Fox News The Top Source For Information In America, Says Gallup

Fox News The Top Source For Information In America, Says Gallup

Fox News is the top source for news information in America according to a new Gallup poll.

As previously reported by The Inquisitr, Megyn Kelly is taking the Fox News prime time slot.

Sarah Palin also returned to Fox News, which only Fox fans seemed to appreciate.

Fox News has been bragging for a while that they’re the number one news network in cable television. But what makes this new Gallup Poll remarkable is that this is the first time Americans have been openly asked what they “consider to be their main source of news about US and global events.”

Including all demographics, Americans overwhelmingly prefer television (55 percent) over the internet (21 percent) as their primary news source. Out of those who specifically named a media outlet eight percent said Fox News while seven percent claimed CNN as preferred. All the others combined, including MSNBC, PBS, BBS, and others, do not amount for more than one percent.

As might be expected, Fox News might be the top source for news information but Gallup says the demographics fall along political lines:

“Fox News is a clear driver of Republicans’ higher tendency to turn to television for their news, with 20 percent versus six percent of independents and one percent of Democrats, naming it as their main news source. No other television, print, or online news source generates as much loyalty from either Democrats or independents. The closest is CNN, named by 10 percent of Democrats, 6 percent of independents, and 4 percent of Republicans.”

Other interesting findings include the fact those currently employed prefer the television (49 percent) less than those unemployed (63 percent). There’s an opposite shift when it comes to the internet as the main news source (26 percent versus 15 percent). There’s a similar shift Democrats also tend to prefer printed media.

Do you think people should use Fox News as their top news information source?