Katie Holmes Talks Fashion and Cupcakes

Katie Holmes Talks Fashion, Cupcakes, And Creative Inspiration

Katie Holmes is the new face of Bobbi Brown, a single mom, an actress, and a lover of cupcakes. With a busy schedule that always makes time for the little girl in her life, Holmes managed to find a moment to sit down for an interview with Marie Claire.

Talking about her belief in true beauty, Holmes tells the women’s publication:

“The way I was raised was about who we were, not what we looked like. In terms of when I became a mother and what I’m imparting to my daughter about beauty, I’m pretty much imparting what my mother and grandmother taught me. What’s most important is what’s going on in your heart and your head.”

So how does Katie Holmes keep her youthful complexion? She claims it all comes down to “drinking a lot of water” and being careful with her blush. Holmes also credits her “confidence” with her beauty.

It may very well be that confidence and always youthful but sophisticated look that led Katie Holmes to become the first celebrity ambassador for Bobbi Brown Cosmetics in its 22-year history.

When asked about her style evolution, Holmes admits, “I’ve made a lot of mistakes,” and adds, “I was always confused, are you supposed to go heavy on the inside with eyeliner, and lighter on the out? Everyone would tell me something different. And the cat eye is not for me, apparently. I always want to try it, but I just look like a mess.”

While Holmes admits that her mom taught her to “eat healthy and be well,” she makes the case for some good old baked goods and junk food:

“You do have the meal of the week that’s like French fries and cupcakes, and I think that’s important. But I try to eat a lot of kale, salad with chicken, that kind of stuff. That just helps me keep up with life. And then I think it definitely plays into your skin.”

We have to admit that Katie Holmes looks better than ever, Just check out her feature photo for Allure Magazine:

Katie Holmes' Hot Allure Cover

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