Carey's dress "popped" during the live show.

Mariah Carey Has Wardrobe Malfunction On Good Morning America [Video]

Mariah Carey took to Good Morning America early Friday for a performance as part of the TV shows’ summer concert series, and she had a wardrobe malfunction during an interview with anchor Lara Spencer. As she took the stage to talk with Spencer, her dress came undone and she couldn’t hold back from telling everyone in attendance.

“Oh shoot, the back of my dress just popped,” Carey said on stage. After a moment of laughs, handlers came on stage to correct the wardrobe mishap, and the 43-year-old came up with an interesting name for the malfunction.

“What should we call this? The Central Park saga,” Carey added.

The incident gave the crowd much more than they expected, and Lara Spencer even held up the dress to keep from revealing anything while adding, “I daresay this is a TV moment.”

The station cut to commercial shortly after, and Mariah Carey looked to be as good as new in the same dress when the show returned. She eventually switched into a hot pink dress which GMA’s Josh Elliot called, “ravishing.”

“I’ve been working out. I’ve been trying to do the best I can to stay in shape,” Carey explained to the crowd. “And these stress-fests, they help. But I need to catch my breath! Please talk.”

The mishaps weren’t done yet as Carey went on to leave the stage to get ready for her duet with Miguel and she accidentally cussed through her microphone as she took off her shoes to climb a set of stairs.

“Oh s–t,” she said. “You didn’t hear that.”

As you can see, it wasn’t the best start to a Friday morning for Mariah Carey, though she took the accident’s in stride and kept a smile on her face at all times. From this zipper issue to the cursing, she still managed pull it off and the crowd responded with cheers and laughs.

Have you ever seen a wardrobe malfunction on live television that compares to Mariah Carey’s accident on Good Morning America?