheryl Hess Collins

    store owners should do this more often I never let my kids make messes like that, its just good old respect for others to pick up after yourself. I bet the mom would not like it to have someone come in her place and make the same mess. Plus in the end of it all, what happened to plp just being clean. I wish she wouldn't of apologized at all the mother should of, then clean up after her children.

  89. Audra Knatcal

    I'm torn on this one. Yes, the mother should be teaching her children better. On the other hand, I'm wondering if it's a good idea to have carpet in a cafe.

  90. Sharon Quayle

    i have been to cafes and restaurants with my children when they were younger and if they made a mess i did clean most of it up and said sorry to the owner or waitress i used to even pile the plates up and leave them in the center of the table so it was easier to pick up i even clear my table at mc donalds and i have seen some rally messy people and all i think is if that is the way you leave your table no wonder u have to come out and eat because your house is that messy or i think well you have no respect for other people and their property

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