Miley Cyrus V

Miley Cyrus V Photos Highlight So-Called Butt Crack Chain

The Miley CyrusV Magazine photo shoot by Mario Testino is drawing attention to a new accessory that we gals never knew we needed — the butt crack chain. And, just in case you missed her appearance, Miley has taken to Twitter to post some teaser photographs from the shoot.

She also linked to her V interview with producer Pharrell Williams, who simply gushed over her sense of style. For instance, when they met, “[H]er hormones were speaking to her in all kinds of ways. When I met her, I just thought of a ball of fire,” he explained.

And don’t forget that she’s also on the cover of Elle UK. She’s using Twitter today to ask who bought that issue. So you have all been advised to get off the couch and buy some fashion magazines that show off Miley’s unusual look.

Skin and leather might be considered a timeless — even a classic — style, but the 20-year-old songbird doesn’t want to be associated with something that’s too been-there, done-that.

And the famous twerking star certainly knows that her rear asset is one of her premium charms, so it’s a natural to call attention to her lovely derriere.

So, put two and two together, and someone — who knows, maybe even Miley herself — dreamed up the rather painful-looking butt crack chain to draw the eye to the crucial feature.

You can see the uncomfortable piece of jewelry in Miley’s Tweet below if you squint at the photo in the upper lefthand corner. I’m sure you’ll want to run out and get a copy of Miley Cyrus’ V issue so that you can inspect it at full-size, but you get the general idea. Ouch!

[Miley Cyrus photo by Helga Esteb /]