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Matt Fortese: MLB Fan Beaten For Wearing Rival Team’s Hat To Game

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Matt Fortese was nearly killed this week when the MLB fan was beaten at an Orioles game for wearing a rival’s hat.

Police said the 25-year-old from Hagerstown, Maryland, was wearing a New York Yankees cap to Wednesday’s Orioles-Nationals game at Camden Yards in Baltimore. Fortese was on his second date with Taylor Queen, who traveled three hours to meet him at the game, but the two were heckled for nearly an hour by two angry fans.

After one of them threw a beer on him, Matt Fortese went to confront the hecklers. One of them punched Matt, sending him toppling over onto concrete and leaving him with severe head trauma.

Police identified the two who attacked Fortese as Michael Bell, 21, and Gregory Fleischman, 22. Both have been arrested and charged with assault.

The story of how the MLB fan was saved makes the incident even more bizarre. The off-duty police officer who performed performed CPR was actually a childhood friend of Matt, though they hadn’t seen each other in years.

They spoke briefly at the game, then met again when the officer saw Fortese being assaulted.

“You just heard it,” said Nathan Steelman. “I rushed over, and I realized it was Matt. He wasn’t breathing. He was unconscious. Blood was coming from his nose.”

Steelman believes Fortese went without breathing for about 45 seconds before he could free the chewing tobacco that was obstructing his airway.

The MLB fan beaten at the game is still recovering from his injuries.

“It’s very serious,” said his brother, Jimmy Fortese. “They’re not saying he’s out of the woods yet. They tell us we have to wait and see.”

The incident involving Matt Fortese is reminiscent of another MLB fan who was beaten for supporting a rival. In 2011, San Francisco Giants fan Bryan Stowe was severely beaten at a Los Angeles Dodgers game, spending months in a hospital and still suffering long-term effects.

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35 Responses to “Matt Fortese: MLB Fan Beaten For Wearing Rival Team’s Hat To Game”

  1. Kirk Montrealer


  2. Kirk Montrealer


  3. Gary Batchelder

    everybody has the right to root for whoever they want…period….the rest is bull shit.

  4. Michael Glissman

    And it wasnt a raiders game, shocking! They should be charged with attempted murder.

  5. Shawn Flanary

    He didn't get beat up cause of his hat he got beat up cause he couldn't handle being heckled 1st of all everyone knows most douche's you see in a NY hat don't really even know "their" team. Don't want to be heckled at a O's game? Leave your stupid NY bandwagon hat at home. He got in the other people's face and got his ass whooped circle of life if you ask me

  6. Donna Forrest Cockerham

    Shawn were you at the game to have an opinion? This young may has every right to wear what he wants to a game. Put yourself in his shoes a his families before you run your mouth. You are no better with these comments than the people who did it. He is my sons best friend and is fighting for his life…do you get that??????

  7. Don Anderson

    Hey Shawn, Sounds like you could use a good ass kickin just for being incredibly stupid.

  8. Russell Lee Swart

    Totally agree Shawn.. Heckling is part of baseball it happens at every game and I have been to tons of games and have heard it and had to take it from people also.. While I agree it doesnt bother me if i had kids and it got obsence I might have a problem with it but if you have a problem with it tell security and let them handle it if you go looking for a fight then a fight you will get and thats what happened just sad he got hurt really bad but maybe he shouldnt get in peoples face if you dont want punched..

  9. Vincent M Frank

    Hope your son comes out OK no one has the right to beat some one for wearing your teams hat.I'm a Giants fan and my wifes a Dodger fan. Took her to a Giant,Dodger game in San Francisco told her to wear her Dodger gear don't worry I will protect you. Well things got pretty ugle Giant fans saying some awful things about her and her mother. In spanish and english she's Mexican American had to tell one guy hey that's my wife and her mother is a saint. People can get all twisted and mean it's just a game there's no reason to hurt each other over this.

  10. Barry Pulver

    Lots of morons in Maryland, lots of morons everywhere for that matter

  11. Shawn Flanary

    I think fighting over any team or sport is stupid and I don't know the whole situation here. I'm just going off of past experience here people get razzed in every ballpark across the country for wearing other teams gear. Don't believe me go to Yankee stadium wearing O's gear. Tell me how the day goes something escalated this situation to something stupid they way I read it was he was being harnessed then confronted the people were these people drinking? I suspect so with this type of behavior. I hope he recovers and pulls through this is stupid. But when your at ANY ballpark it's best to ignore the drunks and let security handle it if it gets over the line

  12. Shawn Flanary

    Hey Don may I suggest some anger management settle down big fella

  13. Sandi Dean


  14. Carla F. Ward

    A little heckling is one thing. Throwing a beer on someone and openly inviting conflict is another. These two are thugs and you're a fool for thinking it's hunky dory to assault or seriously harass someone just for wearing another team's hat. It's a GAME, moron. It's not real life. No one dies – or is supposed to die – if your team doesn't do well. I'm a big baseball fan, but I don't heckle other teams' supporters, nor do I approve of hurting or intimidating or confronting them. This young man should have told security, but don't you dare blame him for thinking he could handle the hecklers himself. There was no reason for any of this to happen. Both these SOBs belong in jail and when they get out they should be banned from all ballparks for life. They don't deserve the privilege of being able to attend a game.

  15. Pauly Maloney

    really people its a game. does anyone really think the team we follow cares about us? if they did they wouldn't charge 10 bucks for them to sign a cap that you bought at the place for 45 bucks. an they wouldn't charge over a hundred bucks a ticket plus parking. I say screw them stop watching let us fans go on STRIKE till the prices come down $450 bucks for a family of 4 to see a ball game REALLY?

  16. Jerry Nothinbutlove Garner

    I'm a sports fan. But this is just stupid. Sports is entertainment you shouldn't get beaten up at a game.

  17. Bob Duckworth

    The guy that hit him should serve jail time. It's ludicrous that people would harm someone over a sports team. They give true fans a bad name.

    Having said that, this headline is ridiculous as well. When I read the headline about being "beaten" I expected to see where a group got him down and hit, kicked, punched, etc. him while he was helpless (Rodney King for those that remember). In actuality, it seems only one punch was thrown and then his major injuries came from him falling over the rail as a result of that punch. That is NOT a beating. Just more terrible reporting by the media.

  18. Richard Jernigan

    Loser Punks from the GREAT city of Baltimore, sitting in the stands holding each others dicks because they can't get a date start in on a couple on a date. These Punks, 21 yrs., never seen the O's win ANYTHING IN THEIR LIFETIMES ! Real baseball fans show respect to ALL teams and their fans.

  19. Joshua McCanner

    come on maryland! we are better than this! damn shame, just because you root for a certain team does not warrant assault.

  20. Bob Fuhrman

    I've seen it in Pittsburgh, I've seen it in New York, I've seen it in Boston, I've seen it in Baltimore. Maybe it's been goin on everywhere forever, but I'm not surprised, I saw it in Baltimore 35 years ago.

  21. Donna Forrest Cockerham

    Shawn would you REALLY have ignored it…I think not when you and your friends are having popcorn and beer thrown at you during the game..doubt very much. Regardless of alot of these detail why don't you consider praying for this young mans life & the pain his family is enduring over something senseless sensless

  22. Christina Harman

    shawn and russell you are both as big of douche bags as the two assholes that did this. first of all there is a youtube video after it happened the one fat ass that did it is sitting there smirking. How much of a pansy are you to hold a guy down so your friend can hit him. My brother has been childhood friends with the victim, sweetest most easy to get a long with guy. Heckling is part of sports I know this, hell i'm a redskins fan, my best friend a cowboy fan we joke around all the time. you cross a line when you start throwing food and beer at people, enough is enough and when someone confronts you about it you hit them? grow the fuck up. he had every right to wear whatever he wanted and your an ass to think he deserved this. what if it was one of your friends or family members? and imagine the pain his friends and family are enduring as it's a waiting game, his condition can change with the blink of an eye. do you realize how serious a head/brain injury is? he may never be the same even if he gets through this. heckling is one thing violence is another it's just assinine. punk ass bitches if you ask me and they deserve to rot in prision, sad thing is mommy and daddy will hire lawyers and our twisted judicial system will let them go with probation if they have no priors, no justice what so ever.

  23. Christina Harman

    kirk i could not agree more, assault really?? that's it. he's fighting for his life, where are the attempted murder charges? i have no faith in our judicial system and i can almost bet they will get probation which is a slap on the wrists

  24. Robert Earl Groeling

    Being a Yankee fan I get that stuff in Oakland all the time. Don't sit in the cheap seats and don't confront the heckling fans. Get help first. Cool story with the friend helping him. Maybe he ll get a autograph from Jeter. :)

  25. Harrison Kirschbaum

    You are a legitimate piece of shit. That is my good friend and he has head trauma from these punks. I hope you burn in hell you sack of shit

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