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Prince Harry Parties At Glastonbury Until 4AM

Prince Harry partied until 4am at Glastonbury festival on Saturday night, after spending the earlier part of the evening watching The Rolling Stones headline the Pyramid Stage.

The prince was spotted backstage as Mick Jagger and Keith Richards wowed close a hundred thousand music fans on Worthy Farm, but it has also been reported that he went to see acts on the Park and John Peel stages, alongside his girlfriend, Cressida Bonas.

Michael Eavis, the organiser of the event, stated that Harry’s fun lasted until long after Sir Mick Jagger had finished performing. The 77-year-old remarked, “Prince Harry was great actually. I recommended that he should go on into the night, because the nightlife is what Glastonbury is all about. At three o’clock in the afternoon, you don’t get it.”

He then added, “I told him to get his taxi driver to come back at five o’clock in the morning and do you know what? He lasted until four in the morning. His friends were all having a great time. He didn’t want to make a formal thing of being here.”

It is though that Harry and Cressida seamlessly merged into the young festival crowd and passed by without hardly being noticed. Harry was also seen purchasing booze at Bar Boulevard, and he acted so nonchalantly that not even the barmaid recognised him.

Natalie Newby, the bar manager, stated, “We’ve had a few celebs in before but never royalty. We’ll have to get a royal crest for next year. He just blended in with everyone and looked like a normal punter. The person who served him didn’t realise who it was until after he’d left. We treated him as we would any other customer. Some of the staff who did recognise him joked we should ID him, but we didn’t in the end.”

[Image via Mr Pics/Shutterstock]