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IBM Layoffs Devastate Workers At Essex Junction Facility


Further IBM layoffs have been slated to take place this Thursday beginning with staffing cuts at IBM’s Essex Junction facility. The layoffs plaguing the Multi-National company were reported on back in March this year with 5000 US based jobs being lost to cheaper labor costs in India.

In this latest round of cuts IBM announced that due to dismal earnings in the first quarter of this year it was necessary to make cuts within the company. On Wednesday, Vermont Governor Peter Shumlin was notified by IBM that he could expect job losses in his constituency as the company culls it’s workforce in order to curtail further financial loss.

Governor Shumlin said in an official statement: “We heard from IBM today that sites around the United States, including the Essex facility, will be notified of a workforce reorganization that will result in layoffs. I am always concerned when we learn that Vermonters face job losses. Our hearts go out to the affected workers and their families, and I pledge my administration’s resources to help their transition. The Vermont Department of Labor has mobilized its rapid response team and is prepared to assist all laid off workers”.

The current round of IBM layoffs have rumours abounding within company walls as staff members try to work out which departments in the company specifically will be affected. It is rumoured that around 4000 employees will lose their jobs, but no one knows exactly when and where this will occur.

The bosses at IBM have remained mysterious and illusive about the specifics of the cuts. IBM spokesman Doug Shelton sent an email stating: “Change is constant in the technology industry, and transformation is an essential feature of our business model. Consequently, some level of workforce remix is a constant requirement for our business. Given the competitive nature of our industry, we do not publicly discuss the details of staffing plans”.

The companies workers are dismayed about the secrecy that is coming from management and hope, as we all do, that they will be put in the picture as soon as possible so that they can make plans accordingly for their future.

Do you think companies should be more transparent with their staff when it comes to layoffs? Is the way this set of IBM layoffs was handled by the company acceptable to you? Share your comments below.

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9 Responses to “IBM Layoffs Devastate Workers At Essex Junction Facility”

  1. John Trantules

    to big companies you are just an expense, the devastation a layoff causes you and your family is not even considered. the American worker today must think of themselves as their own corporation, hire yourself out but be prepared to provide your own benefits and constantly look for a better situation. develop a variety of skills and stay current even if your older.

  2. Anonymous

    Trouble is, they have leveraged the company almost into extinction. We can thank the republicons for the greed on wall street where a few are stealing from the masses via stock options and perks rather than carrying out the mission of employing people. That is the name of the game helped by the jew run Federal Reserve.

  3. Anonymous

    Congress loves the loss of federal, state, county and city taxes from non-workers.

  4. Anonymous

    And, I was just told by our free news that our economy is getting better. My, how that makes the stock market go up as well as groceries, rent, ect.. Hmmm, I don't really see our economy getting better. I only see the stock holders getting richer off of our backs. And, the ones who do have jobs are doing double and triple the work so the corporations don't have to hire more people. Eventually, we will all be slaves..oops I mean " Expendable Products". It's the same thing and yes, we were all told that in a meeting not to long ago.And, I also think they are leveraging the US into extinction!

  5. Paul Stephens

    In three years, the bigwigs who made this decision will regret it, when all those Indians they're hiring and training begin to realize that they don't need American managers either. I don't understand how the people making these decisions do not realize that they're signing their own death warrants, too.

  6. John Srader

    Anyone that thinks corporations of any size cares about their rank and file workers anymore is an ignorant fool.
    To quote Ambrose Bierce.
    Corporation, n. An ingenious device for obtaining individual profit without individual responsibility.

  7. John Srader

    To be frank about the subject I am a mercenary when it comes to working for corporations.

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