Royal Swaddle scandal

Royal Swaddle Scandal Sets The Tone For Everything Prince George Wears, Touches, Breathes On

A fetching Royal swaddle seen in a candid photograph of Prince George drove the world absolutely, shamefully, guano crazy on Monday.

George, the long-awaited Royal Baby, was carried from the hospital to the Royal Car (yes, Royal everything) but before he was loaded in, photogs managed to get a picture of him. He was wrapped in a nice looking swaddle with tiny birds on it, and this caused mothers-to-be the world over to lose their marbles.

So these expectant mothers searched the Internet, Pinterest, everything, looking for the maker of this adorable swaddle. It was a race to be first (well, second) to wrap one’s own baby in the same Royal swaddle that snugly secures a Windsor.

Well, it didn’t take long. Frantic searchers found aden + anais of Brooklyn N.Y. who make the blanket and flooded their servers, crashing their website twice, and filling 7,000 orders (a 600 percent increase in the sale of that particular item).

“It was pretty instant, from the moment that he made his debut,” company founder-CEO Raegan Moya-Jones told ABC. “Within an hour we were getting slammed. Our servers crashed within the first four hours, and again the following day.”

The blanket is part of the Jungle Jam Swaddle Classic Muslin Collection which retails for $49.95. You get a four-pack. It is currently out of stock, but the company has rushed an order of about 10,000 which will arrive in August.

If you just can’t wait until then (like, you’re about to give birth) aden + anais list their retailers and encourage you to find the swaddle that way. Otherwise, you could buy any of the other swaddles they offer on their site.

Moya-Jones said that they’ve been talking with Duchess Kate about other designs, but won’t reveal which because she doesn’t want to “create another frenzy.”

All this says to me is that Prince George is now officially The Simpsons. If he wears, touches or breathes on anything your business manufactures or sells, you’re going to “make it.” Expect a lot more of this, and not just while George is a baby. He has a ton or adorable, trend-setting years before he reaches awkward puberty (Royal braces!) and, apparently, thousands of new babies aging along with him.

If you want to back-order the Royal swaddle, you can do so here.