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Georgia Toddler Mauled To Death By Family Pit Bull

2-year-old killed by pit bull

A 2-year-old Georgia boy was mauled to death by the family pit bull Wednesday afternoon, police said.

Fulton County Police Detective Melissa Parker told the Atlanta Journal-Constitution that the attack happened around 1 pm when Beau Rutledge’s mother had gone to use the restroom and left him alone with the dog. When she returned, her son was dead.

“She advised it happened fast,” Parker said. “It was an obvious death once the mother came out of the restroom.”

WSB-TV, an ABC Atlanta affiliate, reports that neighbors rushed out of their houses when they heard the toddler’s mother screaming.

“(She) said, ‘The dog attacked the baby. The dog killed the baby.’ That’s what I heard her say,” neighbor Joseph Messam said.

When first responders arrived at the family’s townhouse, they were too late to save the boy. Parker said some “were in tears.”

The family had owned the dog for eight years, according to the AJC. The dog was enclosed in the house 3 pm when Animal Control came and took it a shelter to “evaluate its health and temperament.” At this point in time, it is unclear if the dog will be put down.

Administrator for Fulton County animal services Oliver Delk said it was unknown what made the dog attack little Beau.

Neighbors said the family took good care of the pit bull and that the father could be seen walking it around the neighborhood every night. When the father returned home, police wouldn’t let him in the house, and he “lost control” and had to be subdued with a Taser.

Sadly, this isn’t the first time a child has been killed by a pit bull. Last month, 14-month-old Dax Bogart was killed when his babysitter’s two pit bulls attacked him. The babysitter tried to stop the attack, but she was too late. The dogs were later removed from the home and euthanized.

In Texas last September, newborn Rayden Eugene Bruce was mauled to death in his sleep by the family’s mixed breed pit bull. The dog was euthanized at the owner’s request.

Pit bulls tend to get a bum rap in the media, according to the ASPCA. A study conducted by the National Canine Research Council found that anti-pit bull bias is rampant, and that attacks involving other breeds are often underreported or not reported at all.

“Along with over-reporting, false reporting is a major contributor to the public relations nightmare currently facing pit bulls,” the ASPCA said. “There is an emerging tendency for all short-haired, stocky dogs to be called pit bulls—and when a dangerous dog’s breed is unknown, the media is not above assuming that the dog involved must have been a pit bull. The National Canine Resource Council terms this phenomenon ‘Everything is a pit bull, whether it is or not.'”

Do you think pit bulls are as dangerous as they are portrayed to be? Or are they unfairly targeted compared to other breeds?

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149 Responses to “Georgia Toddler Mauled To Death By Family Pit Bull”

  1. Laurel M Ashley

    Such a terrible loss, but don't blame the breed, any and all dogs can do harm to a toddler which is why a toddler should never be left unattended with a dog.

  2. Shawna Fairgood

    I am going to say this, and it will probably bring a lot of vulgar and rude comments. I have pit bulls. Trained since birth to love our family. I trust my pitties with my children alone. They would not harm them but protect them. All animals dogs and cats alike are wild animals, they were domesticated. They still have wild roots and can turn on a owner or anyone at any given time. Does that mean that we outlaw all animals? Or do we continue to own animals and hope for the best. I trust my animals with all my heart, but that doesn't mean that they are all trust worthy, and Pit Bulls should not be singled out.

  3. Kelly Petruzzi-Hiller

    Very sad but as much as I love dogs this one needs to be put down.

  4. Eileen Chrisman Fry

    With all of the beautiful breeds of dogs available, why even take a CHANCE with an agressive breed? I'm not saying all pit bulls are bad, but your child's life and well being aren't worth the risk. Ask this mother and any other mother who's lost a child in this way.

  5. Damaris Olmeda

    I think all animals have the potential to be dangerous and we should never trust to leave a small child in the presence alone. In regards to the pit bull the breed has notorious jaw strength that can cause some major damage and that's why they get such a bad rap as well. I feel for the family and their loss. Sad all around.

  6. Eric Smiles

    Pit bulls have never done anything wrong in their entire lives. It's always the owner's fault.

  7. Sharon Butler Wrijil

    I bet the owners swore how gentle and loving "their" pitbull was.

  8. Nicole Punkadoo

    Its not the dogs .and for that matter im sure there were warning signs .ive also herd of other breed attacks .any dog can bite !

  9. Brenda Pandow

    No, this is an unfortunate circumstance, my son has got 4 pits, and I'm not afraid to walk in his home with them there and my son not there…..they are big babies……depends on how they are trained and how much love and attention they get…they are like other dogs, be good to them and they will return the love.

  10. Ruthann Alberts

    I agree no downing for you no one i dont care who should let the dogs with an infant no matter what any kind of dog could hurt and why would she leave a toddler alone ay way they could put something in the electrical socket or anything in a split second Its not the dogs falt! Its the mothers!
    Myaybe no schitzo but realistic dobermans german shepard Im not talking ankle biters ……lets not get DUMB!

  11. Kathy Whitney Gibson

    I had a beagle mix that was a big baby but as she got older she got arthritis in her paws and legs ans when our tiny little 7 week old kitten got on her paws just wanting to play our dog immediately killed that innocent kitten. We had our dog put down as she also snapped at my son when he went to stop her and my son was 18 or 19 then. Any breed can turn if hurt or startled especially when they get older.

  12. Pat Ostrander

    I've said it over and over again this is a breed and proven so that can not be trusted. I don't want to see them killed but I do want to see the breed or any other like them to cease to exist which means out law breeding them. How many innocent children and other people as well as animals dying does it take to make people realize they are not a safe breed, friendly and loving today and will kill you or someone else the next.

  13. Schuyler E. Barker

    This will probably get a lot of backlash, but no one EVER talks about how the child could've very well been tormenting the dog (yes, I've seen a two year old torment a dog), when the parent wasn't around…it can cause ANY dog to attack. I'm sorry their child died, but people should realize that usually their own stupidity and failure to teach their children how to treat animals can end up tragically.

  14. David J. Zyskowski

    Using your logic, lets make crocodiles house hold pets Ever hear of a Poodle attack. Some breeds are different and Pitbulls are viscious beasts!

  15. Ashley Ailshie

    Ok but what other breed? Because unless you get an ankle biter there's always a chance with any breed. German shepherds, Rottweilers, Doberman. All of those breeds have also attacked a child but everyone singles out Pittbulls.

  16. Karen T. D'Amato

    I don't think people really know all that should be known about pitbulls.That poor baby and his family I am so so sorry for your loss. In my opinon I don't think any dog is safe being left with babies or any small child……:(

  17. Millie Crisp

    I own a pit as you can see and she is a big baby.And if someone acts as if they are going to hit one of my kids she will put herself in harms way and growl and show her teeth.She wouldn't hurt my kids but she would die protecting them and the rest of her family.Any big or medium sized dog has a potential of being dangerous depending on its personality and upbringing.Anyhow prayers and strength being sent to that poor baby's family.

  18. Ashley Ailshie

    So then everyone should have small dogs and ban all large dogs? Because that's the only way to be for sure. Every breed has history. You would never even hear this debate about banning a dog had the dog been any other breed.

  19. Bonnie Maestas

    You are a bloody idiot. The breed has been labeled as a bully breed because of the freaking morons who use those dogs for dog fighting. Did you know that this breed of dog was once called the nanny dog? Seriously, stop listening to all the anti pit bull crap out there and open your eyes: ALL BREEDS OF DOG WILL AND DO ATTACK. Freaking moron.

  20. Janet Warner

    You never EVER leave ANY breed alone with small children. I don't care if its a Pitbull or a Golden Retriever. It's fool hardy!

  21. Janie Johnson

    Its not the breed its the owner I'm sorry for the loss of the child but who in there right mind would leave a baby unattended with any kind of animal . I'm a owner of two pits and have raised a bunch of them but iwouldnt trust no animalthey can turn in a minute .

  22. Trina Grosse

    Bottom line…..never leave ANY dog alone with a baby. The breed makes absolutely no difference. It's always blamed on the animal. How about putting the blame where it belongs….on the owner for leaving it alone with a baby.

  23. Ashley Ailshie

    It's ridiculous. Had this of been another breed there would not even be a debate on the subject. Blame all dogs or don't blame dogs. Humans kill their children it's always on the news. Humans murder each other. We kill so much there isn't room to put killers. But a dog reacts to anything, especially a Pittbull and its a debate on if the breed should be banned. You might as well ban human beings because people kill and hurt children & adults daily. There's a murder everyday but does a Pittbull attack a child or adult everyday? Ignorance. It's sad the child had to die. Myself, I would never leave a 2 year old alone for 5 seconds with any breed of dog. A little dog just bit my daughters lip last week right thru it. The dog that did it should be put down. If a child antagonizes a dog they will react eventually. Be smart with your children.

  24. Susan Stuba Reilly

    I just hate when people post pictures of a baby with it's face right up in a dog's face. How stupid! I don't care if the dog is the most docile dog.

  25. Pam Stevenson

    it seems like they are a breed …not to be allowed around kids…i dont know how many times i have read about someones pit killing or maiming a child

  26. Linda Wilson-Cruz

    Pit bulls are only vicious if they are brought up that way. I have a wonderful pit bull but, I would never leave her alone with a child. My nieces visit my house often. I never leave the dog alone with them. I even take the dog to the bathroom with me. Like previously stated, all animals are just animals. I would not trust any dog with a child. I would not have a dog of any kind if I had a small child.

  27. Alaina Duval

    Pits aren't all mean! It depends on how they're treated and and some people overreact about some dogs like pits because some are mean and some aren't its all how their treated!

  28. Denise Kaye

    When the father returned home, police wouldn’t let him in the house, and he “lost control” and had to be subdued with a Taser.

    This! wtf? That's his wife, his baby, his life! They had no right to keep him out! They would have had to taser me too!

  29. Linda LeClair

    SO true…never ever leave them alone with babies. A springer that I bred bit a 2 yr. old and required 47 stitches. Never got over that…horrible.

  30. Joe Barrale

    Sorry my computer is a mess, was trying to say that most people do think they should be put down. In this case I would have to agree.

  31. Marie Lanza

    David J. Zyskowski People are vicious breeds so lets start putting them down

  32. Clarann McCombs Pike

    Four of my 6 dogs are pits. One was sleeping when my grandson jumped in the middle of him. He didn't bite. Now he hides when little ones are around. I would never leave them alone with any children even tho they like everyone. Kids do things to dogs and hurt them or scare them. Any dog will bite.

  33. Marie Lanza

    Any dog can attack and kill. There are nothing wrong with Pits. Are they even sure it was a Pit

  34. Sandy DeNicola

    I have to agree this was a terrible thing to have happen I feel sorry for the family but I feel sorrier for the dog I don't know why a mother would leave a two-year-old child alone with any breed of dog it simply is irresponsible a small dog as well as a large dog Could hurt the child the sad part is no charges will be brought against the parent but the dog will probably be put to sleep parents need to take responsibility for their children pay attention

  35. Marie Lanza

    I heard of a St Bernard mauling a kid because the kid stuck a pen in the dogs ear. Any responsible parent does not leave a 2 year old alone in a room with or without a dog

  36. Marie Lanza

    This moronic mother shouldn't have left the kid alone period. ALL dogs have the potential to bite. I'm sure this poor dog will be murdered

  37. Carrie Rose

    Dogs are not baby sitters , I will not sell a person a dog that has a child under 5 years old .

  38. Belinda Wilks

    I'd say the mother was remiss in leaving the child alone with the dog. I don't care what breed of dog you have, children SHOULD NEVER be left unattended with an animal. I have owned just about every breed of Bulldogs and bulldog crosses. They are loving animals, but they do have Prey Drive, most large dogs do. So do small dogs, you cannot leave small children unattended with any breed. And yes I've had Shi Tzus also, they bite much more quickly than my Pits ever would.

  39. Sandy DeNicola

    Why is it always an animal's fault if it hurts a child did you ever stop and think that maybe the child stuck its finger in the dogs eye or did something that the dog didn't understand it is the parents fault for leaving the baby unattended with the dog maybe the parent should be put down Try to remember we're talking about an animal they can't sort things out but the parent intentionally left the child unattended with the dog

  40. Jean Wallace

    Sandrica Fisher Most people don't have "schizos" as pets…

  41. Shirley Sheldon

    So sorry for the child,was ot his fault.blame the parents!!!Dogs r animals,and it depends on how they r raised,I agree with ya Janie!!!!

  42. Marie Lanza

    The media always says it's a pit even if it's not. They wouldn't know a pit if they came face to face with one

  43. Jean Wallace

    I'm sorry, Sandrica, but what kind of dog is a "schizo"?? Or are you referring to someone with a mental health issue??

  44. Brandy Eakle

    we had a pit when I was younger. he was very kind and gentle. we were actually embarrassed when people would come to our home and see our "guard dog" while he was licking them to death. we had him for 4 years every since his mom quit feeding him (he was the runt). we never had his ears or tail clipped, he was just beautiful. When I was 12 one day he just leaped and bit me. I had 50 some stitches to my face and they had to repair a torn muscle in my face. very fortunate that was all that happened. When I arrived home from the hospital he would cry and whine when I came around, until finally we had him uthenized. I don't know why he did it and the sad part is, I don'tan'tnk that he knew either. I don't condemn people that choose to own these dogs, but choose wisely. Human carry traits that are genetic, so why can't dogs? I believe they do carry traits from their ancestors, it's just in their blood. Dangerous

  45. Bobby Unrue

    I remember, a wonderful dog and a very sad situation. I am very sorry that happened.

  46. Barbara Dunlap Brown

    Don't put the blame on the dog. I am sure there had to be previous warnings signs. Growling at the baby or just watching the baby could be a sign. The baby should not have been left alone with the dog. You can tell when a dog is Leary of a child. He child could have pulled his ear, his tail or any loose skin on him. He could got in his face . This is what is called an accident. I am sure the parents are devasted. This was not meant to happen. My heart goes out to the parents, of course the little child, and to the dog.

  47. Sue Smith

    I have a dog that is half pit bull and black lab. he is the most lovable dog we have ever had. one of our grandsons plays with him all the time. if a stranger gets to close to our grandson he will actually stand in front of him to protect him. he sometimes gets agrivating because he goes from one family member to another wanting for you to love on him. thunderstorms scare him so bad he shakes all over.but I really don't think kids should be left alone with any animal no matter what kind it is.

  48. Ashley Reese

    Articles like that INFURIATE me. It's a horrible tragedy – horrible! But why is the breed significant? I can't STAND it when pits are specifically called out because of their breed. In the United States, there is an average of 400,000 children needing medical attention after being attacked by a dog. 400,000 of them. How many articles do you read about a poodle killing a child? Or a Labrador Retriever? Never =P Only Pitts and Rotts. A dog is a dog is a dog. Dog attacks happen. Train the dog, train the kids, and you have a safe environment. As the saying goes…"Blame the deed, not the breed." This story didn't need to go off comparing other Pitt Bull fatalities. Guess what, author? In 2010, a 4-pound Pomeranian killed a toddler. How come THAT isn't in the article? *Grumble grumble*

  49. Bobby Unrue

    well, i have boundaries. I know what Tojo meant to you guys, and I liked him very much. I love pit bulls, but I choose my battles. This is a terrible circumstance, and I am truly saddened for that family, for the lil boy and the family's pet, for whatever the reason. I also agree, choose your familys animals wisely, do research. I think you are right about the inherited traits, tho it makes me sick.

  50. Shelley Wright

    I have known too many people and other animals that have been killed or attacked by pit bulls, yes pit bulls not mixed breeds. They are a breed that cannot be controlled by any human and therefore they should be banned!

  51. Bobby Unrue

    TY for sharing your story, it brings back a lot of good memories.

  52. Rick Sanson

    People get a clue. Yes all breeds of larger dogs can kill. But CLEARLY all statistics prove that the vast majority of all fatal dog attacks are carried out by pit bulls. You can't argue with that.

  53. Anonymous

    For anyone to think that ANY family pet dog is not capable of inflicting harm or death is reckless, I have 5 dogs none have pitbull in them but I would still not leave my toddler unattended that doesn't mean I'm concerned that my dogs will turn on him I just feel as a small child he doesn't understand when not to disturb them when they don't want to be bothered or have had enough of him. I had a pitbull best dog, loved him dearly, sadly at age 2 we had to have him put down, out of know where and for no reason he attacked one of our other dogs and had full intentions of killing him and almost did as he attempted to rip and shake the life out him, it only took one time to visualize my son being shook to death instead of another animal. Sometimes people need to understand once they show signs of aggression no matter what the breed choices need to be made, your pet or the life of a child because there might not be a second chance!

  54. Amanda Bernheisel

    I personally don't believe that pit bulls are as bad as they are portrayed to be. I've met several as an animal shelter volunteer. I've met many that are wonderful dogs. My heart goes out to this family. I am very sorry for their losses.

  55. Kathy Lewis

    I have two very loving Pits. I have a Dachsund as well. my Dachsund is the aggressive one. And he doesn't discriminate. Man woman or child he will bite if he doesn't like. Maybe we should ban Dachsunds too? Just saying…….

  56. Lisa Young Napier

    It's possible. I read about a Collie who had to have 100 pins removed that the child in the house had been sticking it with. I also wonder how many people have killed their children then blamed the dog too.

  57. Kelly Rebholz

    Every one wants to target PITBULLS, yet none are SAYING ANYTHING ABOUT OTHER DOGS. There are dogs out there that have similar looks like a pit bull, so how do we know for sure? Besides Eileen, how about other dogs that are termed aggressive that ARE NOT Pit bulls ? NO ONE says crap about them. get off your high horse and you are saying pit bulls are BAD you never use BUT cause that makes the first part of your sentence ignored cause people focus on the second half!!!!

  58. Linda Meyer

    No, I disagree, it is not the dogs fault. The mother is at fault. You never leave a child alone for any reason. Nothing will bring the child back, but the dog shouldn't have to also give its life because of a very poor decision on its owner. I know many pit bull owners and they are very gentle and well trained dogs. But like many have said, animal instinct and nature take over at any given time. Hope more parents see this and realize never leave a child alone with any kind of animal.

  59. Melanie Beckett

    Keep the brats away from the dogs. God, people. How stupid can you be?????

  60. Trisha Passmore

    Pits, Dobermans, GSDs, and Rottweilers all have gotten bad raps. Yes they are large, powerful breeds. Yes, they can easily hurt or kill a child or adult. Socialization is key, as others have said below, not really a good idea to leave small children unattended with any pet. The mother should have taken the dog with her to the bathroom or the child. I am sorry for her loss. I have friends who have had some of the best behaved most chill pits you would ever meet, there are those that are more high strung too…a good owner makes a good dog. Just providing basics like food, water, shelter doesn't make a good owner, training does for these purposes. Obedience classes are highly recommended now for any large breed dog. The media is prone to report any dog attack as pit bull– one of the radio stations reported one such incident, was actually contacted and advised of the correct breed which was NOT pit bull, and still continued to call the animal a pit bull because they KNOW more people will listen to the broadcast if it is a pit bull.

  61. Kelly Rebholz

    Ok you idiot!!! Sandrica Fisher, how many times have you heard of an attack that was not a PIT BULL? Check back into the 70's, 80;s cause they do happen with Shepards, pinschers, rotweillers. Shame that only pitbull attacks make the media headlines

  62. Kelly Rebholz

    So Pat Ostrander you are saying this breed is bad. Peple plain and simple need to use common sense. Why did this person leave a 2 year old alone? Bad breeding can cause issues with the breed along with other factors IN ALL dog breeds! I have a 3yr old Pitt, and se is a 35 lovable dog. besides I go to a dog park that has two sections, a person showed up and was in one section because they werent friendly like and THEY WERE NOT PITBULLS.

  63. Kelley A. Burton

    My dog is very sweet and friendly, but I still would not leave her alone with a baby or a small child. It's just better to err on the side of caution. ALWAYS supervise children and animals! ALWAYS, ALWAYS, ALWAYS!

  64. Terry Lee Kiser Sr

    Bullshit. A 2 year old doesn't know how to torment anything. They play and get excited. Pits are a nervous and hateful dog for the most part. Like any animal trained for years and years to be nothing but killers and fighters, it's a part of their physical and psychological make up. It's in the genes and can come out at any time. They have no place in a family with children. It's not worth the risk no matter how much you think the dog would never turn on you.

  65. Dennis Blair

    I hate pit bulls and can't understand why anyone would want such a dangerous and ugly dog. I hope they kill the dog.

  66. Terry Lee Kiser Sr

    What amazes me is the number of people that come on here and either want to blame the child or the parent and make excuses for the dog. This incident is a combination of errors. This type of dog should not be around children. EVER! Those that choose to have a Pit AND children, should never leave the two alone. Owners should not be so complacent with such aggressive dogs. Pits have been and still are used for fighting and killer guard dogs. It's in their genes. Unless you have a pup who's blood line NEVER was trained for killing and fighting, you have a time bomb on your hands with a Pit.

  67. Patricia Davis

    Pit bulls in the past were called nanny dogs-parents bought them to protect their children/I've read that you can't take a chance on these dogs-their aggressive/then you shouldn't have any dog @ all -because they are all potentially dangerous-big or little/also a baby/toddler should not be left unsupervised with any animal/the media has given this particular breed a bad name-they are a gentle, loving, beautiful but just like other breeds , tragedies can occur for whatever reason-unfortunately the dog is most likely euthanized even if the child hit, poked, bit, etc the dog/feel very sad for the parents.

  68. Humane Society of Fulton County

    We get a lot of pit bulls in our shelter in Illinois. We med test the dogs which means we vaccinate and draw blood for heartworm testing. I trust the bigger dogs much farther than the little dogs. Little dogs are more likely to bite than the big dogs and if we get bite confinements in very few of them are pits. Most are little dogs. They tend to have more attitude than the big dogs like the shepherds and the pits. Pits are big babies. You just hear more about them than you do other dogs. Face it, headlines grab more attention if they say "Pit Bull Attacks Small Child" than "Chihuahua fatally attacks toddler". You never leave a young child alone with the family dog. Kids that age pull ears and tails, poke them in the eyes, lay on them, step on them. It is up to the parent to teach the child how to act around the dog.

  69. Terry Lee Kiser Sr

    Really? That's a load of manure. What happens when the child comes home from school ALONE? What happens when they and their friends go out to play on the swings and mom and dad are in the house? What happens when you leave your trusted pet, that is so loving and sweet and gentle in the house with the kids and you have to go to the bathroom/ You have to leave them alone SOMETIME. And you will. Because they are so sweet and lovable and wouldn't hurt a child.

  70. Laraine Pankevitch

    exactly! my daughter got bit by my mother-in-law's jack russel mix and needed stitches because she tried to do what she does with our pit-bull, feed him out of food bowl. I was right there watching her and she still got bit.

  71. Laraine Pankevitch

    David J. Zyskowski u r wrong. pit used to be called nanny dogs, as long as they r around kids from puppy-hood they r fine. it's stupid people who hurt dogs or "rough house" with dogs that make them snap. how do u know kid didn't step on dog's genital?

  72. Laraine Pankevitch

    Let's see…I'm going to leave my child who is small and doesn't think about anything but themselves usually alone with my dog. Yeah that's smart. Even my daughter and sons who have been around dogs all their lives can still be mean to them and after a while they will snap, whether it's a nip or a full fledged bite. It only takes 2 minutes to push right button.

  73. Ken ORourke

    Yes! cats are better pets, especially if they prefer outdoors. Theyre less maintenance, don't care to lick you or slobber on you, and they don't bother you and can take care of themselves.

  74. Beverly Hill

    I've heard German Shepards have mauled people to death also….where do you decipher a good dog from a bad dog? I don't think it's the breed, I believe it's their blood line……….just like humans!

  75. Glenna Bible

    Kill a child the first time by a pitbull, shame on the dog, kill a child a second time, shame on you. I am an animal lover, but there comes a time when you have to get real; dog or human? Not every pitbull kills children/adults. We don't know which pitbull is capable of killing, therefor, pitbulls should be banned, in general, unless you are not a child or an adult.

  76. Kevin Spray

    Terry Lee your so damn ignorant any dog is what the owner makes. It I have owned Pitt breeds for years and never once have any of my dogs even shown the slightest bit of aggression towards anyone!

  77. Glenna Bible

    Never say never. I am sure every owner of a pitbull that has mauled anybody has said this at one time or another. If you don't value your children's safety or the safety of anyone, keep your "pitties". Schizos kill too and I would keep them away from others also. If you want to keep your pitbulls, live alone , in the country, don't entertain, don't have children, always keep them penned up or on a leash.

  78. Erma Gianbolvo

    look at it this way for a minute . this the pit bull is 8 years old. if they got the pi bull when it was a young puppy that means they have had the pit bull for 6 years before the little boy came into the picture. the pit bull had all the attention for 6 years. now it hast to share that attention with a baby . the pit bull does share the attention for 2 years the pit bull gets jelouise so the first chance it gets it takes the 2 year old child out of the picture. maybe they durnung the first 6 years called the dog baby. and now for 2 years it has been hearing the parents call therell son BABY, MY PARENTS ALWAYS TOLD ME NOT TO CALL A DOG BABY. DUE TO THE FACT THEY BELIEVED IF YOU CALLED A DOG BABY ND THAN YOU HAVE A BABY AND YOU ARE CALLING THE HUMAN BABY BABY NOW THE DOG WILL GET JELOUISE AND ATTACT THE BABY. MY PARENTS SAID THEY HAD SEEN THIS HAPPEN SEVERAL TIMES. just paaing on what i have been told all my live and I am 71 years old now.

  79. WaterLive Lance

    I disagree with that as I had a pit mix when my children was babies he slept under the crib when the child was in it ,if the baby was in the play pen the dog was right next to it . When she started walking she play with the dog and use the dog as a pillow so it is on how u raise the dog . I have a full blood brindle pit now who plays with the kids nieces and young nephew who wrestles with the dog when he don't want to be bothered my dog will run and hide from the kids as how he was trained.

  80. Jennifer Chronister

    I agree with you on the part about little dogs being more prone to bad behavior. This is typically because we as pet owners accept behavior in little dogs that we call aggressive in bigger dogs.

    When the little dog is barking and nipping at your feet it can be funny, but when the large breed mastiff, bulldog, pit bull does the same thing they are branded aggressive and some put down.

    Many instances of dog attacks could be prevented if adults learned how dogs communicate and teach their kids to do so as well. Dogs typically give plenty of warning before attacking.

    I can't comment on this particular case as I don't know anything about it, but my heart goes out to this family for their loss.

  81. Cassie McCabe

    I also have a dachshund/jack russell mix and a pittie! (as well as a shih tzu, a lab/retriever, and a shih tzu/jack russell/dachshund mix). My 3 small dogs will go after new people long before my Shiloh. Actually he is afraid of pillows… lol. I went to answer the door one day to a guy I had never met, and my pittie jumped in front of me and bounced up on the poor guy and………. LICKED him almost to death! But my 3 little ones were jumpin at the bit to attack the guy from the other side of the window and door.

  82. Chanté Osborne

    My neighbors chihuahua terrorized my block for my entire childhood. Small dogs are the worst. Any animal is capable if murder, not just dogs and certainly not just pits. If we're gonna get rid of them then dobermin

  83. Cassie McCabe

    I have a pittie that I rescued from a situation in which he was left for 5 days with no food or water or interaction when the family just took off and left him behind. I also own a dachshund/jack russell mix, a shih tzu, a lab/retriever, and a shih tzu/jack russell/dachshund mix. My 3 small dogs will go after new people long before my pittie or lab/retriever. Actually he is afraid of pillows… lol. I went to answer the door one day to a guy I had never even met, and my pittie jumped in front of me and bounced up on the poor guy and……….you gueesed it……. LICKED him almost to death! But my 3 little ones were jumpin at the bit to attack the guy from the other side of the window and door.I had to keep them inside. On another note, my nanny dog often jumps up on the couch where my 7 year old daughter is laying and tries his best to squeeze into whatever small spot he can find just to cuddle with her. He is great with babies and toddlers too, as many of my friends have younger kids and will bring them over. He loves being played with (what I would call being tormented! lol) He just loves people and wants to give everyone he meets kisses! Little dogs tend to be more prone to nipping and biting due to their 'small dog syndrome' and trying to overcompensate for their size.

  84. Schuyler E. Barker

    Terry, two year olds are not dumb, and yes I've seen a two year poster and hit a dog with a stick. His parents thought it was cute and funny until the dog started growling and bit the child. sorry, but I have no sympathy when humans allow animals to be mistreared. Most of the time when a child is hurt by an animal, it's not because the animal is mean or dangerous. Teach children how to be good to all of God's creatures, not just other humans.

  85. Brandy Lewis

    Terry Lee Kiser Sr That is so ridiculous I don't even know where to begin. First of all, a 2 yr old can torment a dog, although I am sure that the 2 yr old doesn't think of it that way. Pits are not all nervous or hateful, although I am sure some are. Most of the pits I have met and I have met many, are very very loving naturally, way more friendly and outgoing socially than most other types of dogs I have met. Not all pits are trained to be "killers" and while they may have a high prey drive, so do a lot of other dogs who are not vilified. You are obviously ill informed and prejudiced against this type of dog. Besides which most of the time they say in the media it was a "pit bull" it wasn't, there are many mix breed dogs that resemble pits but may have no pit mixture in them at all, or they are very obviously another breed like a rottweiler. I am sorry a child was hurt and killed by any animal, but the number one rule of pet ownership should be to never leave a small child alone with them, hell that should be the number one rule of parenthood.

  86. Schuyler E. Barker

    The reason people have used them to fight is their strength, not because they're mean.people are what turn them mean. Sorry, terry, but you are highly misinformed

  87. Billie Crayton

    I know a lot of people who love this breed, but I don't trust them. There have just been too many horror stories for me. THey have been bred to be mean, made to fight, but I am quite sure before all of that they were decent animals.

  88. Melissa L Mings

    Um Ive seen kids bitten in the face by mini-dogs more than Ive seen any big breed bite a kid…..poodles, poms, chihuahuas….hmmmmm…We are running out of breeds that are "safe" to have….If you are going to have pets or kids, YOU have to be responsible for everyone's safety..I had a great pit (Petey) for a few years before my first child, when she (MariLee) did came along and came home for the 1st day, Petey knew just knew that she was a new part of his family. That same evening my mom was watching a video of MariLee cryig on the way home, and I swear…Petey perked up his ears, looked at me, ran to her crib and checked in on her….his devotion never faltered to his family.

  89. Ann-Donné Strydom

    A poodle went for my neck when I was about 6 or so actually… Still have the scar. So yes, I have heard of poodle attack. lol They're just not as big and strong. But at the end of the day an animal is an animal.

  90. Veneta Britt

    Having owned several pitbull mixes I have never had a mean one. I currently own a boxer/pit mix and he is a gentle loving dog having been raised that wayl You never leave any dog alone with a small child not knowing what danger a child may put themselves in not knowing that dogs think differently than we humans do. No way should a toddler be left alone in a room with any dog.

  91. Gloria Polis

    Training ANY breed of dog is a necessity in my book. HOWEVER, many breeds have been bred for generations to be attack dogs. Even if you get a nice pup and it grows into a gentle dog, that breeding is still there and they can attack in an instant if that genetic trigger is tripped. This goes for Dobermans, German Shepherds, Belgian Tervurens, Staffordshire Bull Terriers, Akitas, American Pit Bulls…any breed that has been bred since the beginning of time to guard, attack, protect, kill, fight, etc. They are strong, muscular, heavy dogs that can kill a human quite readily. BUT MORE CHILDREN are bitten by small dogs! The child gets down on the dog's level and puts his/her face right next to the dog's face and they DO get nipped. All that said, ANY animal can attack and injure because it has been provoked, or perceives that someone is going to take their food, harm their babies, etc. But usually, that consists of one instantaneous snarl, lunge or bite. They are not trying to kill usually because they ARE domesticated.

  92. Cherokeelynn Hoskins

    Yes, pit bulls should be illegal..Until you are the one to see what a pit bull can do with your own eyes, you wouldn't understand. I was a witness in my boyfriends attack by a pit bull he had been around before, and it ripped the muscle out of his leg. I don't care if people say, "It's how you raise them", BULL S***, it doesn't freaking matter how you raise them, they have an imbalanced brain that is a ticking time bomb, that they CANNOT control. It's no different then murderous people, that have an imbalance in their brain that makes them do crazy stupid things, that a normal sane human being wouldn't dream of doing, PERIOD!

  93. David Chapman

    My certifications, formal education, carreer qualifies me as an Animal Expert, not just dogs-none of the children I raised in this life have been bitten, attacked, gone missing, drowned, been arrested or even seriously injured, no drugs, no underage drinking, no premarital pregnancy-parents, bottom line need to step up their game and use common sense, SUPERVISION is the key to success for children, no matter their age, as is responsible dog ownership, if you do not want or have the skill set to be responsible as a dog owner or a supervisory parent, simply, don't Lynn Chapman.

  94. Cherokeelynn Hoskins

    Yes there are animals that have been domesticated, such as the house cat, but there are some animals that shouldn't have been breed for those reasons, such as tigers, and anyone that takes a tiger, bear, alligator, scorpions, snakes, and so on. You want to see stuff like that, GO TO THE DAMN ZOOOO. In fact, some animals were not breed for domestication, because, uuhhh daaaa, they are from a calmer state of mind. As with the pit bulls, they were breed to fight and kill, MANY YEARS AGO, Do the research people…And that's why drug attics and thieves use pit bulls as their, " yard dogs".

  95. Cherokeelynn Hoskins

    Because the little dogs have are small, they feel like they need to be more protective, daaaaa. And so, would you feel the same way if you were a little person in a room or community with 6' 7' people.. uuhh yeah!

  96. Jeri Lou Peters

    i am more afraid of a small dog than a large dog any day.. small dogs have what i call BIG DOG SYNDROME lol.. they want to be big dogs so they try to be mean and tough..

  97. Samantha Downing

    Why are they tasering a human and not wanting to kill the dog? What a horrible death that child had to go through. A friend's cousin of mine, their 18mth old son was playing in the back yard like he always did, with his little push toy and the families pit bull grab up and clamped down on his neck, snapping it but the dog wouldn't let go, he was swinging it like a chew toy until he was done with it. Of all these attacks, logically and statistically it makes sense to come to the conclusion that pitbulls are not family dogs and are violent. Never should a reaction from humans care more for an animal and protecting them than feeling grief for a baby that just lost his life!

  98. Jeanette Ewing

    almost all bite confinments are due to just what the previous person said it is because one the parents dont watch the kids and do not teach them to be kind and gentle with the dogs. If you were getting poked in the eye or pulled your hair, you would want to fight back too…so people control your children!!

  99. Bette Connors Crapser

    I know you love your dogs, but I honestly have to say, I would never leave or have a Pitbull with children in the house. This mother probably thought the same as you, was it worth it? Same thing happened here in Wi. a few months ago, the babysitter had pitbulls whom she loved, the child she sat for is now dead, killed by the dogs, she too never thought that her dogs would attack as they were raised in the family. It would not be worth it to me, I would rather see my child alive. You cannot be with a child every second of the day, to blame the mother is asinine, and it was the dogs fault.

  100. Jenny Lopresto

    I had a very sweet Pit. All the kids in the neighborhood adored him. My grandkids loved him and have yet to be told of his horrid death, which was no fault of his own. He was killed by ignorant people who are afraid of the breed. Then they tried to cover up, because they had no excuse. None. He did not deserve to die. He was a just a big love dog.

  101. Amanda Keesee

    There Are Warning Signs!!!!! I Have 15 Pits!!!! And They Will Let u Know Before They Attack!!!!! Some People Shouldn't HavE The Dogs I Know WhO Can Be Left Alone AndWho Can't….. I Have People With KiDs All The Time Over!!!! There Are horrible accidents!!! But Accidents Happen With Anything!!!

  102. Janet Warner

    Unless they are raised with children, most toddlers give dogs the eee-bee gee-bees. Mine have no idea what children are because none of us have children. I see them giving children a wide berth and they look a little freaked out.

  103. Elizabeth Clark

    Children should NEVER be left alone…..not for 1 SINGLE SECOND!~!~! Who can argue that?

  104. Rebecca Murray

    i worry more about the little dogs then the big dogs, too. they tend to have to show that they are bigger and badder for their size. I would trust my kid around the bigger dogs any day. We now have a pit and she is so sweet, she couldn't be anymore loveable then my other dog which is a lab. they look after our daughters and if she hears anything she will be the first to check it out and make sure the girls and us our safe. its the owners that make things worst at times. they don't show the kids how to behave and/or train the dogs the right way.

  105. Jon Smith

    I was attacked my a dog once when I was younger, 8 years old. My dad was mowing the lawn, right up by the front of the house, and I was more towards the sidewalk with my little plastic mower. It just ran up on me and started biting me in the legs, I stood still like the owner said and it still attacked me. My dad got his.22 from the front closet, kicked the dog off me, and shot it a few times. Stopped that bitch dead.

  106. Christina White

    Even if the kid was messing with the dog, he didn't deserve to be mauled to death for it. I had to beloved pit when I was a kid. He was well trained, sweet with everyone, and very gentle. He was raised around cats and other dogs. One night, he just walked across the room where our car was asleep and killed it in one bite. Clamped down and shook it to death. It was like he snapped out of no where. We got rid of him after that. I've owned many dog breeds and have never had one snap like that. ALSO, you're all soooo scared of a small dog bite. Yes. Any dog can bite. But my yorkie can't bite my child in the throat, clamp down, and shake her…a 5 lb dog may bite, yes. but it probably won't kill you.

  107. Jennifer Chronister

    From my own experience, the single biggest mistake I found with being a dog owner is not exercising the dog. It led to behavior in my lab that I could not tolerate with a big dog (something that would likely be overlooked in a small dog) because it was too dangerous for my family.

    So I educated myself and discovered that walking him was lacking and was the single biggest helper in correcting bad behavior. MANY small dogs are NEVER walked. The only exercise they get is that burst of barking madly at whatever is out the window as they chase it from window to window as the owner ignores it. Dogs that are frustrated are untrustworthy no matter their size.

  108. Sharon Rae'n

    I don't think that we should base our belief through the media, but I also don't believe we should base it through word of mouth by pit bull dog owners, just because they say they know the animal better than human beings, or because they own one and have never had a problem. I guess, we should take the truth only looking at where the particular breed came from, and who the breeder was of that particular dog, and then when the argument ends and it becomes a band of these dogs in the state, you better look at the single breeding because a bad reputation stops the choice in a family who looks for the better a pet. If you want to keep pit bulls in the state, then put a stop to bad breeders. I guess one should go for personal choice and taste, but the way it looks, that is even changing. I do know what I see, I do know what I believe when the facts are there. The pits bulls that should have been a loving dog, attacked an innocent person. So I am sorry, but I can't support this breed based on someones word, that that dog was safe because he was walked, the attack was the opposite of what people are saying, it now becomes the character of the dog. What I have seen with my own eyes, and what I know to this point as far a the family pet and the number of attacks, I have to say NO, I will not support this breed of dog. I am not punishing the animal, I am protecting the victim.

  109. Deborah M Brown

    not a shitzo but a pomeranian did in October 2000 the baby was 6 weeks and they are smaller than a shitzo.

  110. Deborah M Brown

    not a shitzo but a pomeranian did in October 2000 the baby was 6 weeks and they are smaller than a shitzo.

  111. Angela M Moore


  112. Erika Davis

    we have two pits and with the news my mom has even mentioned to me and my daughter that our dogs are killers and dangerous. it makes me so mad.

  113. Lesa Masten

    Terry Lee Kiser Sr…Learn your history pits are not the Bull Baters of old.
    In fact Pits originated from Stafforshire,England and had nothing to do with fighting but were in fact babysitters and watchdogs for large estate land owners. They were trained to hold trespassers on their land until the own called for the authorities and to guard their children while outside playing. This is why they are so loving to people and are family oriented. When brought to America they were bred taller and renamed (Americanzed). Fighting is a new sport (for some) and they love this breed because they are very responsive, muscular, agile, tenatious and loyal. It is for these reasons that make them the desire of blood sport believers but mostly it is the dogs unwillingness to turn on their owners that make them such trustworthy opponents to be abused. No breed has ever been trained to attack people specifically. People that are rough toward dogs make them aggressive by encouraging them to be defensive to touch and human beings, this is not a normal animal reaction but a taught behavior. If you are willing to speak know the facts but don't base your comments on unfounded personal speculatation.

  114. Lesa Masten

    I think this lady might have done something to this child and is blaming it on the dog desperately looking for a way out.

  115. Lesa Masten

    Thank you Fulton County Human Society for not only standing up for these poor victims but for telling the truth. I made a comment about the History of the Breed which has somehow been removed, strang how the facts disappeared, talk about denial and control…very revealing don't you think.

  116. Lesa Masten

    Learn your history pits are not the Bull Baters of old.
    In fact Pits originated from Stafforshire, England and had nothing to do with fighting but were in fact babysitters and watchdogs for large estate land owners. They were trained to hold trespassers on their land until the own called for the authorities and to guard their children while outside playing. This is why they are so loving to people and are family oriented. When brought to America they were bred taller and renamed (Americanzed). Fighting is a new sport (for some) and they love this breed because they are very responsive, muscular, agile, tenatious and loyal. It is for these reasons that make them the desire of blood sport believers but mostly it is the dogs unwillingness to turn on their owners that make them such trustworthy opponents to be abused. No breed has ever been trained to attack people specifically. People that are rough toward dogs make them aggressive by encouraging them to be defensive to touch and human beings, this is not a normal animal reaction but a taught behavior. If you are willing to speak know the facts but don't base your comments on unfounded personal speculatation.

  117. Pam Klinebough

    Too many people believe what they hear and don't bother to find out things for themselves. I think some would be amazed to see how gentle pits can be. Unfortunately, a lot of people would rather believe what they heard happened to their friend's cousin's mother's boyfriend than to give them a benefit of a doubt. You don't hear about the little dogs that bite but every time a pit does something it's front page news.

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