Eric Stoltz

‘Back To The Future’ Reinstates Eric Stoltz’ Role As Marty McFly


Actor Eric Stoltz has enjoyed a long career as a character-actor, but if there was one role to get away from him it was Marty McFly in Back To The Future.

By now it’s known that Stoltz was cast as the original Marty McFly, and after four weeks of shooting with director Robert Zemeckis, he decided the role was miscast. Of course Stoltz was then replaced with Michael J. Fox who wound up being the only man for the job.

Although it seemed like a no-brainer, at the time is wasn’t an easy choice to make for anyone involved. Because Michael J. Fox was too short, the original lead actress Melora Hardin was ultimately replaced as well. Since the made the decision, producer Bob Gale had said about the hard task of informing Hardin of the changeover, “The hardest thing I ever had to do.”

Even though we can’t go back into the future (nor would we want) to change the actors back to the originals, David Guy Levy’s comic Back to the Future is doing just that. Levy has decided to come up with a strip that imagines Bob Gale and Hardin shooting back in time, where they decide to keep Eric Stoltz from getting replaced in the franchise.

So why rehash on a franchise that has already happened and is well over two decades old? David Guy Levy sat down with Entertainment Weekly to discuss his choice to re-imagine a different cast:

“All I could think after reading this statement was that here was the man who wrote the most popular films ever made about time travel, and he had this major regret. So I decided I wanted to tell the story where he gets to go back in time himself, through a parody of the films he helped create, and right this wrong.”

Any profit made on the Back to the Future comic book will go to the Young Storytellers Foundation. Each issue will cost $2 dollars, with the exception of the first three issues, which will be given away for free.

Are you excited to see the re-imagined Back to the Future?