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Chris Brown New Twitter Rant: Stressed By Rihanna, Karrueche Tran Drama?

Chris Brown Angry Twitter Rant Amid Rihanna, Karreueche Tran Drama

Chris Brown is a man with a lot on his mind. The 24-year-old, who reportedly split up from Rihanna nearly a month ago, posted a series of emotional tweets on Friday (June 7).

In recent weeks the singer has been seen in intimate pictures and in public with model and on-off gal pal Karrueche Tran, and he recently complained about his management’s handling of release preparations for upcoming single “They Don’t know” which features the vocals of the late Aaliyah.

Clearly angry about some unspecified drama in his life, the “Fine China” star’s first tweet read:

“Half of y’all hate the skin you’re in. I don’t kiss ass for covers or respect! When u see me speak up! (sic).”

The second was more cryptic:

“See em in public all u hear is crickets!”

The third, existentially blasted:

“Be yourself! Acceptance is trivial. When we die, we die alone! Artist worry about their brand. I worry about supporting my family!”

While the last in the tirade was blunt:

“When people walk with their noses in the air they usually run into s**t!”

The tweets come after Tran was seen perched onstage while Brown sang at Hot 97’sSummer Jam in New York City last Sunday. The pair later dropped by the Pink Elephant nightclub that same night.

According to a source who spoke to Hollywood Life, Brown “chose to be with Karrueche because she’s less dramatic than Rihanna.”

“He got tired of all her crazy ways and her controlling mouth. Karrueche says they use to argue a lot and we all know Chris has a temper. He just dropped her because she was too wild and crazy for him,” the insider added.

Recent Instagrams and tweets sent by Rihanna and Tran suggested the ladies were playing a game of tit-for-tat with increasingly risque pictures posted on their social media accounts.

But if Karrueche isn’t “all hype and crazy” as the source went on to reveal, and Brown chose to walk away from Rihanna, what is he so mad about?

In other Brown news, ahead of the release of his upcoming new album X, the singer has released his version of Mario and Nicki Minaj’s new cut “Somebody Else.”

Brown’s forthcoming album is due out on July 16.

Hopefully he’ll have calmed down by the time he takes on press rounds.

Chris Brown Angry Rant On Twitter, No-One Knows Why

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14 Responses to “Chris Brown New Twitter Rant: Stressed By Rihanna, Karrueche Tran Drama?”

  1. Anonymous

    Leave Rihanna out of Chris Brown and Kae relationship. Rihanna don't give a fuck about either one. She busy minding her own business selling her brand and making millions, I also believed she dropped him.

  2. Tahi Haiti

    Why you chose to pick such an unflattering picture of Karrueche?

  3. Danielle Boydon

    those tweets clearly had f all to do with rihanna and kae! lmfaoooooooooooo it was him being one of the worst dressed! jesus

  4. Gina Taylor

    Rihanna is in Paris selling out stadiums and breaking records here in the stàtes. No worries.

  5. Gabrielle Wiltshire

    Selling out stadiums to silly brainwashed ppl who have money to waste seeing a "robot" sing along to her songs…. Lololol what a waste.

  6. Ash Alb

    He Mad Because He Left Rihanna Everybody Thinks She's SEXY & He Don't Want NOBODY ELSE To Have Her But He Supposedly Don't Want Her NOT RIGHT CHRIS This Is What He Wanted An He Know RiRi Gone Do Ha!!!

  7. Isaiah Washington

    Fans.are so dumb, who cares if shes selling out, shes miserable because she lost the battle with kerrueche, im 100% sure shed give up the fame and all the fake people that comes with it to have something real with chris

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