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Al Sharpton: Trayvon Martin Verdict ‘A Slap In The Face’

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The Rev. Al Sharpton released a statement following the George Zimmerman verdict, and the “not guilty” decision handed down in the 2012 shooting death of unarmed Florida teenager Trayvon Martin.

Al Sharpton’s name was frequently invoked in regards to Trayvon Martin, often by supporters of George Zimmerman who referred to the civil rights leader as “race baiting” and implied his presence was stirring race-based unrest.

Sharpton has been vocal about the case, arguing first for an arrest as protests mounted nationally.

Tonight, as the case ends in a way many advocates of justice for Trayvon were dreading, Al Sharpton directly addressed the verdict on his Facebook page.

Sharpton began:

The acquittal of George Zimmerman is a slap in the face to the American people but it is only the first round in the pursuit of justice. We intend to ask the Department of Justice to move forward as they did in the Rodney King case and we will closely monitor the civil case against Mr. Zimmerman.

He continued:

“I will convene an emergency call with preachers tonight to discuss next steps and I intend to head to Florida in the next few days.”

Sharpton also said:

I think that this is an atrocity… It is probably one of the worst situations that I have seen.

In the wake of Zimmerman’s not guilty verdict, the parents of Trayvon Martin also made social media statements.

Sybrina Fulton tweeted just a few moments ago, saying:

Tracy Martin sent several tweets:

Al Sharpton did not provide further details on his plans to address the Trayvon Martin case verdict.

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111 Responses to “Al Sharpton: Trayvon Martin Verdict ‘A Slap In The Face’”

  1. Brian V. Sitterley

    I don't think most Americans feel slapped in the face. I don't mind a bit if Al Sharpton feels slapped in the face. I do suggest the police be ready to deal very firmly with troublemakers.

  2. Eric Price

    Al is a piece of trivial crap…remember the false Tawanna Brawley scam he orchestrated? Movement???

  3. Michael Lemm

    You need a movement, find the restroom and a laxatice. The race baiting bs needs to stop… a man of faith should be working to end conflict, not create it

  4. Scott Martin

    Helen Porter What kind of movement? Rioting, burning cars, and stealing a bunch of s**t from stores does nothing to further ANY cause. All it does is further separate one group from another. I hate the fact that "Al" has made this 110% about race when it wasn't. Do you see white people burning down cities when black men commit horrible acts of hateful racist murder or rape against white children? Was there a white movement riot when that huge black guy broke into that woman's house and beat her half to death in front of her children a couple of weeks ago? If Zimmerman was black, this would never have even made local news.

  5. Brendan Grimestad

    One would expect Al to be delighted by the verdict. (And secretly, I bet he is. The man thrives on race-baiting and racial conflict.)

  6. Randy Ferrie

    Nice try always putting up playvon 's 12 year old pic to make him look innocent. He was a stoned banger

  7. Ellen Mashburn Honeybuss

    Boo hoo sharptongue did not get the verdict HE wanted. A slap in his face that the black community did not riot and make his dreams and predictions come true. He is such a deceiver!

  8. Timothy Kyle Ffhh

    he is no man of faith, the good rev is out to fill his pockets and incite racism in todays black youth so he keeps the money rolling in. I sure wish the people he is supposed to be representing would wisen up and give his ass the boot!

  9. Ellen Mashburn Honeybuss

    This vile "Sharptongue" loves to stir up the masses. I am glad that the black community did not heed his calling to pursue violence and that his predictions of riots were wrong. This guy is a real media whore/compromised principles for personal gain.

  10. Alex Saloutos

    P.S.: Both sides did their best and the verdict has been rendered. Sadly, a young man is dead and another man's life is changed forever.

  11. Anonymous

    Helen Porter, I think you are 100% correct. A movement is exactly what this country needs. What do you say we get it going. We can start by telling people that think certain classes can't do or think for themselves, thanks, but no thanks. We can inform them that we all have the ability to take care of ourselves and do not need continual handouts just to live. We will let them know that we understand there are a few in society that can not do for themselves due to certain disabilities and ailments, but assure them that locally, we will determine who needs assistance, and who does not. I think that is a great movement to get going. What do you think, time to break the ties of bondage yet?

  12. Lonnie Staggs

    sharpton is a racist pos… if anyone of a different race (pick one) said the crap that he does, they wouldn't get TV shows, nor be treated as a viable candidate for prez…

  13. Steve Smith

    Al says this is the worse situation he has ever seen. Hmmm I thought the Tawana Brawley case and Duke case were much worse. Oh that's right those cases were proved false and he ran away like a rat.

  14. Steve Smith

    Rev Al and Jesse are happy with these type of verdicts as it keeps the cameras rolling and their names in the news. The only thing they care about is furthering their racist agenda in order to line their pockets with the only color that matters to them GREEN.

  15. Steve Smith

    the only type of movement that Al should be is a bowel movement to rid ourselves of him

  16. Anonymous

    it is not 'a slap in the face', it is a shot in the heart, lol. Give it up already & take Jesse Jackson with you. what about the bloods & Crips killing each other every day, Sharpton care bout that? Nope cause they all black. Not everything is about race you clowns!

  17. Anonymous

    Al IS and has always been a race baiter. He is a leach.

  18. Michael Lawera

    who trust this gangster, he preys on the non-informed and the weak….when I think racist, he at the top of the list.

  19. Gary Pepin

    Sharpton and Jesse are not civil rights leaders. They're hustlers and pimps!! There were 11 murders of African Americans last week in Chicago. Where were they?

  20. Gary Pepin

    Sharpton and Jesse are not civil rights leaders. They're hustlers and pimps!! There were 11 murders of African Americans last week in Chicago. Where were they?

  21. Gary Pepin

    Sharpton and Jesse are not civil rights leaders. They're hustlers and pimps!! There were 11 murders of African Americans last week in Chicago. Where were they?

  22. Ruthie Ross-McClelland

    It would be nice if that racist did get slapped hard!

  23. Dwayne Belton

    wait til God gets through with you devils. when has a group of black cops EVER murdered a white citizen? never. we know our fate of this justyou system. all we have is ALLAH and he will do wonders for us. just wait you evil inhuman monsters…

  24. Anonymous

    Photos everyone shows are of a 10 or 12 year old try showing what he really looked like.

    Where was he when a black man did the same thing a couple months before in Florida and claimed self-defense like Zimmerman? and wasn't arrested for a couple months either like Zimmerman.
    Where were his outcries then? Oh wait it’s OK if blacks do it SOUNDS LIKE AL SHARPTON MIGHT BE A RACIST.

  25. Anonymous

    where was al sharpton when oj simpson was found not guilty.

  26. Dwayne Belton

    it's time for separation. that's the movement we need. we can't still want to be with the beast and they have not done justice by us since we've been here. it has'nt happened b4 and it won't happen now. just ask our foreparents…

  27. Oso Viejo

    When was the last time Sharpton came out against the 7,000 black on black murders committed in the US last year? (US DOJ #'s).

    Murder is murder Al, as ugly as the Zimmerman case was, your selective outrage makes me want to gag.

  28. Dwayne Belton

    Scott Martin no you idiot, separation of the races. it's about race because if it were blacks doing this to you then you'd be up in arms. why so violent a reaction from the 'winners'? remember if you dig 1 grave you may as well dig 2.

  29. Shamus Jameson

    Reverend Al sat watching 58 Jewish businesses get looted during the riot he organized and lead in Crown Heights Brooklyn but you can bet his friend Obama congratulates him every time he can for a job well done. He's a low intelligence con man with a racist agenda.

  30. Anonymous

    Time for calm is over. We need to start stringing some crackers and arming ourselves for battle. Nothing short of a civil war in the streets will make this stop. Whites have been killing black folks for 400 yrs. Time we start swinging back. Anybody get in the way they will simply be casualties of war!

  31. Ulna Cal Calloway

    I verdict achieved exactly what it was meant to achieve, if you expected anything other , then you are NAIVE. The outcome was predetermined from the beginning. The police work, the prosecution and the judge. The prosecution was the most amateurish I have ever seen, worst than the casey anthony case.

  32. Anonymous

    Time for calm is over. We need to start stringing up some crackers and arming ourselves for battle. Nothing short of a civil war in the streets will make this stop. Whites have been killing black folks for 400 yrs. Time we start swinging back. Anybody get in the way they will simply be casualties of war! See how they look hanging from trees!

  33. Anonymous

    sharpton and jackson…hell bent on keeping the race relations in turmoil.

  34. Anonymous

    Al Sharpton is a racist and a bigot. He is a jerk, a disgrace and a blight to Christianity. What a jackass.

  35. Anonymous

    Helen Porter, you're a bigot, if the same thing had happened to you and it was a black man, you be all over it to get acquitted. Sharpton is a racist, an idiot and a fool. You're a fool agreeing with him. Grow up.

  36. Anonymous

    Hey Rev (though I'm not sure which church you preach at:
    Karma is a bitch. See OJ verdict, you're not paying judgement from Brawley event.

  37. Toni Ann F

    The only racist remark I heard came from Rachel (witness) referring to Zimmerman as a 'cracker'.

  38. Marilyn Alexander

    There's something mentally wrong with Al Sharpton. He makes racial problems worse. Not better. He's not at all intelligent, of course. That's a given. In fact, looking at his face, he might be deranged.

  39. Jim Judkins

    11 murders of African Americans in Chicago? Al don't have the balls to go to Chicago. It is much safer to go to a small town in Florida. Maybe we can talk him into coming down here to Texas?

  40. Mary Withanopinion

    Al Sharpton is a complete and utter fool. He's a joke plain and simple. If I were black, I would be embarrassed and ashamed to be associated with the likes of him. I wander if he even knows how many people laugh behind his back. I'm talking white and black people. I feel like he tries to be some kind of black god for the black community. He's got a real God complex going on. What an atrocity to religion he is. Maybe he's the one that needs to walk around with bodyguards or something. He needs to sit down with a big cup of shut the F…Up. Just sayin…

  41. Rosemary Rochford

    Sharpton says: I think that this is an atrocity… It is probably one of the worst situations that I have seen. My question is where was Sharpton when OJ SImpson was cleared of murdering two white people?

  42. Duke Dopudja

    Helen Porter ;
    Why can't you accept the decision rendered?The only thing the prosecution had was assumptions without prove.There are only two people that know what transpired on that dreadful night,unfortunately one is dead and the other must live that night for the rest of his life,be he guilty or innocent.As for Al Sharpton,he is no servant of God,but a charlatan seeking wealth and gain for himself.People like Sharpton and Jesse Jackson are a disgrace to blacks and all people,because they seek what's best for them,money and fame.I loved and admired the great Martin Luther King,a man of faith,integrity,love and concern for others.Sharpton and Jackson base their decisions on race,not truth,values and principles.We should consult our hearts not the color of our skin,because it is wrong to predicate our decisions based on our color rather than the heart which is far more reliable than our skin color which is too deceiving for anything other than our race.My family lived in the same house as a black family,and there was no reference to our color,but our respect,love and concern for each other during the great depression.The area in which we lived was mostly black,and there were few that sought hate or violence towards us,being we were white without animosity towards any.I was the only white player on an all black baseball team,and I stood up for my teammates when any whites or others tried to insult,abuse or degrade them in any way.We must try to do what is pleasing to God,not ourselves or the Sharptons,Jacksons and other self-centered people.The media is so vile and partial to what sells for more ratings and money,no more.You,I and all must not be influenced by the media and others that thrive on evil and hate,because what we adhere to is written in God's master plan,whether we like it or not.When I see and read about all the killings in Chicago,blacks killing blacks,or elsewhere,I wonder where are the Jesse Jacksons,Shaprtons and other so-called religious,isn't that a violation of our faith and principles to ignore such things.Pearl Bailey,a beautiful black woman and individual once stated,"Why do we blacks blame the whites for black enslavement of the past,it was our own black race of Africa that sold us into slavery for their own greed".We must never base our decisions on our race,because that is a slap in the face of our savior and God,Who created each of us for His purpose.As pathetic as the Martin-Zimmerman incident was,we should learn from it,rather than throw more fuel onto the gigantic flames that are consuming us all.We are above blacks and whites,we are all God's children,and it's time that we act in a manner pleasing to Him,not to those that seek to use and abuse us for personal gain.A devout prayer is of more value than all the worthless words that achieve nothing but more hate and intolerance against our Human Race.We must learn to live as a huge family,or die as pathetic individuals,be it white or black,because none are as perfect as they think themselves to be.It is much easier to be influenced than it is to influence,but we must strive for that just cause that we may be tolerant of all,or we too shall perish in violence.I can only pray that God help us all,because we are in dire need of it at this critical stage of our nation.Laws and justice serve no purpose if they are trampled upon by our evil deeds.

  43. Anonymous

    Fk what that pencil necked racist "demands"! He's just a POS trying to suck more money from anyone who is stupid enough to give it to him. And by the way, the case WAS NEVER about race. The case was about loitering and prowling at night, felonious assault, and discharging a firearm—– PERIOD. It's racist scum like Sharpton that are beating the "race drum".

  44. Anonymous

    Is anybody as tired of neegears as I am. We can thank that no good bassturd Abe Lincolon for this mess. They should all be in Afreaka where they belong.

  45. John W Dove

    Man never ends with Sharpton you got to keep it up when you have no real ideal what really happen and that man jump Zimmerman and he feared for his life but if it was the other way around nothing would have been said Sharpton you will have to face God one day lets see if you can get in the spot light then and you will find out how low you have been on the earth I have no respect for a man that claims to be a man of God. When in reality you worship obama.
    and your obamas goal is to destroy America but God will deal with you two I hope soon to I also believe America will be split and it's coming soon Sharpton and obama would follow the Antichrist if he was here right now Both men are hidden Muslims.

  46. Wayne Horton

    If you want to find a real racist just look in the back seat of Jesse or Al's Cadillac limousine next time they ride into town. You know, the limos the fools who follow them paid for with their blood.

  47. Rick Tyndall

    Thanks to people like Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson, the race card will never fade away.

  48. William Richard Bassett

    We need a civil case for Zimmerman. IF Zimmerman was Black, he NEVER would be Attacked! Martin profiled Zimmerman as a "crazy ass cracker" and decided to attack him. Yes, all the background on TM will come out and no protection on his history of being a want to be Thug! If TM was so afraid, he would have ran home. Lack of common sense on the race baiting MSNBC.

  49. William Green

    Sharpton is a racist idiot. He is more divisive than any white supremacist. It was a court of peers that saw and heard the facts as presented by the prosecution. If he had any good sense he would turn the frustration with the judicial system to some good..

    P.S. Why was he not outraged at the OJ Simpleton verdict?

  50. Anonymous

    you really don't want that. besides blacks have killed more blacks then whites SOFAR but if that's what you want so be it

  51. Peter Wood

    I love how Al and others think they are OWED guilty verdicts in cases like this. You didn't hear white people calling for the feds to get involved and start a movement when OJ got away with murdering two white people. Such hypocrites.

  52. Mike Woolson

    Its sad what happened to Trayvon but where was Sharperton when O.J.Simpson killed 2 innocent white people and got away with murder?

  53. Brett Herrmann

    This AIDS looking big headed race baiting jerk needs to shut his yap! Black americans need to look in the mirror and see what is happening with black on black violence. And their own racism. Nobody alive today was involved in slavery, yet we have to hear about it almost daily from idiots like him. He is as much of a "reverend" as Hitler was. Yes it was sad that this 17 was killed. But there is NO evidence whatsoever that this was a race crime! What ever happened to "Sticks and stones may break my bones BUT NAMES CAN NEVER HURT ME".

  54. Anonymous

    this wrinkled up has been wantabe martin rufer king jakass needs to shut the hell up along with jackson and benny boy crumpet they are going to be the ones that incite riots.

  55. Danielq Smith

    Dwayne Belton So in your brilliance , you are calling ALL white people inhuman monsters, yet in the same breath imply that your god is going to strike vengeance for us based on ? Yeah, that's just brilliant bumpkin.

    You know why more black people get shot by police? Because they are usually the ones committing the crimes! It's not racism, it's fact. And WHEN a black officer might be involved in something against a white person, it doesn't make the news or ever get talked about by these 'upstanding' leaders of the black community.

  56. Danielq Smith

    @ Helen.

    Why don't you and Al try focusing your 'movement' on the overwhelming violence committed by your own people on a daily basis? If this kid was white and the circumstances the same, would you be appalled? Be calling for movements? Why don't you actually try and HELP your own people better themselves and make progress instead of calling for a 'movement' against others?

    The baby that was shot in GA , why not focus your 'movement' on trying to prevent things like that? Why does the NACCP not focus on violence like that? The REAL issue. No headlines there though. Just the chance to actually make some progress and help people, but hey, since when is that the point.

    Maybe it wouldn't make enough headlines. Maybe black people couldn't play the race and victim card. Take responsibility for the actions of your own before whining and blaming others.

  57. Danielq Smith

    Worst situation he's ever seen? I think that about sums it up for you in a nutshell. I would say a far worse situation would be the 500+ murders in Chicago and other black on black violence.

  58. Anonymous

    How come millions of Blacks aren't dancing in the streets when O.J. MURDERED TWO PEOPLE and got away with it. I still remember them honking their horns and laughing at any whites they could find in N.Y. And they all said "justice prevailed". Well my fellow brothers and sisters, "JUSTICE HAS PREVAILED". You can't have it both ways. KARMA is always a b….

  59. Barry David Vyskocil

    Al Sharpton would be sweeping the parking lot at a Masonic Temple if not for his pandering to, as well as contributing to the paranoid Blacks who feel any time perceived White on Black crime occurs and the Black individual is found guilty, it has to be another example of the Great White Conspiracy to eliminate the Black man from our White society. The supporters and sympathizers line up at the post office to send him money so he can get right down to where the injustice has occured and start marching. As in the Tawana Brawley case, THE ONLY THING THAT MATTERS LESS TO SHARPTON THAN THE FACTS, IS THE TRUTH! I really want to ask all of these people standing in the streets shouting "No Justice for Trevon" WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN WHILE THE BLACK CHILDREN SLAUGHTER EACH OTHER NIGHTLY IN THE STREETS OF OUR CITY'S" In the time it took those six women to find Mr, Zimmerman "not guilty" how many young Black males, as well as innocent bystanders were Murdered in the USA. I promise to find out and let you all know. If you listen to the tapes they played in court of Mr.Zimmerman talking to the non-emergency operator's at various times, you will find, as I did, that he did not immediately identify the race of the individual/individuals he was calling about and in most cases it was the operator who asked for their Race. Thank you for taking the time to read this.

  60. Thom Whitacre

    Why in the hell would we want that P.O.S. Here in Texas?

  61. Barry David Vyskocil

    Al Sharpton is the one who is "keeping the Black Man down". He is a paper Tiger who would be homeless without the donations he receives from these poor Black family's who he scares into giving him money. I think White people call that EXTORTION!!!

  62. Anonymous

    Why don't you people start taking responsibility for your actions. It doesn't start by pouring drugs into your heads.

  63. Anonymous

    Helen Porter….if it's time for a "Movement" head to the bathroom….Al Sharpton has been "pimping" racism his entire life [just like bro' Jesse Jackson]…..Sharpton has no credibility…just look up the Tawana Brawley "case"…..Al is a fraud….

  64. Barry David Vyskocil


  65. Christina Chaparro

    so were the 300 plus murders in chicago alone. I want to protest against those.

  66. Justin Case

    I Know What I'd Like To Your Face, Rev. Al! How Much Longer Does America Have To Put Up With This Racial Pimping by The Rev. Al and the Rev. Jesse!

  67. Thu Ryan

    a racist man of god? sharpton you are a greedy man wow you are a greedy preacher its all about money.

  68. Thu Ryan

    a racist man of god? sharpton you are a greedy man wow you are a greedy preacher its all about money.

  69. Jim Chandler

    Hey, Sharpton! Why don't you shut your ugly pie hole and slither back under the rocks from whince you came. The black citizens of this country don't need you or Jesse Jerkoff trying to stir them up. Fortunately, the great majority of black citizens are smart enough not to fall for your divisive race baiting. Only a few troublemakers follow you. You are no more a "man of the cloth" than I am the Pope, and I'm not even Catholic.

  70. Bill Wetzel

    Al Sharpton is bad for this country. And he speads his own brand of hatred throughout the black community. All while lining his pockets. Shame on him. And he has the balls to call himself a man of the cloth…..When he meets his maker he will have some explaining to do…

  71. Anonymous

    Sharpton is one of the biggest racists around. Him and Farrakhan. I didn't see him protesting when OJ got away with murder, did you?

  72. Anonymous

    Alex Saloutos stupid is as stupid does! Zimmerman followed someone that he suspected may be involved in criminal activity while he was trying to coordinate with police so that they could apprehend and question TM. There is nothing wrong or vigilante about that. It is unfortunate that TM was shot, but had he not decided that he wanted to beat up GZ for surveilling him, it wouldn't have happened.

  73. Anonymous

    Al: Stay the hell OUT of Sanford! We don't need another (or, for that matter, ANY) race-baiting troublemakers!

  74. Anonymous

    this racists sharpton is a disgrace for this nation and black people in general, blace racism is at an all time high, time for blacks to attempt to fit in not misfit.

  75. Walt Florence

    Would you expect anything different from this man? (I use the term loosely).

  76. Anonymous

    Where was the good reverend when the OJ Simpson acquittal occurred? And do not forget Tawana Brawley.

  77. Anonymous

    I have a dream. A dream that one day we can look but not find Al Sharpton, Jessie Jackson, Nancy Grace, and others. I also have a dream that all people look at the facts devoid of emotion. Emotions are not trust worthy, but facts don't lie. The jury did a great job in a tough case.

  78. Jose Cisneros

    So if someone else dies from The so call Rev. Al Sharpton's. Race baiting is he going to accept the responsibility for that persons or person that are killed by his actions? Or are you people going to give him a pass and blame it all on the evil white man? After many years of freedom, most fall again under a new master called Rev. Al Sharpton.

  79. David Taerea

    I wonder if this buffoon was also beating the bushes when OJ was justly vindicated? Oh, of course not! Justice WAS served………….American Justice does work, but this enabled, spoiled , VERY tiring community is , ONCE AGAIN beating the drums of injustice, as the verdict did not go their way……………the young thug was realized for what he was, and they don't like it!

  80. Anonymous

    why does race have to enter in to this…. If a black man had killed Martin, would we be hearing all of this junk about race?

  81. Anonymous

    Zimmerman LYNCHED Trayvon in 2012!
    Six "JANE CROW" White Women LYNCHED Trayvon again in 2013!
    Black America it's Time To Turn The Table!

  82. Terry Vanderslik

    He isn't much of a preacher if he wants to keep the pot stirred up. That's not what Jesus would do. Shame on him for having the Rev. in front of his name. He has not earned it.

  83. Larry DuQuette

    Remember when the rev al jumped in and supported the woman that accused the Duke lacrosse team of rape, then said she lied and was later charged with murder. That's the rev al. Get a life rev.

  84. Magda Szita Gassner

    He is one of the reasons race is always an issue!

  85. Warren Weisman

    You hear that, Al? That's the sound of a jury telling you to STFU.

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