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Rush Limbaugh Complains Kidnap Victims Might Get ‘Welfare’

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As the nation rejoices about the dramatic Cleveland rescue of three captive women, Rush Limbaugh is worried welfare will be given to a child also recovered healthy from her captors in what has to be the most cynical and disgusting reaction to a best case scenario kidnapping.

Rush Limbaugh was discussing how kidnap victims Amanda Berry, Gina DeJesus, and Michele Knight were freed after years of imprisonment in a Cleveland home, and somehow managed to extrapolate a connection between their horrific plight and President Obama, welfare, and Hawaii Five-O. Really.

Despite any logical connection between the three, Limbaugh began frothing at the mouth about “double welfare benefits,” ostensibly begrudging assistance to a woman and her child after what is one of the most unimaginable ordeals a human can experience thankfully ended.

Limbaugh huffs:

“But as it so happens, I happened last night to watch Hawaii Five-0 on CBS … Hawaii Five-O‘s premise last night was kidnapped girls held until they were 18 and then let go or killed — well, always killed — by a couple doing it for the welfare benefits.”

The radio host continues:

“Now I don’t know what happened in Cleveland, but I couldn’t help but make the connection. I mean, if everybody else in the low-information crowd is going to use what happens on TV for reality, why can’t I?”

Inexplicably, he goes on to surmise:

“Three brothers, but not related the the three women, have been arrested in Cleveland — which voted Obama. Not that that’s got anything to do with anything!”

Below is a full link of Limbaugh’s bizarre rant about the Cleveland kidnapping. Do you think it’s even appropriate to mention “welfare” when four lives have been saved in Ohio against all odds?

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74 Responses to “Rush Limbaugh Complains Kidnap Victims Might Get ‘Welfare’”

  1. Barbara A Yelvington

    If everyone would stop listening to the VILLAGE IDIOT he would go away for GOOD.. Stop reporting his bizarre and honestly not news worthy BS.. Ignore Him and find something worth while to report about!

  2. Christopher Galvin

    I don't listen to him but you are a gigantic Idiot!

  3. Teresa Behm

    Somebody needa to give that (man?) an enama.

  4. Jessy Carrion

    What and asshole is people like this that meed to. Be taken off the air lets invade his privacy lets start our rally to get him off the air

  5. Michael Vernon Harvey

    Are you sure you don't listen, cause your grammar, circa 1987 btw suggest you do . Just the kind of ignorant statement that fits right in with the Rushjonesbeckathon.

  6. Dave Hutchinson

    Unfortunately he has many loyal followers who hang on his every word. For three hours a day he strokes their egos by telling them that they (his followers) are right and everyone else is wrong. None of them see what a d-bag he is or even contemplate it.

  7. Lisa Ann Hayes

    The crazies are not going to stop listening to FAT BOY with a BIG SARCASTIC MOUTH, a lot like my aunt who is of the same opinion cause she listens to him. We would be helped to not hear anything about him only if someone took it one step further and rather than killing innocent people as the Boston Marathon bombers did, to do unto him what he would intentionally do to others if he thought he could get away with it. At least Cumulus Media finally had the right idea and dumped the S.O.B's radio program right on his FAT ASS!

  8. Rhonda Taylor

    People need to stop supporting this horrific HUMAN BEING this is not entertainment he is complain about REAL LIFE VICTIMS…

  9. Barbara Green Ryan

    As usual the big fat bag of hot air spoke – with his usual lack of feelings. I wouldn't begrudge the women and child for being on welfare but that is probably a long way away. They are going to be in therapy for a long time.

  10. William Spelling

    Rush Limbaugh your village called they said their IDIOT was missing I told them I would tell you so you can go home.

  11. Robert Santa Maria

    Like "Aliens," with all the acid blood?

  12. Barbara WereelectedObama Powers

    This fatal needs to stfu ams move line he promised.

  13. Barbara WereelectedObama Powers

    Stupid auto correct. This faturd need to stfu and move like he promised!

  14. Barbara WereelectedObama Powers

    Stupid auto correct. This faturd need to stfu and move like he promised!

  15. Austin Wade Soulone

    Kathleen > I dont listen to him, but the use of fag deserves a reply, SHUT THE FUC UP YOU DRIPPING GASH BETTER KNOW A AS A SLIT

  16. Austin Wade Soulone

    Kathleen > I dont listen to him, but the use of fag deserves a reply, SHUT THE FUC UP YOU DRIPPING GASH BETTER KNOW A AS A SLIT

  17. Anonymous

    He says that the "low information crowd" might use something they see on television to guide their actions in real life—like commenting on an entire city which voted overwhelmingly Democrat during the last presidential election. Ladies and gentlemen, meet irony.

  18. Tony Moffett

    He's nothing an irresponsible gun owner couldn't fix!!

  19. Taylor Banaszak

    Quite frankly I'm ok with her and her daughter collecting welfare…after what she's been through? My tax dollars at work…for some good for a change.

  20. Tina Falcone

    That freak-show is still alive? I thought he died. (maybe I just hoped he did — not sure)…

  21. Annie Persico

    I don't like wishing people dead because that's bad karma, but if anyone ever deserved a painful one, it's this asshat.

  22. Jeffrey Miller

    Oh come now. Why can't we wish something more benign on him, like for his vocal chords to inexplicably, but painlessley, stop working. Just enough that he couldn't spew his vile rants on radio anymore. I've never seen his written work, so I'm going to assume he's not in a position to continue his drivel in writing.

  23. Laura Ciccarelli

    this is what he is focusing on??? UFB

  24. Lawrence Mintz

    Rush Limbaugh is like genital herpes. No matter how hard to try to get rid of herpes , they return and cause oozing sores on your lips and in the crotch area, just like the fat drug addicted Rush with a thick brown dildo shaped cigar shoved in his mouth…. Get the symbolism.

  25. Billy Johansen

    I agree with this rush lumbaugh is just an asshole and doesn't know how to say anything without coming off as an asshole.just because you get kidnapped doesn't mean you don't know how to get a job and support yourself. the child was recovered healthy there is no reason for any support. you people need to stop feeling so fucking bad for people and throwing them money. its understandable if the person legit cannot fucking work but when there is nothing wrong with the person they should get off their ass and get a job like every person should.

  26. Michelle Dean-Larsen

    The man is an affront to everything good that is left in this country.

  27. Shirley Ballew

    I think the property owned by the kidnapers should be sold and all the money be given to the victims. TAX FREE of course.

  28. Julia Richardson Gray

    Did ANYONE actually listen to the clip? He was commenting about how an episode of Hawaii Five-0 was very much like this incident in Ohio and that the kidnappers did it to get welfare (on the show). He NEVER said he feared the victims would get welfare. You have all indicted yourselves with your very uninformed comments, don't you think?

  29. Alice Kriesten

    My husband wants to how rush can get any lower

  30. Kerry Goodliffe Parry

    I think Clear Channel has had about enough of him.

  31. Brian Wirt

    the sooner he loses his radio show the better

  32. Shari Muller-Ho

    “Now I don’t know what happened in Cleveland, but I couldn’t help but make the connection.”
    You have indicted YOURSELF with your blindly Rush-loyal comment. I won't ask you to think because it is impossible.

  33. Mira Frenkel

    Explain it to me like I am a 4 year old- why does this pasty faced dough boy hate women so much?

  34. Gary Singh

    the really scary thing is that wind bag has alot of mindless followers. like zombies, they follow the smell of his stink.

  35. Rhonda Lowenstein

    So Rush, how's that 40 MILLION dollar contract treating you? You know, the one you don't deserve and didn't EARN? America needs to "Flush Rush".

  36. Rajaram Karne

    I am not offended by Rush, but by those 20 million who listen and worship him!! Those are the people I feel disgusted about!!

  37. Cyndy Rich

    your husband? Do ya love em and make his comments for him? lol

  38. Cyndy Rich

    isnt that something? Makes you wonder, guess the proofs in the pudding

  39. Dennis Craig Shanahan II

    in my opinion, this was definitely a stupid thing to say, but this article and 75% of the commenters here are really doing a disservice to the left with your either intentional misrepresentation of what was said or, perhaps worse, embarrassingly foolish misunderstanding of what was said. In the show he compared the story to, it was the kidnappers who received welfare, not the victims. Worse still is the irony of claiming anger over his supposed insensitivity towards the victims of a violent crime, by hurling unrelated insults about his weight or appearance, and wishing death upon him(to put it lightly).

  40. Joey Janke

    Never really bought into the idea before…But now, for sure, I will boycott his advertisers. I hope everyone does the same, and loudly!

  41. Mira Frenkel

    Some of us have a few years under the belt…….some are new to this. Some children were born to you and some were born in your heart………This is to all who have raised a child, supported and nurtured a child : Happy mother's day!

  42. Diana Gilroy

    Wait a minute! He is worried about these girls getting welfare? What a douche!

  43. Kathleen Karrer-Lewis

    I do not know to start one but am willing to sign ANY petitioners against him to his program financial supporters. How do I find out who his advertisers are so I can picket or start an email program against this slime ball. I already do not listen but obviously he is newsworthy for being an ASS.

  44. Barbara A Yelvington

    Michael Vernon Harvey, Grammar has never been a strong point for me but I somehow managed to graduate from college with a 3.98 GPA. Of course, most of my classes were in higher math learning but that is irrelevant. I see you are a top commenter on this site, which is pretty much a tabloid reporting trash stories, I am an advocate for Missing Person's and while I have NEVER wasted one day, one hour or one minute of my life caring what Rush has to say, I felt extreme compassion for these woman who were brutally kidnapped and abused, that it ignited an anger in my soul for anyone who could be so uncaring as to be concerned with Welfare Funds and not their well being after what they had been put through. Thank you for attacking me in such an ignorant way, I guess you now are the "grammar editor/critic" which in my opinion is a waste of your energy as it has nothing at all to do with this article, other than to make you feel superior in some twisted way. Oh I love your picture.. makes me want to Burffffff.. Not only are you ugly in your physical appearance but in your heart.. Now Bless Your Heart and Have a Nice Day. :-)

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