Michael Jackson Paid $37 Million To Two Dozen Young Boys He Abused, Report Claims

Michael Jackson Paid $35 Million To Two Dozen Young Boys He Abused, Report Claims

Michael Jackson spent close to $35 million to buy the silence of more than 20 young boys he abused over a period of 15 years, a report from the UK is claiming.

A new report claims that the FBI has many pages of evidence that Jackson molested young boys and paid them and their families to keep quiet.

The Sunday People reported that FBI documents — case numbers CADCE MJ-02463 and CR 01046 — were not given to prosecutors at Jackson’s 2005 trial. Those files, which the Sunday People claims it has seen, allegedly show pages of evidence that Michael Jackson groomed and molested a number of children who he invited for unsupervised sleepovers.

The files show that Jackson would isolate victims once he invited them to his estate, often molesting them in secret.

Also in the evidence was a recorded interview with Jackson’s former butler, Philip LeMarque, and his wife Stella. The couple claimed that Jackson would watch pornography with young boys in his private bedroom, which was hidden behind a secret wall in the 70-seat cinema he had in his home.

Of the many guests Jackson had in the home, only Marlon Brando complained, the couple said.


“He’d come to the ranch and always see Michael playing, disappear with the children,” Stella noted. “Michael would never spend time with the adults at the ranch.”


“He said, ‘What the hell is Michael doing with those kids!’ ’’ Stella said about Brando.

Evidence also shows that Michael Jackson was once caught by a member of his house molesting a “world-famous child star,” and that he would sometimes molest children while their parents waited elsewhere in the home.

Though the reports from the Sunday People sound shocking, there is some doubt cast on the veracity. The evidence gathered has not come directly from the FBI, but instead from Anthony Pellicano, a private detective hired by Jackson when he was being investigated. Jackson reportedly wanted Pellicano to target skeletons in his closet and help keep them hidden.

These files were later seized by the FBI when Pellicano himself was under investigation. It was these files that the Sunday People had exclusive access to.

As the allegations of child abuse came to light, the family of Michael Jackson is locked in a court battle back in the States. His family members have filed a lawsuit against promoter AEG Live, claiming they mismanaged Jackson’s affairs during preparations for his This Is It tour.