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Caylee Anthony Toys Sold At Garage Sale

caylee anthony

A bunch of toys that reportedly belonged to Caylee Anthony were spotted at a garage sale last month in Florida.

According to Florida resident Christina Werner, the toys were put up for sale by Casey Anthony’s parents George and Cindy Anthony.

Werner said that she was driving by Casey Anthony’s parents house when she noticed that they were having a garage sale. The Florida resident said that she spotted several of Caylee’s toys as well as two tents that may have been used during the search for the little girl.

Werner said: “I drove by and noticed the house looked familiar to me. I had seen this house before … I got close and noticed that the people outside really looked like George and Cindy Anthony. It was the home of Caylee Anthony’s grandparents.”When I pulled up, they were taking tarps off the yard sale items that were covered due to the rain. I immediately noticed the two white canopies over the yard sale tables because they looked like the tents used in the search for Caylee.”Werner said that she talked to George and Cindy and even purchased a few of the toys. The Florida resident was so shocked by the Anthony’s decision to sell Cayley’s toys that she returned the next day with a camera to videotape her interaction with the little girl’s grandparents.

Werner said:  “I simply will never understand how these grandparents can put a price tag on Caylee’s items … I can understand Casey’s things, but I will never understand how they could part with these things at a yard sale!”


It’s unclear if Casey knew about the garage sale but she could definitely use the money. UPI reports that Casey currently owes nearly $800,000 to creditors. She recently filed for bankruptcy but was ordered today to pay up $25,000 to settle a dispute about her life story.

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47 Responses to “Caylee Anthony Toys Sold At Garage Sale”

  1. Joda Kelly

    Seperation? Sometimes in order to move on, we need to let go of things holding us to the past. Personally..I would have donated them to a hospital's childrens wing or some other charity rather than profit by it but that's me. I do understand those very painful reminders..but this does seem cold blooded.

  2. Anonymous

    Really, she was shocked? How long were they supposed to hold on to them?

  3. Tia Martin James

    I am more disturbed by the troll who is turning this into news and filming it.

  4. Bryan Saddler

    Do you really think that's news worthy? mind your business. go home and take care of your family and vote.

  5. Keith C. Parsels

    It's over get use to it. Get a life. If only people were as interested in Obamas background and The Government spying.

  6. Tonya Reed Ward

    They should have the right to do with things as they choose…they have suffered enough and if they need the money or the peace, we should let them have it.. I am sure it was a hard decision and I am sure they have things of hers that they would never part with….there will always a be a hole in their hearts no matter what you think of them.

  7. Sharon Hauf

    I really don't think the grandparents were profiting anything by selling the toys, Joda Kelly..profiting would be to sell them for more than what they paid for them..what they were doing was parting with toys that brought them painful matter if anyone feels that it was right or not..Maybe they thought it was the right thing to do..until you are in their position don't make rash judgements..did anyone stop to think that maybe they saved some of the ones that meant more to them than the ones they sold at the garage sale? Maybe they were meaningless hand me down toys or ones they bought at garage sales themselves. I agree with Tia Martin James..I am more disturbed at the busy body filming it. The grandparents selling her toys is no different than after my parents died and my family sold all my parents possessions.

  8. Sharon Hauf

    We did keep some of my parents' things like keep sakes that we could remember them by and sold the things that didn't hold any sentimental value to us. Maybe that's what they were doing

  9. Tracy Alberts

    They are just toys, holding on to them isn't what makes you remember.. All the memories are in your heart and in your mind.. Keeping them don't bring her back, getting rid of them helps you to move on.. And moving on is what has to happen to live a happy healthy life. That is what that little girl would have wanted.. I struggled with the same thing when my mom died 3 years ago, I wouldn't get rid of anything.. Until I realized all it was doing was making me more depressed… and that memories of her aren't in her things, her memory is in my heart..

  10. Kalena Kenny

    @Tia, right? Isn't there anything better they could do a story on? I could see keeping a few items that are special, but maybe they really need the money

  11. Donna DaBillo

    She doesn't know why they were selling them. Maybe it was a way for them to let go.. Also doesn't know what they were going to do with the money, maybe they plan some type of memorial for her…

  12. Janeane Casali

    Totally agree with you – she was So upset she even bought a few toys–Ghoul. What people will do for a minute in the limelight – disgusting.

  13. Terri Pearsall

    Grow up and shut up…First of all, it is NONE of your business, or mine for that matter, what the Anthony's do with those toys…NONE OF YOUR BUSINESS…second of all, it was time to let that baby go, let her rest for good, stop holding on to a dream and LET HER GO…my parents had the same horror when they had to let go of my sister's belongings after she died at 4 years old, tragically as well…it was past time, to let Caylee go…AMEN to George and Cindy's COURAGE at finally letting their baby girl go…BRAVO.

  14. Terri Pearsall

    AMEN Tia Martin James!!! This world needs to get over this crap…NONE OF OUR BUSINESS

  15. Joanna Robishaw

    Seriously? Are they supposed to hold on forever? Let go and let God. This lady needs to find something better to do with her time. RIP little Caylee and I pray for peace for the Grandparents.

  16. Joanna Robishaw

    I understand where you're coming from but I know where I live there is no place to donate them, even of we try(and we have). God bless

  17. Veronica Spaulding

    they should sold them for a caylee Anthony fund or donated to childrens hospital…how someone could try n profit off a childs death is beynd me..i understand u have no need to hang on to ALL those items but a yard sale seems a little too disresptful..I hope none of the profits reach caseys murdering hands.

  18. Christina Machado

    I agree with a lot of people when they said this was not news worthy. And in my opinion, it's up to them what they do with the toys. No one knows their situation and as to why they are selling them, it's no ones business. Why can't people just leave them alone and let them move on??

  19. Randy Cummings

    George and Cindy Anthony lived at 4937 Hopespring Drive in ORLANDO not in MOUNT DORA. This lady could only have seen the house on Hopespring Drive during the media blitz when the search and trial were going on, not some house in Mount Dora.

  20. Kimberly Smith-Hosler

    they should get over it – yes they can donate them but it's not like anyone is going to use the toys. Leave the people alone its their stuff let them do what they want dam media

  21. Sue Chambers

    SO WHAT People…they (grandparents) can do what they want…as far as the murdering, slime gutter whore, lower than snail shit pos herself…i do hope she rots in HELL…she needs or wants NOTHING that reminds her/it of that beautiful baby she killed so horribly! die bitch

  22. Michelle Kinch

    I don't see why not sell them. What else are they going to do with kid toys? Maybe keeping them around brings up too many bad memories. Sometimes when a loved one dies, people will keep their stuff around, and some feel the memories are too painful and put the stuff away or get rid of it.

  23. Cija Foster

    how do you know they didn't ? everyone is taking the word of a nosy twit who came back to video tape it

  24. Jennifer Dandridge

    They are toys. What use are they to the grandparents? I'm sure they have pictures of Caylee that are far better mementos. We don't know what kind of debts were incurred by the grandparents during this entire ordeal.

  25. Marius Emanuela Lupascu

    so what they sold them? especially if casey needs money…. no one gives you money just like that… I don't think that the subject it's worthy! and how much longer you think they should have kept her things?

  26. Rhonda Hitt

    Seriously, again. Geez, get over it people. While I'm sorry the child is gone, people are ALLOWED TO MOVE ON! Every time these people's names are out of the media for longer than a week, someone starts something up again. So what if they sold the toys, and those "Tents", really, canopy's? They could have brought them and usually the only tents and canopy's used are cop issued and taken when the investigation is over. Does the woman who purchased the toys have kids and what is she going to do with them? Sell them on ebay? Tell her kids *if she has any* that they can't play with them because they belong to someone who's not even part of her family but been dead for years? Was the grandparents aware they were being video taped, more than likely not. This woman just wanted her few minutes of fame. Instead of posting about toys, how about posting about current missing children or something newsworthy… she said that they house looked familar to her that she had seen it before… IF she lived in the neighborhood, she WOULD know who lived there. Again I say, ENOUGH about this family. If I was the grandparents I would sue this woman for slander and as you notice, she didn't say if she had kids or not. I am so sick of hearing about this family.

  27. Barbara Matlack

    Holding on to material things is a good idea for a while then you have to let go! They will always have their memories of this beautiful child.

  28. Susan Snyder Long

    Does this mean that anyone with a family member who died shouldn't sell their loved ones belongings? You can't keep everything, it's not practical. I am sure they kept the toys/mementos that were the most meaningful to Caylee and them; it isn't our place to judge what they do with their things, especially because they aren't actually profiting off of them. Anyone who thinks they are turning a profit when most kids toys sell for under a buck at a garage sale is an idiot. People should be asking if this Christina Werner donated the money she got off of selling her lame story and video to the media. Just happened to be driving by George and Cindy's…what a lucky payday for her. I can't stand the Anthony's but who really keeps every single item that belonged to someone who died.

  29. Matthew D. Sedgwick

    Nobody said these people are in their right mind….

  30. Tracy Wesoloski

    Well they wouldn't be their if her crazy mother, grandfather ect. Did not kill her such a loss her mother needs to go to prison flat out.

  31. Sharon Kay Jeter Jackson

    Why would anyone be so fascinated over a dead child's toys?? Unbelievable!

  32. Stephanie Peel

    So she bought a winnie the pooh back pack for.25 and sold her story for $500 and She is disgusted? Parasite please.

  33. Stephanie Peel

    Those that think they should have donated? They did not advertise these toys to gain anything. They sold stuff. It's just stuff. Nothing to see folks…move along.

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