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Marine Helps 9-Year-Old Boy Finish Marathon, Runs Alongside Him Until Finish Line

Marine helps boy finish

A marine, who helped a nine-year-old boy finish a five kilometre run by dropping back and encouraging him over the finish line, has become an internet sensation after a photo of his endeavors was captured.

Myles Kerr, a Lance Corporal, was on leave in his hometown of Charlevoix, Michigan, when he decided to partake in the run. However, as he competed in the event he came across 9-year-old Boden Fuchs, who was struggling to keep up with the pack of runners.

Fuchs then adorably asked the 19-year-old Kerr, “Sir, will you please run with me?,” after he fell away from his running ensemble. Like any good soldier, Kerr was never going to leave a man behind, so the marine helped the 9-year-old boy finish the marathon after allowing his army buddies, which he was running with, to pelt off a full speed.

Kerr even allowed his running partner to finish in front of him, with Fuchs finally clocking in at 34.53 minutes, whilst Kerr completed the race in 34.58 minutes.

Kerr, who was wearing his army garments, repeatedly encouraged Fuchs, and now the picture of him alongside the child has amassed 200,000 likes on Facebook and has already been shared 45,000 times.

Users have praised the Lance Corporal, labeling him a “hero” and a “role model,” whilst Kerr has become a minor celebrity in his town, as radio stations, newspapers, and blogs have scrambled to interview him.

Kerr took to Twitter after receiving a hoard of messages praising his run, writing, “I was just doing what any man would do, but thank you!” Fuchs’ family have thanked him by buying Kerr a $100 voucher for a restaurant in town, however he will need to spend it quickly as he is set to return to duty on Sunday.

Do you think that Myles Kerr is a hero for helping the 9-year old boy finish the marathon?

[Image via Facebook]

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15 Responses to “Marine Helps 9-Year-Old Boy Finish Marathon, Runs Alongside Him Until Finish Line”

  1. Persephone Pear

    Absolute hero! Lance Corporal Kerr has given this young boy (and millions of other boys) a role model for the ages!
    Well done, marine!

  2. Sandy Shell

    It is a 5 K Marathon.. great story.. great guy> awesome kid.

  3. Go Teamerica

    Corporal Kerr is not a hero. He is a Marine. He is a good guy and he is a mentor to the kid that was abandoned by his parents. As a Marine, he is a servant to his country. If you don't believe that, compare his pay with yours according to what he has put on the line. The title of "Hero" is thrown around too freely lately. Perhaps it is some sort of payment for a commitment that many people won't or can't do but it doesn't compensate for a Marine offering his life for 1/2 the pay of the "protected". Calling him a Hero won't pay his bills or get him home for Christmas or for his first child's birth. It takes a special person to be a Marine. Corporal Kerr just proved that.
    The big question here is "Where are this kid's parents?". Why aren't they RAISING their 9 year old? There is more to this story than 200,000 people that got to feel good by watching a good man pick up after some negligent parents (running ensemble) ran off.

  4. Jessica Elliott

    No he isn't a hero, but he did what a Marine is taught to do. No man left behind. I think the media uses hero too much. A hero is someone in my opinion that saves someone from harm. Like navy seals going on missions saving fellow Americans in harms way or fire fighter saving a kid from a fire.

  5. Mike Price

    One question. Was this a marathon, or a 5k? Now that is over with…I love this story, and in my eyes, most Marines are heroes! I was struggling the last 3 miles of a marathon, and a friend of mine who was cheering me on saw how much I was hurting. He is an ex-marine…I am ex-Navy. He jumped on the course and ran the last 3 miles with me. He was wearing jeans and a t-shirt. He sang cadence to me when I wanted to stop. It is one of those moments in my life that I will cherish!

  6. Monica Rega

    I must agree with the other commenters in stating that Hero is thrown around way too much. He is a Marine, He's a GOOD man, and did what is right. I wonder where the heck his "running ensemble" went. You don't leave a child behind like that.

  7. Wesley Arnold

    Will everyone get past as the B.S. and stay on point. Whether What you or anyone else thinks , That Marine ( To everyone 's belief Hero to you or not), he is a Hero to that young Boy. This Marine did not do this to Show off or Boast. He showed Compassion

  8. Wesley Arnold

    He didn't do it for Media attention or any other Crap. He Proved what a real Champion and Leader would do. He thought of someone else over himself.

  9. Amy Pfluecke

    I live here in Charlevoix. The race is 5k. It's part of an annual city celebration called the Venetian Festival. Anyway I thought it was thoughtful for Myles to run with Boden. It's a small town and we look out for each other here. :)

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