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Tom Cruise Enjoys Quality Time With Daughter Suri

Suri and Tom Cruise

Tom Cruise treated his daughter Suri to a luxury vacation last weekend, with no expense spared.

Having flown Suri on his private Jet to enjoy a fun packed weekend away at a private luxury resort. The Greenbrier, situated in Greenbrier County, West Virginia was the location Tom Cruise chose for the weekend getaway with Suri.

According the New York Post (Newspaper edition) Cruise and his daughter stayed in a private cottage within the grounds of the complex, a favorite retreat for celebrities and U.S. Presidents alike.

They were seen during their weekend away enjoying ice-cream together, bought from the ice-cream store in the main building and also taking some slow walks within the plush gardens at The Greenbrier. Due to Tom Cruise’s keen amateur chef abilities though, they did not dine out during their trip but stayed home for their own ‘Home’ cooked food.

Cruise split with Suri’s mother, Kate six years ago but regularly visits his daughter in New York where she is based. Suri also has free access to her daddy’s private jet which is situated Manhattan heliport nearby.

Tom Cruise has another two children from his ex-wife Nicole Kidman. His daughter Isabella, aged 20 and his son Connor aged 18 who he is also considered to be close with and visits regularly.

Do you agree that it sets a great example to parents when celebrities and those in the public eye take weekends away, like Tom Cruise did to spend quality time with his children ? Let’s hear your comments.

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6 Responses to “Tom Cruise Enjoys Quality Time With Daughter Suri”

  1. Lori Glier

    It does not matter if you are in the public eye or not what matter is , if you have children , we as parents have always got to take some time out and love them and have some fun!Even if you do not have money you can be creative and just go for walks and enjoy each others company.

  2. Tanja Djekic

    I think that's a stupid question really!! Any parent that is not living with their child full time wants to make the most out of their time together. TC is no different to any other parent. He wants to make the short time they have together the very best he can. Yr bank balance obviously allows one to do what one can do. It's simple. We would all fly our children to a special place if we could. And we can if we worked as hard as TC did :)

  3. Tita Bucheli

    Did Tom split with Suri's mother, six years ago? Really?

  4. Susan Stassi

    I think it's great! for tom to take a little time, to spend with his kids. enjoy it tom they grow up so fast as you well know. best to you susie k stassi,

  5. Lori Glier

    Exactly, Tanya Tom still works hard ! Someday I too will have the very best , and will make sure that my children are able to have a better quality of life . Yet it takes hard work determination and persistence to get to where Tom is .Each of us as parents want a better world for our children to live in , and traveling open their minds to new opportunities in life. Traveling with children is a wealth of education.Plus a wonderful time to spend with the kids!

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