Security guard pushes female student down stairs

High School Security Guard Pushes Female Student Down Stairs [Video]

A high school security guard was caught on video pushing a female student down a flight of stairs while a group of students look on and do nothing.

The male security guard then kicks the girl before someone finally comes to her aid. The student gets up off the ground and lunges at the guard, who then punches her back onto the floor. The short video, which first appeared on World Star HipHop, doesn’t show what happened prior to the guard pushing the student down the stairs. However, some students said the victim was about to fight another student, and the guard was trying to break it up.

The incident happened Tuesday at Dunbar Vocational Career Academy in Chicago, the alma mater of Jennifer Hudson. and the student was taken to the ER for treatment. The girl’s family quickly hired a group of lawyers.

“We are shocked by the unjustifiable assault committed by the CPS employee,” the family said in a statement provided by attorney Alex Abate. “The video and the egregious actions of the CPS employee speak for themselves.”

The unidentified victim’s lawyers said they are investigating whether the security guard has committed similar offenses in the past. Several parents said this wasn’t the first time the security guard has had altercations with students.

“I wanted to come up here and that wasn’t even my daughter,” Dunbar parent Phyllis Russell said. “I’ve had words with him and I think they take their job a little too serious.”

Chicago Public Schools officials haven’t identified the security guard or said whether he works for the school district or a private firm.

“The safety of our students is our top priority,” CPS spokeswoman Becky Carroll said in a statement. “CPS takes matters of employee misconduct very seriously, especially when it involves the safety of our students. Once CPS was made aware of this incident, immediate action was taken to suspend this individual and an investigation is ongoing.”

The security guard has since been suspended.