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Walmart Employee Fired For Reporting Dog In Hot Car

Walmart Employee Fired For Reporting Dog In Hot Car

A Walmart employee in Ontario was fired for reporting a dog that was left in a hot car.

Yes, Carla Cheney actually lost her job for confronting a customer about leaving his poor dog in his hot truck. She said she noticed a man left his dog in his truck with the windows rolled up before she started her shift on Tuesday.

Cheney was shocked that someone would actually leave his dog in a hot car and called the police several minutes later. The police got the man’s license plate but weren’t able to find him in the store.

The man eventually left Walmart and pulled up to the table where Cheney was sitting with her coworkers. Cheney confronted the man and told him that he shouldn’t his dog in the car.

“He told me it was none of my business and I said that that was fine, that if I saw him do it again I would just call the police next time. He said he was no longer going to be shopping at that Walmart, and I said, ‘OK.'”

The Walmart employee’s actions got her fired later that day. “He told me then that I was terminated, he wanted my vest, my badge, and to clean out my locker and that I needed to leave,” she said.

Cheney thought she was doing the right thing by reporting the man who left his dog in a hot car.

“The manager said I was fired because I was rude to a customer, but I felt because I was not even on the clock, it shouldn’t have been an issue anyways. And I don’t think it should be an issue even if I was on the clock … because it’s on the news and we’re being told not to leave animals and children in cars,” she said.

According to the Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals, dogs can die from heatstroke in as little as 20 minutes if they are left in a hot car.

Do you think the Walmart employee should have been fired for reporting the man who left his dog in a hot car?

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24 Responses to “Walmart Employee Fired For Reporting Dog In Hot Car”

  1. Angelina Germanotta

    She did the right thing reporting it, and it wasn't a reason to get fired.

  2. Anonymous

    She was not fired for reporting the incident she was fired for confronting the customer, she should have reported it and then kept her mouth shut when she saw the customer again. it doesn't matter that she was off the clock and on a break, she was in uniform on the property and representing the company. They have every right to fire her.

  3. Julie Archibald

    Give the girl back her job. She had every right to confront the idiot who left his dog in the car. Walmart 'Your Fired'!

  4. Federico Zamora

    As much as I hate Walmart, I have to agree that they have a right to fire the woman. Of course she did the right thing by reporting the man and saving the dog's life. But if she confronted the customer (whether the customer initiated contact or not) that is not acceptable. It should have stopped at her reporting the customer and ignoring his taunting comments after-the-fact.

  5. Katie Lyn Embick

    Wal-mart just get's worse and worse the more you hear about them, hopefully she broke the car's window on the way out

  6. Thomas Fristoe

    doesn't surprise me I gt fired for saving 2 other idiots from Wal-Mart that keep chasing a shoplifter and he pulled a knife coming close to slashing them to pieces and they wnt back down my military kicked in and I hit the guy with a shopping cart he lost the knife and ran and those 2 idiots still chased him which your nt to do but I gt fired cause your nt supposed to hit people with carts guess I shoulda let the get cut up.

  7. Thomas Fristoe

    and if her badge was nt showing and she was nt on the clock she had every right….and if she had dne nothing and the dog died she be in trouble for nt reporting it….and customers are always making up stuff to get u fired cause they dnt get it there way…..go to burger king if you want it your way…great job thumbs up…if it had been me ida busted out his window.

  8. Brian Asklund

    She also stated to the manager who informed her that there was a protocol to follow for such issues that she would ignore company policy and just call the police from now on. So apparently Walmart is bad for firing an employee who said she would flagrantly violate company policy in the future, should a situation she didn't agree with arise.

  9. Carl Pyrdum

    Pretty simple. If enough people complain at the Walmart site, maybe these jake legged morons will start acting responsibly instead of following idiotic policies designed to appease.

  10. Candy Collum

    Right is Right, doesn't matter if she was on the clock or off. She was not rude, what is rude by being truthful? I wonder if she'd be wrong or a hero if that had been a child left in a hot car?

  11. Candy Collum

    Personally, I wouldn't want my job back at a place that fired me for doing the right thing. I am tired of WalMart anyway. Their shelves aren't stocked, they are always out of stuff, there aren't enough cashiers. I think it's time to boycott them. And BTW, it's a good thing it wasn't me, they'd have a fight on their hands and it wouldn't be to get my job back.

  12. David Bishop

    that's why I hate wal mart new Brunswick is getting target stores and that's where I'm going to do my shopping walmart just wants your money and don't care about peoples safety.

  13. David Bishop

    If it was a child it would of been different but sense it was animal there is a different rule lucky I wasn't there the person would of been one window short.

  14. Cassie Packard

    she shouldn't have been fired… when she spoke to the person she was not on the clock therefore he wasnt a customer to her at the time… and frankly why aren't we hearing that he is being brought up on animal cruelty charges?

  15. Sharon McHugh

    Another reason why I don't like Walmart … as if I needed a reason.

  16. Mimmi Dull

    Now I don't know about this particular store, but the ones in my neck of woods aren't allowed to keep their vest/uniform/badges and such, on during their breaks. If they are off the clock & on a break – they are civilians like any other customer in the store and are to be treated as such… Guess it's all depending on what store you work at and how much weight they put on your word and action as an employee! Shame she lost her job, She did the right thing – yet still I agree in that if she were still in uniform, she represented the company and should had remained silent to the customer! :/

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