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New Black Panthers’ ‘Million Youth March 2013’ Will Invade New York

New Black Panthers' 'Million Youth March 2013' Will Invade New York

The New Black Panthers party is planning a “Million Youth March 2013″ Trayvon Martin rally for New York City.

As previously reported by The Inquisitr, a New Black Panthers party rally in Tampa did not turn out so well.

In fact, the Black Panthers only managed to draw a crowd of three people for their Justice For Trayvon Martin rally. But the Black Panthers hope to make a much larger impact in Harlem, NY on September 7 of this year. The Black Panthers claim they will “shut down New York and make our point on September 7th.”

The New Black Panthers apparently feels the George Zimmerman trial was really about racial equality under the law. They believe the “Kerner Commission and Trayvon Martin’s murder showed that there are two America’s: one black and one white, separate and unequal.” They ask that people “speak out against the Zimmerman verdict” and support “all forms of acts against injustice.”

Unfortunately, the New Black Panthers party is not planning a simple Trayvon Martin rally or vigil. They say, “If you are taking to the streets, you have a right to do so. By all means, take to the streets and stay there. We’re at war.” Other Twitter posts say they must “stand united as a people against a common enemy!” Who is this enemy? Other posts by the New Black Panthers claim “the white race is absolutely disagreeable to live with in peace. No race has ever been able to get along with the white race in peace.” is the website from which they’re organizing New Black Panther rallies for Trayvon Martin. They apparently plan on rallies in 100 cities, with the New York City rally being the culmination of their efforts.

What do you think about the New Black Panthers’ Million Youth March 2013 plans for Trayvon Martin rallies?

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15 Responses to “New Black Panthers’ ‘Million Youth March 2013’ Will Invade New York”

  1. Anonymous

    Here is the solution. Put a 100 dollar bounty on dead anthropoids.

  2. Lenard Solo Banks

    100 black youths is equivalent to a million… We will come and will do more then stand…

  3. Richard Harrow

    Now what are they bellyaching about? Justice for Traygone? There WAS justice for Traygone. He attacked a good samaritan who promptly ventilated him. That's justice.

  4. Shaquiqui La'Dynasty Jones

    the peeples dat think that my man phone ring with some female calling fo no real reason fo real be all up in this Travon bidness. word!

  5. Jamal Jenkums

    And none of them will have to take off from work to attend! Q. What's long and black, stinks like crap and reaches around the block? A. The line at the welfare office or a Trayboon rally.

  6. Melody Spriggs

    I know people of color must protect our children and and re reestablish an economic agenda asap.

  7. Melody Spriggs

    Right and your funny statistics will surely confirm your predictions

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