Failed Abortion Bill To Get A Second Chance After Order From Texas Governor Perry

Rick Perry Won’t Run Again, May Seek White House In 2016

Texas Governor Rick Perry confirmed today that he will not seek re-election during a rally in San Antonio.

Rick Perry is the longest serving governor of Texas, and his seat is up again for new contenders in 2014.

Perry, who was one of several early White House hopefuls for the GOP, will leave office in early 2015.

At the San Antonio appearance, the Texas governor said that the state was ready for a new leader, and stated:

The time has come to pass on the mantle of leadership … Today, I’m announcing I will not seek reelection as governor of Texas.

Perry, who coyly stated that he would “pray and reflect and work to determine my own future path,” committed to remaining in his seat through the end of his term, adding:

“After January of 2015, new chapters will be written. New leaders will write them … But the focus must remain on the greatest state in the nation and opportunity for her people.”

Cal Jillson, a political scientist at Southern Methodist University in Dallas, told USAToday that the hints were a mark of Perry’s overall political strategy — and that his suggestion also lends credibility to the idea Rick Perry is yet again planning to throw his hat in the ring for the big seat in 2016:

“If he plans to run for president again, he needs to be free of the governor’s office so he can give his full attention to putting together a top-flight campaign team and prepare himself substantively, especially on foreign policy and national security issues.”

Rick Perry’s previous presidential bid was shot out of the water during a heated multi-candidate debate before the GOP primaries. During the event, the Texas governor was pressed on a promise he’d eliminate three federal agencies to cut costs — but unfortunately failed to name all three agencies when placed on the spot.