Happy Pi Day 2010 , Geeks!

The internet has a habit of inspiring new, geeky holidays, like Square Root Day, National High Five Day, Talk Like a Pirate Day and a favorite among mathletes everywhere, Pi Day.

Pi Day falls on March 14th because of the first digits of Pi- 3.14. Another geeky boon is that the holiday also happens to be the birthday of one of science’s biggest rockstars, Albert Einstein. Many cities and institutions of geekery, like the Maryland Science Center, hold celebrations to party down on the mathiest day of the year. The OC Register points out that not only is the Discovery Science Center hosting a shindig, but some local restaurants are dishing out free pie in honor of Pi Day. San Francisco’s Exploratorium has been Pi partying for over two decades.

The truly geeky, of course, are waiting for Pi Day 2015 for some nerdy reason explained in detail on their Facebook page. If you live in a town full of stupids, that doesn’t mean you can’t have a little bit of fun with Pi Day. The Joy of Pi has a wealth of Pi-related links for you to browse. You can also visit the official Pi Day website for ideas.