George Zimmerman trial

Michael Savage Explains Exactly Why George Zimmerman Is Guilty [Listen]


Talk show host Michael Savage doesn’t want to see George Zimmerman get away with murder.

On his Tuesday night talk show, Savage said that George Zimmerman, currently on trial for the murder of Trayvon Martin, should be found guilty of second-degree manslaughter.

His criteria for a guilty verdict: The state of his firearm and the language he allegedly used during a 911 call when he first reported the “suspicious” Martin.

Savage also seemed to imply that his expertise in the Zimmerman trial should not be overlooked.

“I’m about to break an analysis that no one yet in the media has done, as you would expect from me — being the senior member of the American media and possibly the most insightful,” Savage said. “And I have to blow my own horn because everyone else tries to break my horn.”

He also said that while most “white people” (except for liberals) think that George Zimmerman is innocent, and that most black people think he’s guilty, he is an “independent observer” with his own opinion.

“I call them as I see them, and I think Zimmerman committed what he’s being charged with: manslaughter. He didn’t intend to kill him, but he may as well have intended to kill him.”

Savage points to Zimmerman’s gun, which has the safety off and a bullet in the chamber. Because of this, he says that Zimmerman was looking “to find some he could shoot or intimidate.”

“I don’t care which side you are on,” Savage continued. “He wasn’t just carrying a gun, he wasn’t just a watch guy: He was hunting. He was looking, he was hoping to find someone he could shoot or intimidate with that loaded weapon, ladies and gentlemen of the Savage jury.”

Do you think that George Zimmerman is innocent or guilty?

[h/t – DailyCaller]