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Another NFL Player, Joe Lefeged, Gets Arrested

This has not been a good week for the NFL. Joe Lefeged, a safety for the Indianapolis Colts, was arrested this week after he tried to flee police.

According to the Indianapolis Star, Lefeged was arrested for multiple gun offenses after he tried to evade police during a traffic stop. The NFL player and 23-year-old Timothy Wilson will be arraigned this afternoon for various chargers, including carrying a firearm without license and having an unregistered firearm and unregistered ammunition.

Lefeged is just the latest of many NFL players who have recently been arrested.

According to Yahoo Sports, at least three other football players have found themselves in legal trouble this week. Ausar Walcot is being charged with attempted murder, Josh Brent failed another drug test, and Aaron Hernandez was arrested for allegedly murdering Odin Lloyd.

The Business Insider reports that the NFL’s legal problems have been pretty horrendous since the Super Bowl last year. The website reports that at least 27 players have been arrested since the Super Bowl. That list, of course, is now outdated.

Bleacher Report even created a slideshow to keep NFL fans up to date with all of the players that have been arrested in 2013. The charges range from assault, to unregistered tilted windows, to murder, to illegal firearm possession to DUIs.

So, what do you think? Will the NFL hit 50 arrests by the time the season begins?