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Lindsay Lohan ‘Terrified’ Of Relapsing While In Rehab [Video]


The latest gossip surrounding troubled actress Lindsay Lohan is that she is terrified of relapsing into drug addiction while in rehab, which goes a long way toward explaining why she has switched facilities twice during her most recent stint.

With roughly a month left of her mandatory 90 days in rehab, Lindsay Lohan seems to finally be taking her sobriety seriously if the gossip is to be believed. So seriously that she has become almost paranoid in her efforts to stay clean, swapping out two rehab facilities due to reported contraband drug use among fellow patients.

According to TMZ, when she’s finally out, the 26-year-old will “go deep into hiding” away from media scrutiny for an undetermined period of time. It’s all speculation as to why, but we’re guessing that she really wants to make sobriety stick this time (see below, her pre-rehab interview with David Letterman) and probably needs to be away from the spotlight for a while.

Since 2007, that spotlight has almost exclusively been dominated by reports of her partying, drug use and hard drinking.

Insiders say that Lohan’s current “12-step program has been working” and that she is “deathly afraid of relapsing, and escape is her solution.”

She was first admitted to the Betty Ford Center, but traded up to the Cliffside Malibu rehab facility in June.

“Betty Ford is great and very professional, but it’s a 30-day program, so Lindsay has moved to a different facility to finish out her time given by the judge,” mom Dina Lohan said at the time.

Lohan’s latest rehab stint comes after a reckless driving charge in June 2012. She was also guilty of lying to a police officer. She will serve 30 days of community service and also undergo 18 months of psychological therapy.

To her credit, Lohan never really seems to give up trying. Her latest attempt at a comeback fell mostly flat, but she still seems to be trying her best to change her life. We commend her for that, and hope that she emerges from her self-imposed exile healthy and a little bit wiser. It’d be nice to see¬†Mean Girls-era Lindsay Lohan again.

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