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Texas Abortion Bill SB5 Fails To Pass

Texas Abortion Bill Fails To Pass

The Texas abortion bill, SB5, failed to pass the state senate on Tuesday night. While reports have said that a vote on the bill did take place, Texas Lieutenant Governor David Dewhurst confirmed early Wednesday morning that the bill was dead.

The legislation’s debate was marked by a filibuster launched by Senator Wendy Davis, a Democrat, who wore pink tennis shoes and prepared for the long haul on Tuesday.

While her filibuster failed to make it to midnight after she received three strikes, the watching crowd chanted and cheered until after midnight. The noise interrupted the proceedings on the floor, causing the vote on SB5 to happen after the midnight deadline.

If it had passed, the bill would have required sweeping changes in how abortion services work in Texas. In effect, the bill would have closed about 80 percent of the abortion clinics currently operating in the nation’s second most populous state.

While the Texas senate session was scheduled to end at midnight, confusion reigned for three hours over what had actually happened. News organizations, including the Associated Press, announced that SB5 passed in Texas, despite Davis’ filibuster and what some users on Twitter called the peoples’ filibuster.

However, no official confirmation was given on the bill’s status until 3:03 am EDT. At that time, Lt. Governor Dewhurst announced that, while the bill had passed, it was too late. While the abortion services bill was declared dead early Wednesday morning, it remains to be seen whether Texas Governor Rick Perry will call another special session to vote on SB5 again.

Until then, Democrats and pro-choicers declared a momentary victory. On Twitter, Planned Parenthood Federation Of America president Cecile Richards wrote, “We have started something here that they cannot stop.” A tweet from @YourAnonLive also chimed in, saying, “The citizens overrode the Texas Senate with their voices. Tonight we proved who really has the power.”

Are you happy or disappointed to see the Texas abortion services bill fail in special session on Tuesday night?

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128 Responses to “Texas Abortion Bill SB5 Fails To Pass”

  1. Daniel Tate

    This is a huge win for the rights of women in Texas. Thank you Wendy Davis for your filibuster of this awful bill that would have restricted access to healthcare for women all over the state. Hopefully this bill is dead for good.

  2. Angela Ausmus Gill

    This is an epic fail for all unborn babies.

  3. Anthony N Ailene-Ewers

    The German people elected Hitler by majority vote too which led to the murder of millions in Europe, so much for rule of the majority. If the majority says murder is okay than who am I to argue?

  4. Lindsey Goodson Paris

    Thank you Wendy! Women's rights count, too.

  5. A C Whitlow Jr

    How is that? I thought this wasn't about ending abortion but protecting the health of the mother.

  6. Michael Thomas

    In what way? Having access to alternatives reduces the amount of abortions. Taking away the woman's right to her own body and the state telling doctors what they can and cannot do is pretty scary to me. If you don't want an abortion, then don't get an abortion. Bills like this won't stop abortion, but it could make abortion not as safe and also put more of strain on the economics of the state when these children are born to uneducated people who didn't wear a condom or practice other methods of birth control.

  7. Steven Moore

    Abortions will happen regardless. Either in a hospital in sanitary conditions or by fist and coat hanger. You pick.

  8. James Silva

    @Anthony N Ailene-Ewers look up 'Godwin's Law'.

    This is a victory, but it masks a greater problem. The fact that the filibuster was questioned AT ALL. Male senators have stood there and read the /phone book/ for hours to filibuster bills and not been challenged. Yet Wendy Davis was repeatedly accused of going "off topic".

    Don't look now, but the rule of law seems to be getting ropey.

  9. James Marchant

    Tbf, I believe the cases of reading the phone book, etc were at the US Senate (where the filibuster rules are broken as hell); this was at the Texas State Senate which seems to have different rules. Still, she was hardly off-topic when talking about the sonogram bill which is directly related to abortion.

  10. Kevin Seiden

    James Marchant That is correct, Texas is a lot more specific about what is considered a filibuster. There is no phone book reading.

  11. Lisa Harris Jones

    Complete fail! What about the rights of the unborn child???? People need to wake up! This is murder plane and simple!

  12. Alyssa Gibson

    What a disappointment. I went to bed hopeful given the filibuster had ended. And it is made worse by the knowledge it had passed.

  13. Paula Austin

    Disappointed. I don't think anyone read the Bill. it was to protect Women's health and prevent "horror" clinics like this from happening. IT DIDN'T OUTLAW ABORTION!

    Another Special Session will have to be called to vote on it. What a waste of Texas taxpayers money.

  14. Janis Sankowski

    The Dream team Davis, Watson, West and Van de Putte! Thank you!

  15. Sandelle Kincaid

    Sen. Davis, thank you for restoring a bit of faith in our democratic process and for standing up to the frat boys of the Texas senate. And just so we're clear, it's not "Yay, more abortions!" but "Yay, continuing reproductive freedom, particularly for those without much access to affordable ob/gyn care!" (which I realize is a lot longer and less slogan-y, but isn't that one of the things we were reminded of this week while this fight unfolded- the importance of nuance and ALL the information, not just the Fox or MSNBC soundbites?)…

  16. Erika Stys

    People would have gotten abortions anyway, it just wouldn't be as safe and would leave to more death. Women and EVERYONE ELSE should be able to use their bodies how they want to. This is about the choice to use our bodies and not have society force us to go through something we do not want to do. I'm sorry for reacting with this kind of lecture but it kind of annoys me that you are comparing women who want to have control over their body and not be forced into life decisions to Hitler.

  17. Angela Ausmus Gill

    Abortion is murder. It is wrong in every single case on the face of the earth. You wake up, America!

  18. Michael Ward

    "Plane?". Just goes to show that John Stuart Mill was right when he said “I never meant to say that the Conservatives are generally stupid. I meant to say that stupid people are generally Conservative. I believe that is so obviously and universally admitted a principle that I hardly think any gentleman will deny it.”, Posts like yours just continue to show that's more true today than it was when he said it in 1866, Lisa.

  19. Kaitlyn Cornell

    Thank you Wendy! This is about CHOICE. Just because abortion is legal doesn't mean you have to have one. It isn't promoting abortion, but it promotes choice. Now women in Texas can choose whether they want to have a child or not. If you take away their choice, what good does that do? It creates unplanned/unwanted children all across the nation. Women need to know that they control their body. Wendy did something wonderful for Texans.

  20. Michael Ward

    A C Whitlow Jr.: Don't believe the hype. That whole line of crap about "protecting the mothers" was just a smokescreen to let them make abortion as close to illegal as they could without getting an almost instantaneous and guaranteed overturn from the SCOTUS. As Steven Moore correctly observes here, you can't force women to carry to term. If they make abortion illegal (or so difficult to get that it might as well be), we'll just be seeing coat hanger abortions again. I don't understand why some people don't get this.

  21. Blair Watson

    When do the rights of the unborn trump the freedom of choice of 13 MILLION women who live in this state? If abortion is wrong in every single case then you must also think that rape and abuse on your fellow women is a gift if they get pregnant.

  22. Michael Ward

    Angela Ausmus Gill: For it to be murder requires someone to buy into the fluffy mythology of having a soul. Sorry, but no. Thanks for playing, though, and here's a lovely version of our home game. Better luck next time. 😉

  23. James Silva

    A fair point. I was using the example of the phonebook as a hyperbolic example. I plead dramatic effect. The substance of my point doesn't change however. The rules were heavily abused in the Texas senate that night and the fact that they were heavily abused to the disadvantage of women cannot be avoided.

  24. Sarah Redford

    It's a travesty. If you have seen the photo of a 21-week old fetus torn apart limb by limb and still fought to defeat the bill, shame on you. Despite the screams of the pro-choicers, the majority of Texans do not support abortion on demand.

  25. Sarah Redford

    Wendy Davis does not speak for this Texas woman.

  26. Amanda Ferris Mckenzie

    I am from Texas and I do not want you to speak for me.

  27. Leslie Viridiana

    Thank you Wendy for not letting old men who have never done anything for me, or other Texas women, decide what our lives will be.

  28. Autumn Sulzmann

    Ma'am, you should be ashamed for pushing these ideals around onto poeple. All women in this country deserve a choice, including you. As plenty of women and men have already stated, abortion will happen. It will either happen in a clinic, or in a 15 year old girls bedroom, when she will punch her stomach out of panic and try to drink cough syrup or anything to try and kill the baby, even if it might kill her.
    What you need to see here is not a baby being killed, it is women being controlled. Told when they can have babies and when they can't. Even if the girl is 12 years of age, even if the victim was raped. Women have the right to take care of themselves, and prevent a child from being born into poverty or dumped in a dumpster. Children are dumped on the road in China because of laws like this, so understand that we are not fighting for "murder" we are fighting to give women and their potential children a fighting chance.
    That is all. I won't post again. I won't fight you. Just think for a minute about PEOPLE who are already ALIVE in this overpopulated world.

  29. Jason Peltier

    Michael Thomas : "If you don't want to kill your own progeny, then don't kill your own projeny."

    There, I fixed it for you.

  30. Jason Peltier

    Autumn Sulzmann : So because the world is supposedly overpopulated, we should murder the unborn. Gotcha.

  31. Jason Peltier

    Caroline Wake : I find people who would throw away a baby by allowing a 'doctor' to sever its spine and pull its limbs off extremely disgusting.

  32. Michael Hanna

    "Choose whether to have a child or not". Shouldn't that have happened at time of conception? Isn't that just doublespeak for "choose whether she can kill what's inside her or not"? Whatever you want to call it, it is alive.

  33. Jason Peltier

    So you're thankful that you can still kill your baby if the need, and desire, arises. Gotcha.

  34. Jason Peltier

    I don't think you understand what that word means.

  35. Christine Her-Era

    Angela Ausmus Gill, every single case on the face of the Earth? Why don't YOU come back to Earth and try to see this from every possible perspective? I'm not gonna go around aborting babies because I forgot to use a condom, but if I was a 15 year old girl from a low income family, who became pregnant after the result of rape, I might damn well consider it. Every woman & girl NEEDS to have the option if necessary. There also cases where the mother comes into grave danger while being pregnant…

  36. Christine Her-Era

    I'm not going to go around aborting babies because I forgot to use a condom, but if I was a 15 year old girl from a low income family, who became pregnant after the result of rape, I might damn well consider it. Every woman & girl NEEDS to have the option if necessary. There also cases where the mother comes into grave danger while being pregnant…

  37. Sara Swaim

    Angela Ausmus Gill, who are these people? This bill was about someone who was going to get an abortion would need to do it before 20 weeks gestation. What's the problem pro -choicers? Is someone really going to use a coat hanger at say, 24 weeks when they could have had an abortion already? (I'm sure *someone* would but give me a break. It would not be common place.) Why aren't pro-choicers screaming this same argument about 3rd trimester abortions? Ugh. I am so digusted.

  38. Patti Cakes Maccini

    Why is it that fetuses have more rights than women?

  39. Brett Clevelandisbestland Ireland

    Haha, so why the hell shouldn't I be able to buy a gun at Walmart?

  40. Courtney Black

    Michael Hanna "Shouldn't that have happened at time of conception?" Kind of no time when you're getting raped. But what's one more unwanted rape baby walking around, right? The fact that you think this about having consequence-free sex shows your narrow understanding of the situation at hand.

  41. Courtney Black

    Michael Hanna "Shouldn't that have happened at time of conception?" Kind of no time when you're getting raped. But what's one more unwanted rape baby walking around, right? The fact that you think this about having consequence-free sex shows your narrow understanding of the situation at hand.

  42. Beth Mitchell

    Hey guess what, sperm are alive as well. Does that mean that every time a guy jerks off in his hand he is committing murder? Maybe we should vote about making that illegal as well. Let men have laws passed about what they can and can't do with their bodies, then they can tell women what they think.

  43. Tim Johnson

    yes but the issue is this bill completely got rid of abortion, even to rape or incest victims. I'm sorry but if somebody is raped and finds out they're pregnant, do you really think the government should say "oops sorry shouldn't have had sex"

  44. Taylor Baumann

    Why do people claim this is a victory for women's rights? Can you not all open up your eyes and see? Abortion takes away the life of an innocent, unborn child and puts a mother's health and life at an unimaginably high risk. One out of ten women will suffer cervical lacerations, endomitriosis, pelvic inflammatory disease, and/or many other dangerous effects during the operation. Twenty-eight percent of women who have an abortion will attempt suicide. Adoption, not abortion, is the answer to an unplanned or perilous pregnancy. Before people reply stating "he/she will have a rough life", my question to you is this: How do we know if that child's life will be rough or beautiful? How do we know if he/she will have a life of joy or a life of sorrow? We don't. We can only conjecture, and that does not justify taking the life before he/she could find out what it's like to live like everyone else.

    Who are we to decide what life is worth living and what life is not?

  45. Jesus Almitee

    This is your Captain speaking…please return your tray tables to their upright and locked positions and fasten your seat belts as this plane flies you to the twenty-first century. Thank you for flying Linguistic Airlines.

  46. Tim Johnson

    Jason, the problem with this bill is that it has no exceptions. That means if a 15 year old girl is raped or molested and becomes pregnant, she is forced by law to have a baby at the age of 15 and either put it up for adoption or keep it. Frankly to tell that 15 year old who's gone through that much pain already "yep you have to have that baby" is horrible. Yes they can if they decide that's what they want, but they deserve the choice.

  47. Talina Torres

    So, Jason, if the senate passed a bill abolishing your right to get a Vasectomy, that would be ok? Even if that Vasectomy could save your life? Or what about ejaculation? What if they passed a bill making masturbation illegal? That would blow, right? I can't have children, and I do not support abortion… but I support each person's individual rights to their body, and my american-born right to choose. And since i'm living in AMERICA, I would like to be able to choose what I do with my body. I'm not saying killing an innocent baby is right, but killing your human rights isn't good to me either. This sb5 is just the first step.

  48. Alistair Santiano

    Who are you to say that women should not have this right? Also, if you do not have an adopted child because you saved one from an abortion, then you dont know how this affects children overall. This bill is about CHOICE, not abortion.

  49. Jackie Mals

    So I guess condoms and birth control are also fails for unborn babies. In those cases, you're still robbing a potential child of the opportunity to be born. In abortion cases, those babies were never meant to be conceived in the first place. Whether a woman has an abortion should be NO ONE'S business but the woman, and perhaps her partner, in some cases. End of story.

  50. Jackie Mals

    Yep! Pro-lifers care way more about controlling women than they do about the "child." They demand that women keep their unwanted children but then scoff at them for reproducing AFTER the baby is born. There is no concern for what happens after birth whatsoever. And if pro-lifers don't believe in abortion, then they have every right not to get one.

  51. Steven Garza

    Please consider the following:
    By passing laws to ban contraception and abortion you're essentially saying that having a child is a form of punishment rather than something to be excited about.

    Likewise if a woman who has had an abortion is an amoral murderer with no sense of self control in your eyes, then why would you want her to be a mother?

  52. Jackie Mals

    I'd much rather see the pregnancy terminated of a child that was never meant to be conceived in the first place, than see a hungry, unloved, neglected, or otherwise unhappy child stuck with unwilling parents or floating aimlessly through the system. If people cared more about the well-being of children more than the supposed "rights" of a fetus, the children in this country would be much better off.

  53. Talina Torres

    I have to say, it's amazing to me how many people who DON'T live in Texas are paying attention to what is going on. I think that says a lot, and I'm so GLAD. What does not make me glad is how we're all like "hey, you feel that way? Well you're wrong and disgusting". Perhaps instead of doing that, we all have an actual CONVERSATION and try to see things from the other side and understand where they're coming from? Instead of slamming the fact I'm proud of Wendy Davis and what has conspired over the past 24 hours, why don't you tell me how you feel about it and we can discuss, and agree to disagree? All of this I'm right and you're wrong stuff is doing NOTHING to gain any knowledge or understanding of our fellow man, and it's doing nothing to progress us as a whole. C'mon. Now somebody give me a hug.

  54. Flor Rodriguez

    Jackie Mals Agreed. They care about regulating women and their bodies but then children are born into poverty and go on welfare. Who funds that? Taxpayers do.

  55. Jackie Mals

    Because a woman shouldn't be FORCED to carry a baby to full term simply as some sort of punishment for getting pregnant. The fact of the matter is that if someone wants an abortion, that baby was never meant to be conceived in the first place. Had all gone according to plan, that baby never WOULD HAVE been conceived. But if it is, that woman has every right to decide whether to subject her body to the 9 grueling months of pregnancy and whether to deal with the emotional and financial burden of having a child. There are already plenty of hungry, neglected children in our overpopulated country. Why don't you consider them before preoccupying yourself with controlling women's actions?

  56. Jessica LeeAnn Alexander

    Do any of you who keep crying that rape victims have a right to abortions even know the percentages of abortions? 95% of abortions are done as birth control, 1% are done because of rape/incest, 1% because of fetal abnormalities, and 3% due to the mother's health problems. The second study, conducted in 2000, revealed that 78% of the 30% of women who had abortions after their rapes felt that they’d made the wrong decision and said that “abortion is not the answer for women who were raped.” In contrast, not a single one of the 70% who had their children regretted it. Some of these women had given up their babies for adoption, and some of them had kept their babies – but the unifying factor among all of them was that none of them regretted giving birth.

  57. Jackie Mals

    Uh, so? Say a condom breaks. Say a woman had a drug interaction issue that affected her birth control. Or even just say that a woman made a huge mistake and had unprotected sex. That means that, as a punishment, she should be forced to endure a grueling 9-month pregnancy and deal with the physical, emotional, and financial burden of having a child? The fact is that had the condom not broken, had the birth control worked, or had that woman not had sex unprotected, that child never would have been conceived in the first place. It's simply spiteful to say, "Well, that's what you get, ha-ha. Deal with it." And as a woman yourself, I'm truly amazed that you'd think it's okay to take the choice of abortion away from other women. Whether the woman regrets it later or not is none of your concern, nor is it even relevant — the choice is still hers to make.

  58. Jax Walker

    Sarah Redford She speaks for those of you in our gender who don't understand their rights or what was at stake. You can say she doesn't speak for you, but just wait until you are in a position where you or someone you love NEEDS medical attention. Grow up.

  59. Jackie Mals

    I can not like this comment enough. Let children be born into happy homes to parents who want them. The system is already overrun with unwanted kids. And it's crazy how pro-lifers think pro-choicers are too irresponsible to 'deserve' an abortion, but not too irresponsible to actually raise another human being. Ha.

  60. Courtney Cotton

    Um, 88% of Abortions occur in the first trimester, that means, there are no limbs to be ripped a part. (Source: . Yes, this is the Guttmacher Institute. Not Most women don't get abortions past the first trimester, and if they do– it's out of medical necessity or there is an issue with the development of the fetus.

    So, since you're opposed to late-term abortion and your real fear here is "21 week old babies being ripped a part!!@@!!" I'm assuming you're against women getting an abortion that could save their lives. Should we just let the mother die? Hm? Should we just say fuck it, and kill her off now? Or take the fetus out first since a 21 week old fetus that can't survive outside the womb is evidently more important than the woman, who has family ties & friends and stands to cause more suffering to those at her loss because a fetus is not a human being. Made up of human material, no doubt, alive, absolutely– conscious? No. But yeah, makes sense they are more important, amirite?

    It's so interesting when people with loud opinions ignore any and all facts. Knowing how wrong you are, and how ill informed you are; Keep your opinion off my vagina. Thx.

  61. Jax Walker

    Republicans always want small government, Teabaggers want NO government…..EXCEPT when it comes to my vagina.
    The "Come & Take It" campaign showed how REAL TEXAS WOMEN feel.

  62. Charles Wood

    Regardless of the content of the bill, this is a victory for democracy because the Texas senate slyly try to pass it in a special session in order to get around the 2/3rds majority requirement and to bypass an honest discussion. The filibuster and the yelling gallery were needed to combat political chicanery and draw attention to the issue rather than let it be passed quietly when nobody was looking.

  63. Justin McCoy

    Because they are a majority does not mean they are right. The "Moral Majority" is neither. It is a woman's body, it is her right to choose. Especially in the horrific event of incest and/or rape. In that case the girl/woman was given NO CHOICE in the attack…it is not right to take TAKE ANOTHER CHOICE from her based on YOUR morals, or the morals of others. As an "advanced" society, the collective "we" need to honor and respect women, in ethos and in lawmaking. Come out of the Dark Ages, people!!

  64. Daniel Kraus

    Jackie Mals I guess you missed the part where Jessica mentioned adoption, which is when the mother/parents give the baby up to be taken in by a loving and caring family who is in a better financial situation. Adoption is the only way some infertile couples have of raising a child.

    Drug interactions with birth control are well known, so those are avoidable. There's even spermicide for if you want to take that extra step to make sure there's not a chance of the egg being fertilized. When there's this many ways to avoid pregnancy, there should be no excuse for having to get an abortion.

  65. Kristin Van Zandt Rehel

    You equate sperm with a human baby? You haven't had the joy of looking at your child in your womb-it's the most amazing, beautiful experience.

  66. Michellee Gutierrez

    Jackie Mals im sorry but i am pro-life and i do not think that way at all. Not everyone has that view.

  67. Kristin Van Zandt Rehel

    Why not kill you mother or father when they become an emotional and financial burden? The baby feels the pain of an abortion. The mother feels the pain of her actions for the rest of her life. Rachael's Vineyard is a place for healing after abortion-it's not an action that helps women at all.

  68. Caitlin Galvin

    Based on your logic, that "the majority of Texans do not support abortion on deman," I decided to do some research and found the exact opposit is true. According to national exit polling in 2012, 59% of Americans,(that includes Texans), were for a woman's right to choose and to keep abortion legal, while only 39% of the nation felt the opposit. Furthermore, until 2009 in Texas the majority of people identified as pro-choice, and have had a resurgence since the 2012 election. Finally, if the majority of Texans do not support the death of this bill and dealt that its passing was the way in which to stop, "abortion on demand," where were they? If it really is such a hot button issue, where were the SB5 supporters voicing their opinion and standing up for their beliefs?

  69. Michellee Gutierrez

    Jackie Mals there is a reason for everything. If that baby was conceived and lives then im pretty sure it was meant to be born. taking away that baby's RIGHT is just as wrong. it has nothing to do with "controlling womens actions" I can see why it would be difficult for a rape or incest victim and i honestly cant say i know how that feels but the issue still stands. either way someone is going to have to sacrifice and i would hate to have to see a child suffer.

  70. Evan Edgar

    They don't really care about women's rights. They just wanna go around being whores without having to ante up for the consequences.

  71. Taylor Baumann

    No, this is about not letting ANYONE choose to kill an unborn child or not. Also, the circumstances of a child after life is not one you can fully, accurately predict. You don't know if that child will have a rough or beautiful life. Even still, it does not justify taking him/her away from the world before he/she has a chance.

  72. Amy Elizabeth Novakovich

    Yes, you're right so wouldn't that mean that ALL abortion facilities need to be maintained in a way that falls in line with the best medical practices, legal practices and care for women? And shouldn't a woman who finds herself in such a predicament have the sense to make the choice for an abortion BEFORE 20 weeks?
    You mentioned that there are cases where mothers come into grave danger while being pregnant. Has it occurred to you that hack job abortions done in back alley clinics whose only medical credential is that they have the word "clinic" on their sign put women in grave danger as well?

  73. Jolene Whitlock

    I agree with Lawrence….thankfully Sarah is in the minority. I don't think she realizes that had this bill passed it would only be a matter of time before they started taking away other women's rights.

  74. Alexandria Burton

    Here’s a test:
    I’m holding a baby in one hand and a petri dish holding a fetus in the other.
    I’m going to drop one. You chose which.
    If you really truly believe a fetus is the same thing as a baby, it should be impossible for you to decide. You should have to flip a coin, that’s how impossible the decision should be.
    Shot in the dark, you saved the baby.
    Because you’re aware there’s a difference.
    Now admit it.

  75. Amy Elizabeth Novakovich

    Jackie Mals nobody is trying to punish anybody. Women are being punished now by being forced to have their abortions done in butcher-shop like clinics that do NOT have women's best interests in mind – all they care about is profit. Yes, women need a choice. And if, unfortunately, they end up making a choice for an abortion it needs to be done in a facility that is held to the very best medical standards. They need to be allowed to have nearby access to hospitals just in case there is a complication. Women need to be protected just as much as they need the choice.

  76. Nancy Ashcroft

    Thats true, but why then aren't pro-life supporters fighting for better sex ed in schools so less people have the problem of needing an abortion? Why take the option away from people where the pregnancy was the result of rape or a serious mistake or failure of birth control?

  77. Effie Janae

    Do you live in Texas?
    Because this happens *all* of the time. The President of the Senate has broken more laws than I care to count & has dismissed rules like the 2/3rds rule just because.
    The greater problem is actually that Texan women have been crying injustice about this and nobody has been listening. Now you all see how corrupt our government is; don't just stand with us now. Stand with us the next time and the next time and the next time. Senators like Wendy Davis and Pulle have been fighting the good fight since they got in the game, but, as you can see, when national attention poured in, things got done.
    You saw the three-hour deliberation for yourself, and I can tell you now, as it has been in the past, if so many people weren't watching, they would've passed the bill. They always do.

  78. Brent Downing

    Spin it anyway you want, if you take the life a developing human being its murder. Plain and simple. To “Punish” someone for nine months is a small price to pay to bring another wonderful life into this world. Which by the way that child if the parents choose not to keep, will likely go to a long list of families who aren’t fortunate enough themselves to conceive.

  79. James Venes

    Why are Republicans so big on deciding what a woman can and can't do while she's pregnant, but once the baby is born they wash their hands of it and don't care what happens, don't want to offer help, and so on? How is it better for the mother to then have to give her child up for adoption if she won't be able to support it? I'm not in favor of late-term abortions but I am in favor of a woman's right to choose. And you're right about one thing: who are we to decide? It is not the responsibility of any court or government to decide that important choice for a woman.

  80. Jolene Whitlock

    If a man was the one forced to carry a child to term whether they wanted to or not then this wouldn't even be an issue because no man would let that happen!!! Quite frankly, if you don't agree with abortion then no one is FORCING you to participate in the act, but the same CANNOT be said in reverse…by limiting a woman's right to choose you ARE doing just that. Consequently, I don't see the protesters falling over themselves to adopt, foster, and fund the costs of raising and educating those children, as it is our system is well over capacity. Furthermore, women don't tend to get pregnant on their own and Texas does a piss poor job of educating our youth about birth control, public schools can only teach abstinence, which is quite ironic since it takes the participation of the male gender to procreate, so obviously the abstinence only approach doesn't seem to be working.

  81. Ede West McAbee

    When we finally acknowledge God as the Creator of ALL life then abortion will end. This is a lost and dying world. People need Christ, for without Him they have no hope.

  82. Wesley Cox

    Yes, let us pray to him now:

    Ooga Booga! Great Space God! Magic Lizard come down from Jupiter!

  83. Timberlyn M Pycior

    I hope things like this never passes… I may not agree with abortion for myself; but I am not going to take that right for another woman… We don't know the reasons behind the choices they make & it really is not our right to know…

  84. Jax Walker

    We tread dangerous waters when we allow any government official to come between a doctor & their patient. They are legislators, not doctors. Although SOME of these legislators doctors, like Ron Paul & the masturbating fetus's guy, they have given very bad advice in the past, which is why it's so important to keep a free market in health care, so that bad doctors don't make any money & have to resort to political careers. lol

  85. Paul F. Wilson

    Sarah Redford — don't like abortion? Don't get one.

    I hope you or our your loved ones never have to face the choice between your own life and the life of your unborn baby, as I almost did.

  86. Preston Wagner

    So, wait; are you saying that just because something will happen anyways, we ought to make it legal? Murder and child molestation happen anyways as well, are you in favor of legalizing those?

  87. Katie Poole

    Abortion usurps the right for the woman in the womb (aka fetus) to invoke her freedom of choice to choose the life she wants to live, and to live it out freely and fully. No one, not even her mother who is carrying her, should have the right to take that from her and brutally murder her. Abortion is not painless. It is not healing, but is divisive and murder. Basing your argument on abortion simply on a woman's subjective feelings and not on the basic fact of science and the natural and biological development of a new life is both irrational and wrong.

  88. Preston Wagner

    You know, less than 1% of abortions occur as a result of rape, but 73% for economic reasons. In other words, 99% of the time it IS about consequence-free sex. The numbers indicate that Kaitlyn has a much better understanding of the situation than you do.

  89. Lexi Hickman

    You're right Sarah, Wendy Davis speaks for the women the men fear to have a voice. Good on Wendy Davis! :)

  90. Preston Wagner

    As long as you consider this issue to be one of "mean-spirited men trying to punish women", there is no chance of having a thoughtful dialogue with you. No pro-life advocates want to "punish women", they want to save babies' lives.
    Even more thoughtless, though, is the way you obviously consider women on the pro-life side of the aisle "gender traitors". You are viewing the issue so narrowly that the idea of someone having a different viewpoint, as opposed to being evil, is completely mind-boggling to you. It's sad that you can't take a pause for one second to try and understand why pro-lifers are saying what they're saying, instead of jumping right back to "you don't want me to have choice".

  91. Cecilia Polland

    For anyone who can sit here and say that abortion is murder then need to go to any woman that had a miscarriage and tell her she performed manslaughter, because how dare she not take care of her body well enough to carry that child to term. So if having an abortion is "killing" a living child then having a miscarriage is inadvertently killing a child as well.

    A woman should be allowed to choose what she want to do. The only people involved in that decision are the woman and her partner, no one else should even remotely be allowed to give their opinion. You wouldn't want an opinion if it was you.

  92. Michelle Quintana

    Whatever happened to separation of church and state? If you are against abortions and would never have one because God told you to keep your fetus, that's fucking fine and dandy. But that does not mean you should shame a woman and take away her rights because she chose to abort her pregnancy. You don't know her story or what she's going through so don't you even THINK about shoving your fucking Bible down her throat and don't you fucking dare to strip her of her rights to her body.

  93. Jessica LeeAnn Alexander

    The problem is that there are other people involved that don't get a choice. The child, the father, your other children. Where is their rights, their choice? Also I know 100% that pregnancy can be prevented by not having sex. The answer is that if you know that you would rather murder a child than have one, then if it were me then I just wouldn't have sex. Like I said before most abortions are used for birth control. Also as studies have shown rape victims regret getting abortions. Rape victims never regret having the child.

  94. Gina Humble Norred

    So Michael Ward, you don't believe that killing innocent victims is murder because you don't believe in a soul? Come on, even atheists would say killing an innocent child is murder…although they may not all agree on the location of the child as to whether or not it would be labeled such.

  95. Carla Spencer

    Unfortunately, it's not a victory for all the women who won't have a chance to grow up. A mob, not representing the majority of Texans, circumvented the legal process. This is unacceptable, and I pray this is not over.

  96. Gina Humble Norred

    So Christine, since 54 million babies have been butchered in the wound or some half outside it…because a small (very small) fraction of these MAY have been a raped poor 15 year old or a case of a mother's life in danger (also EXTREMELY RARE) we should keep killing all these kids? That's just not logical to me.

  97. Carla Spencer

    Unfortunately, Sarah, people have become very insensitive to God and to the pain of others, including small babies. So many people need God and need our prayers.

  98. Archie Chen

    Angela Ausmus Gill : Half of all pregnancies naturally fail in miscarriages or stillborn. So is god a murderer too? Some states are already prosecuting the "mothers" for naturally occurring auto-abortions. What's the point of protecting all these unborn fetuses on one hand and trying to take away social welfare benefits for already born children on the other? You aren't pro-life, you are merely pro-birth. And after these children were born, you won't bat an eye if they turn into street urchins or starve to death. But they must be born because all other women must follow the same belief as you. You believe it's wrong therefore all other women have to do as you do. Such arrogance and hubris.

  99. Ashley Helfer

    For anyone debating whether or not this is a good or bad thing, read the chapter on abortion and the sudden decrease in crime in "Freakonomics: A Rogue Economist Explores the Hidden Side of Everything". It's quite enlightening, and I'm sure people will find it an interesting read.

    The only thing taking away a woman's right to choose will do is plunge us back at LEAST 70 years into the past, all thanks to religious dogma and ignorance. If you're of the mindset that religion is the only way for morality to reign, think again. There are plenty of good people who don't follow Christian beliefs. For those of you who INSIST that EVERYONE live in a Christian-creationist lifestyle, you're violating the very reason our forefathers came here to begin with—in fact, you're the very type of people they were trying to escape.
    If you don't want to get an abortion, don't—just don't limit my ability to, based on a religion that isn't mine.

  100. Archie Chen

    No one is forcing YOU to get an abortion. You should not force others not to either. It is better to end some pregnancies if it benefits the mother, who is indisputably alive, versus an unborn fetus, which only has unknown and uncertain potential of living. Should you keep fetuses of known birth defects so that they suffer for their entire life after being born? Should you keep fetuses in cases of rape or incest, knowing that they will grow up in potentially broken family and unhealthy environment and, again, suffer? Life is not just about living and breathing, there is also an aspect of quality of life that is just as important. All y'all care about is existence of life and not give a damn about the sufferings of the living.

  101. Carla Spencer

    Are a lot of women are exercising their right to become pregnant so they'll have the right to kill a child? That would appear to be the case, and it's barbaric. Why are so many couples (it takes two) becoming pregnant if they don't want the responsibility of raising a child? There's no excuse for irresponsible sex acts.

  102. Archie Chen

    A woman I know uses condoms and birth control pills but still get pregnant, more than once. Fortunately they all ended in miscarriages because of other health issues, those pregnancies would have ended up killing her if carried to full term. So for the potential life of a baby, you would risk the life of the mother, who might not end up being alive to take care of the baby? That is sadistic and cruel.

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