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Best Man Fatally Stabs Bride In North Carolina

jamie kirk hahn

In 2009, Jonathan Wayne Broyhill served as the best man at Jamie Kirk Hahn and Nation Richard Hahn’s wedding. The former best man was arrested today for fatally stabbing the bride and wounding her husband at a home in North Carolina.

According to the Huffington Post, Broyhill, 31, was charged today with the murder of Jamie Hahn, 29. Broyhill also allegedly stabbed Nation, 27.

Nation survived the attack.

Hahn’s family said in a statement: “We lost a beautiful and loving wife, daughter and friend … We all lost a pure and brave spirit. She had a gift for bringing us together – black and white, young and old, gay and straight. She challenged us to work together for a better world.”

Police did not release a motive for the attack but did say that the stabbing was not “domestic related.”

Wral reports, citing “people close to the case,” that Broyhill was having dinner with the Hahn’s on Monday night. Nation left the room for a few minutes and when he returned he reportedly found his former best man stabbing his wife.

Nation wrote on Twitter: “I lost my best friend last night. The sadness is overwhelming … I want to thank everyone for prayers for Jamie. That type of community spirit defined Jamie. I have no idea what I am going to do without Jamie. She was my center, my rock and my soul mate.”

Jamie and Nation Hahn were well known in the Raleigh Community. Jamie ran Sky Blue Strategies, a firm that raised funds for nonprofit groups and political campaigns.

Rep. Brad Miller, who worked with Jamie and Sky Blue, said: “Jamie was smart, very likeable and very energetic. She knew everybody. She was involved in everything. I would see her at community events and realize that she wasn’t there for any political reason but just because she supported the cause … She was involved in politics and the community for the same reason. She wanted to make things better in the community, the state and the country.”

Broyhill is currently in the hospital recovering from self-inflicted wounds. Police said that they will be charging him with the murder of Jamie Hahn.

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167 Responses to “Best Man Fatally Stabs Bride In North Carolina”

  1. James Li

    Wow, this is terrible. Please keep this man and his family in your prayers.

  2. Joe Ingram

    Since I've moved to NC, I can't believe the nuts in this hick state. No value for life here.

  3. Anonymous

    I so hate it when "power couples" are knifed…What the phu(k is a power couple? I hate them already.

  4. Anonymous

    You crackers are so ignorant it's funny. Keep up the good work, maybe I'll wake up one morning and you'll all be DEAD.

  5. Anonymous

    Another crazed out "whigger". Ship all "whiggers" out of this country ; that they stole by the way, ASAP. Their venom smells so foul , it'sworst that their doggy smell.

  6. Erika Wildgen

    WE didn't steal squat, my little ignoramus. At the rate you keep killing each other off, we won't need to be shipped out. We are the one's who bothered to get our freedoms which unfortunately you enjoy as well now. and you don't have any more right to call whites whiggers than we do calling you niggers. which is what are. You can't even write properly. But that's no surprise. uneducated nigger.

  7. Erika Wildgen

    Just exactly what is a "whigger?" OH, a white ##gger? Well you should know. At the rate you keep killing each other, there won't be any or you people left here anyway. We shouldn't have ever shipped your a$$es over here to begin with. Now you just scrounge off us "whiggers" anyway. You wouldn't know what to do with yourselves if it weren't for us to begin with. And we didn't "steal" anything. And by the way, slaves like your sorry a$$ were bought with money by white men so if you have a problem with it, go back to Africa and complain to the tribal leaders who SOLD you into slavery for CASH MONEY. Now that's a concept you CAN understand.

  8. Matthew Krusen

    Sorry, I can't tell if you're trying to be racist. It's probably due to your poor spelling, incorrect use of punctuation/grammar, and your narrow representation of history.

  9. Tamara Mosley

    it's really sad that you would say something like that in 2013.i don't hate you.i hope you find the friend you need and stop sounding so is so short you need to enjoy it.have a blessed day

  10. Lisa Spanopoulos

    They need to do a blood test on these psychos right away and tell us all what drugs that the person was on. I have heard Meth instantly makes a person paranoid- especially regarding a person's most closest relationships. What else could explain such instant insanity. If they announced these blood results right away perhaps some addicts will finally wake up and say " I don't want to be the next one that kills my loved ones".

  11. Brandon Hilton

    this is so sad to read! she seemed like an amazing human being and for him to do that really stirs up a LOT of questions! I don't know why someone would flat out stab another human being to death if they were an absolute angel like the article reads…

  12. Anonymous

    The fail to cure rate in mental health institutions is high, they can't fix this or stop it. He may have Huntingtons disease which causes bizarre violence.

  13. Anonymous

    Rest in peace, You are with God now. I hope families are helped with their mourning. God bless.

  14. Anonymous

    This sounds a little to weird. He stepped out for just one moment and the guy just randomly starts stabbing his wife? Then the guy does self inflicted wounds? There's more to this story, but my suspicion tells me, the husband set this up. It's just to convenient, guy stabs wife at the right time, husband survives with just flesh wounds, guy inflicts wounds upon himself to setup an insanity plea.

  15. Rory Ivey

    Very sad-I can't help to wonder if this was another mental case or some secret love thing going on? Just gotta wait and see. My condolences to the family.

  16. Edward Potts

    Your wife was murdered last night and you're tweeting the next day!?!

  17. John Robert Cruz

    I'm very sorry to read this story. But I can't help but think about the song…Things that make you go hmmm by C&C Music Factory…You can check it out on Youtube…There must be more to this story that will come out…Sad story…May she rest in peace…

  18. Jack Madison

    I will try and pretend you are young.
    What is obvious here is a man that wants the woman but cannot have her. She may have even had a thing with him for a while on the side but wanted it over. The husband, Nation, was oblivious to all of this.
    Upon leaving the room the best man asks one last time "will you or won't you leave him and come with me?" to which she replied "no, I told you, no!" which infuriated the best man and he started stabbing her.
    I have seen this as a detective a thousand times.

  19. Valette Hamilton

    Four years after the wedding. Poor young woman, just starting her life is dead. I wonder how this one will end. So sad for her.

  20. Jack Madison

    Although there is no god that is okay. One is dead, one is not, one is a lunatic, one is an oblivious husband who did not realize his wife had cheated on him with their best man.

  21. Angelo Salami

    There is a lot missing in this story. I doubt very seriously that she was innocent. sure I feel bad but I bet cold hard cash she was probably messing around with this guy and the husband and wife told him to back off after he had her for breakfast lunch and dinner. and that's what pissed him off. Call me a cynic but I get so sick of these stories that are "incomplete" it's always a guy who just "wigs" out for no apparent reason. but that's not the case it's really that they don't want to show a woman in an unflattering light and that's why these stories look so funky.

    Women are no better than men. if we are to understand the human condition it would help if we examine the facts rather than cherrypicking evidence to make the female look good.

  22. Eva Mirano i dont see that whoever reports the story or the authorities or ANYONE would want to make the "female look good" in this case, she looks DEAD..but anyway, my thought was an affair, best man being in love all this time, her falling too, maybe out of "loving both men" her being bigamous..then best man freaks and kills her, tries to kill self, not hard to imagine that not all people can do a good job at that by stabbing, yikes, SO..husband returns, best man dealing with a botch stabbing so far…interrupts tries to kill "Nation" & wait a minute are we talking about Al Qaida and the USA? no, ok, confusing,…this other comment made more sense above, which i had not thought of..the 2 males were in cahoots to kill her, make it look like …but wait, that doesn't make sense! since best man charged with MURDER…..let's wait, and look, i'm "woman" and not a feminist at all! to me it's all about TRUTH, justice…not gender, or race, so Angelo, don't be a salame..(hehe they say that in South America, as in "dont be silly") best wishes

  23. Rhonda Patterson

    Something seems off in this story besides the headline which leads you to believe this happened at the wedding…..He suddenly starts to stab her and the grieving husband goes on twitter? Yeah something not right here.

  24. Anonymous

    She is dead, her life is over. She is not with anyone. Her consciousness no longer exists. God bless her how? She does not exist, what do you want a myth to do that also does not exist? Greek mythology was a silly way to explain the world before people knew better Christianity is no different. We already know it is wrong. Denying reality is mentally ill.

  25. Anonymous

    The story is not complete there's more to this tragedy but as of right now I fall in the "loner Best man falls for his best friends wife"category , loneliness does things to people's heads.

  26. Anonymous

    The story is not complete there's more to this tragedy but as of right now I fall in the "loner Best man falls for his best friends wife"category , loneliness does things to people's heads.

  27. That shooting star Indian guy on the Tootsiee Pops

    You have absolutely no proof that God isn't real. There isn't proof he is real either, but that's what spirituality is for. Lashesonu is simply expressing condolences. You Atheists are just as annoying as Christians; she isn't "denying reality," she isn't saying Jamie is still here walking around. Relax now, would you?
    My heart goes out to this family. Bless them for being as strong as they can.

  28. P.i. Barrington

    Ah, yes. Once again humanity takes a giant step forward toward in its evolution.

  29. Anonymous

    that's just great, now Obama will try to ban knives and I will not be able to cut up my steak.

  30. Angelo Salami

    This isn't a sexist thing. this is about accountability.

    i'll give you an example which isn't related to this case. it's just an example…

    when a guy is charged for domestic violence it is always assumed that a man just goes bezerk because the assumption is men are just evil savages( despite all the generosity we give women). but officials never seem to follow up on the source of the argument. i understand that murder is murder and you shouldn't kill anyone. i respect that but i also understand that men don't wig out for no reason. and i also understand that women like to push men's buttons. you ask any guy and they will tell you that women can get under our skin. the thing that bothers me is that law enforcement doesn't acknowledge that women are more often than not the inspiration behind domestic violence. it might be a man who finishes it but more often than not it is his better half who starts it with constant nagging. it's as if men don't take this stuff seriously until it happens to them.

  31. James Danielski

    Don't be deterred, Angelo. You're being objective, without emotion- that's how you solve a crime (just the facts). What you speak is truth.

  32. Derik De Baun

    Never mind nutballmayo. He's nothing more than a bigot. His last sentence uses "that" instead of "than" so my guess is that his first language is not English and his mother tongue uses "that" to mean "than" and he just translated it wrong. But, still, he's a bigot. I don't see why this homicide amounts to labeling the other guy a "whigger" which isn't even used in the right context nor spelled correctly. I hope this guy doesn't vote. That guy is not a wigger, he's a murderer. Plus, there has to be more to this story.

  33. Yo' B. Blinky

    em1416, a condolence post is not the place to start a debate about belief systems. If you don't believe in God then just wish peace to the grieving family members and otherwise be quiet. Do you also go to funerals and wakes and start spouting off when somebody mentions god or an afterlife? I'm all for people believing what they want but there's a time and place for everything – learn some manners.

  34. Steve Golac

    This is obviously a horrific tragedy, but I couldn't help notice the statement. "She had a gift for bringing us together – black and white, young and old, gay and straight."

    I'm sorry, but when did bedroom behavior become a means of assessing identity? Black & white are inherent identity traits found in DNA. Young & old are also characteristics that can never be changed. Gay & straight are preferences of sex acts. You're basically saying, "black & white, young & old, men who prefer penises & men who prefer vaginas." This notion that what someone likes doing with their genitals is no different a mark of identity than one's color or age is the height of idiocy.

  35. Anonymous

    This seems like he took his anger out on her because she was about to get married they probably were intimate on the low low if you know what I mean.

  36. Mark Verdugo

    The husband's statement also appears contrived. Not a statement one would make after watching his wife murdered by stabbing. The guy posts a prepared statement on Twitter the next morning? As if she passed away in the hospital after a long illness. The whole thing strikes me as planned.

  37. Cindy Gath Swanson

    Jst because a woman can get under a man's skin is no reason for violence. Haven't you ever heard of sticks and stones. No one has the right to use violence against another person, especially a husband or wife.

  38. Anonymous

    Angelo Salami you are a complete fool! domestic violence means that someone has physically done something to someone else related or living in the same home! haven't you heard pre K teachers telling 3 year olds to keep their hands to themselves? so are you saying men are more dumb than a 3 year old? that they should not be held accountable for becoming physical when they can't control themselves? If i were you I would be ashamed to admit you are so less a man. A real man doesn't resort to violence like a child when they don't get their way!

  39. Anonymous

    wow you and three others are thick! they got married in 09 she was killed monday! idiot! get off the booze!

  40. Beverly Durham

    you sir are a idiot!the same old excuse"she made me do it"men have been killing women for centuries..yeah there are some women who do kill just like men..but seriously look at the stat''s like hunting season on women..but yeah blame it on the woman,makes you look like a big man.."she made me do it"..i bet you think rape is the womens fault too..good grief!sounds to me like your daddy did the same to your mom,and made you think this is the way it's suppose to's ok to abuse a sir might want to look at the stat's before you post…my condolance's to the family..she sounded like a very good woman..loved to work with her community..

  41. Anonymous

    This is why it is wrong to cheat and fool around it causes murder all these women and even men who think its a f***ing circus in the world that fooling around with whoever is ok and not immoral are wrong I'm not saying for sure that's what happened here but for sure that is what happens period everywhere monogamy is the right way in life no matter what kind of crap ideas society comes up with cheating has caused more crimes and murders then anything else in the world every second every day someone dies over cheating I couldn't believe when I read a article on the internet this morning how women think friendship is better then marriage its like do they even care at all or have respect for life at all are they trying to cause murders and crime how stupid could someone possibly be sex is for reproducing with the one you love it shouldn't be a thing to take for grant and do with whoever.

  42. Anonymous

    how does one kill your wife with you in the house, and you not hear her screams, let alone let the killer live to tell his side of the story. Something is amiss I'd say.

  43. Anonymous

    This wasn't an affair, wasn't set up by husband……apparently this lady, her husband and this 'best man' were all involved in politics, raising money for campaigns and such and from what I've read this lady(Jaime) found some things that didn't look right that this guy had done and confronted him(he always ate dinner with them every monday night)and that's apparently what prompted him to stab her. The husband posted his statement after she died, she didn't die right away, she died a few days after being stabbed!

  44. Anonymous

    These comments were much more interesting than the article…By the way I love reading these comments, makes me feel smarter than most of the population!

  45. Debra Anderson

    Angelo you might be a totally nice guy, but your posts are kinda scary to me. It seems you have a lot of animosity to women and none of us know yet what transpired there. Im a little taken back by your remark about the generosity thing. Women of course like generosity, but they also like kindness, caing listening men.. Angry men and women can be very unsettling. Dont blame her as you have no reason too.

  46. Brooke Douglas

    The husband didn't give himself self-inflicted wounds, the murderer (Broyhill) gave himself (Broyhill) self-inflicted wounds.

  47. Devlyn Testarossa

    Wral reports, citing “people close to the case,” that Broyhill was having dinner with the Hahn’s on Monday night. Nation left the room for a few minutes and when he returned he reportedly found his former best man stabbing his wife.

    ** Hahns not Hahn's.

  48. Lite Bright

    The title made it sound like they had JUST gotten married when this happened. Since this is not the case, then it's just another murder case. Moving along.

  49. Dan Dreisbach

    I think she was a crazy screaming liberal and the guy just could not stand by and watch and listen to her bleeding heart rock star President, hero worshiping.

  50. Lite Bright

    "Women are no better than men."

    @Angelo….when it comes to violent crimes….actually we are. Women don't rape, torture, murder at the rate that men do. Society doesn't teach us to fear women, because generally speaking, our hormonal makeup doesn't allow us to be as aggressive as men. I'm not giving the women who do commit acts of violence an excuse, I'm just saying to say that we're even when it comes to this particular subject matter is crazy. I used to wave the flag saying that we're all the same, gender-wise, but no….male vs female hormonal makeup plays a huge role.

  51. Lite Bright

    Wtf do politics have to do with this murder case? People are so f*ckin stupid! They use the most asinine chances to bring up Obama.

  52. Lite Bright

    "Women are no better than men." @Angelo Salami…when it comes to violent crimes, actually we are better. Women don't rape, torture, murder at the rate that men do. Society doesn't teach us to fear women because these kind of crimes don't happen as often as male on female crimes.

  53. Anonymous

    It is being reported on other sites that the wife and broyhill worked on a political campaign together and the stabbing was over missing funds from the campaign.

  54. Anonymous

    Being reported elsewhere…

    "Jamie was a North Carolina political strategist who worked for high-profile Democratic candidates. Broyhill reportedly worked with Jamie Hahn at the Democratic firm Sky Blue Strategies, which she founded."
    "Although Raleigh police continue to investigate the motive for the attack, sources say that the murder was over missing money from a former Congressman’s political campaign."

  55. Holly M. Scott

    Angelo, your either very jaded, or just flat out hate women.

  56. Tina D. Smith

    Angelo, you have issues. Justifying violence because they pissed you off? Is an article like this going to be about you one day?

  57. Anonymous

    Sky monsters are fake. If the cosmic god cop even existed he wouldn't let people be needlessly murdered.

  58. Dolores Graham

    Satin? You mean Satan, another learned one heard from…

  59. Anonymous

    I agree, there seems to be some pretty large inconsistencies of information. My bet is that Broyhill and the husband were in on the missing funds. Wife found out something and they 'handled' it.

  60. Anonymous

    yes….that's what "spirituality" is for…..deluding yourself.

  61. Anonymous

    Mark Verdugo I was thinking the same thing. When I read this article, I immediately thought 2 things. 1. The wife was cheating and ended it when the husband stepped out, so the killer killed her in a fit of rage and jealousy. 2. The husband and best man planned it. Both of those theories could be wrong, but I definitely agree that there is a lot of information missing in that article.

  62. John Osberger

    so what you're saying is that a news article published within two days of a criminal event may not actually provide all pertinent information? brilliant.

  63. Anonymous

    Mark Verdugo Mark Verdugo I was thinking the same thing. When I read this article, I immediately thought 2 things. 1. The wife was cheating and ended it when the husband stepped out, so the killer killed her in a fit of rage and jealousy. 2. The husband and best man planned it. Both of those theories could be wrong, but I definitely agree that there is a lot of information missing in that article.

  64. Anonymous

    Mark Verdugo Mark Verdugo I was thinking the same thing. When I read this article, I immediately thought 2 things. 1. The wife was cheating and ended it when the husband stepped out, so the killer killed her in a fit of rage and jealousy. 2. The husband and best man planned it. Both of those theories could be wrong, but I definitely agree that there is a lot of information missing in that article.

  65. Matt Crawford

    Perhaps maybe an affair was the reason for all this?

  66. Betty Owens

    em1416 , Yes, God does exist. But one has to search hard to come to that knowledge, and to do that, one must want too. I know, have spent a livetime searching… and finding.

  67. Bobbie Thevoiceof Reason

    Gay and straight are not "preferences." They are not choices. There is scientific evidence that they are born that way. Since there are those that are homophobic and ignorant (such as yourself), saying that "she had a gift for bringing them together" is saying a lot!

  68. Bobbie Thevoiceof Reason

    Read the article again. This happened 4 years after the wedding.

  69. Anonymous

    Eva Mirano : Um.. sounds like an affair.. but not between the woman and best man. Look at the best man's picture. He was in love with the husband and thought that after he got her out of the way, they could live happily ever after.

  70. Anonymous

    After watching the clip, it states that she died early the next morning. But when the husband sent out a tweet, he said "I lost my best friend last night".

  71. Jim Folsom

    So true. I was in the situation you described. Every man she's been with has been charged with domestic battery,yet none of the other women I've been with have ever had to call the cops. Four times I called the cops on her. Did she go to jail once? No. One time she calls them (a fight she started while I was asleep at the time) and I end up going to six months of anger management. Not one female in the class! Even the instructor admitted that 95% of battery arrests are men. There is no mathematical possibility that 95% of domestic arguments could be the man's fault. No way.

    Now, is that what happened here? Hard to say without all the facts. But it does smell fishy that a supposed friend stabs his buddy's wife for no apparent reason while he is home, yet neither one of them are dead now. I now if somebody was stabbing my wife and I walked in on it, one of s is going to die right then. If he doesn't kill me, I promise you I will kill him.

  72. Anonymous

    Many prayers go out to her family and husband so sorry for your loss. The best friend must have been very jealous or something. What's wrong with this picture.

  73. Carlo Gambino

    Why do you assholes always have to speak out about someone else religion. We get it. You don't believe in god but why feel the need to run your stupid mouth to other people. Now go make me a fucking sandwich bitch!!

  74. Barbara Pittman

    Jamie Rowsey, that was my take. That the best man and the husband were having a fling and maybe the best man decided to tell the wife. That's why the husband left out of the room, he couldn't stand to see the look on his wife's face because of the deception. The wife couldn't handle it, an argument ensued and the kitchen knives just happened to be handy. The wounds to the husband and to himself were all cover ups. Geez, I've watched too many episodes of Snapped! This is really a sad tragedy of events though.

  75. Chris Thompson

    This what the family said without edit:
    “It is our fervent hope that an even larger community will be inspired now by the way she lived her life,” the family continued. “She dedicated her life and her work to the ideal that we were put on this earth to care for those who need an extra measure of care. She believed in justice, opportunity and fairness for all. She loved politics and she saw the Democratic Party as the path to realize her ideals.”.

  76. Slobby Bobby

    Everyone is a self appointed sleuth. Everyone wants something "deeper". Yeah, I' sure there is a lot more to the story but, this article represents the facts in regards to what happened that evening. It wasn't meant to delve into the motives and the background of the individuals involved. All of that will come out in due time. Reporting is supposed to be based on fact – not theories.

  77. Lisa Kmiec

    em1416 You don't have to believe in God and you don't have to be a douche to those who do.

  78. Scott Johnson

    First the story sounds very strange…i hate to guess..but something was going on..jealousy or rage from a secret of some for the EM comment…fuck people who want to push it on us who believe in God..if you don't believe in God..Cool no problem..when someone dies..specially this would serve us as a society if you vent your anger and starvation for attention elsewhere..if there ain't no God..were F u d more than you know..peace..God help us all.

  79. Lisa Kmiec

    divinehoney5670 In their defense, the title is a bit misleading. "Best Man Fatally Stabs Bride" makes it sound like it happened at the wedding… I'm getting married August 31st and hope people stop referring to me as a "bride" September 1st. 3-4 years later, come on! "Former Best Man Fatally Stabs Wife" would be more accurate.

  80. Jeff Allen

    Sounds like a love triangle to me. The best man and groom were lovers, but then the groom decided he wanted a woman and the best man (lover) went along with it just so he could continue to be close to the groom. Then after the wedding they were all having dinner, and when the groom left the room the bride made some rude remark about how she got the groom and the gay best man lost the fight… so get lost and leave us alone… That's when the best man lost it and stabbed her to show her he didn't lose and he will have the groom to himself. It's all very twisted!

  81. Arnie Kappeler

    Somewhat irresponsible and salacious, no? "Best Man Fatally Stabs Bride In North Carolina" makes for a great headline that grabs a reader's attention, but "Man Fatally Stabs Woman", would be more accurate, seeing as how the stabbing occurred four years after the "Best Man" and "Bride" parts did.

  82. Sue Drumm DeSantis

    This is sad, I do not understand why the husband was "tweeting" afterwards though…that sounds a little off to me…if someone I loved were suddenly murdered and I was injured…it is probably the LAST thing I would do. Just sounds strange.

  83. Judy Mowery-Meador

    There is definately more to this saga. Has he been in their lives since the wedding? He stabbed her while the husband was in the bathroom in the restaurant? Wow. Sure we will find out. Sounds like a premeditated act on the husbands part. Stay tuned…..

  84. Lola ThePoet Escapist Gomez

    you really think she was sleeping with broyhill….take a look at him again please…??? I'd rather f*** a lamp

  85. Lola ThePoet Escapist Gomez

    I agree I hope he gets lots of questions

  86. Robert Manthey

    I'm a non believer my self, and shooting star, you have less evidence that he does exist, but that is the furthest from my mind in my response. Aside from all the speculation, I think the subject is about the woman who was callously murdered, a woman who was giving of herself for the community at large. Not about whether or not her husband is involved and certainly not about God. Pay respects to the woman who lost her life or just shut up.

  87. Harriett Plair Motley

    em1416 So, to see, smell, hear, taste or touch is your reality? And, in your world, denying this realm of the senses makes one mentally ill. Being a Christian, the first scripture that came to my mind after reading your comment was Psalms 53:1 that reads (The fool hath said in his heart, There is no God…") Knowing that the word fool has many definitions based on how it is used in a sentence, I wanted just the right one; so I went to the dictionary. Wouldn't you know it, I found one of the definitions to be a SOMEWHATperfect one to apply to you with respect to your comment. It read, a harmlessly deranged person or one lacking in common powers of understanding. I said the meaning was somewhat perfect because I don't think you are deranged and I believe you have the COMMON powers (intellect) of understanding. However, to understand Christianity, one's COMMON power (intellect) to understand won't cut it. A UNIQUE power to understand is required. This UNIQUE power is available to all who accepts Jesus as the Lord and Savior of their lives (saved/born again). The UNIQUE power is in the person of the Holy Spirit, and the understanding He gives us is better known as discernment or revelation knowledge. I know, the last few lines I wrote above makes no sense to you does it? But, that too is very understandable based on another two scriptures — (1 Corinthians 1:18) reads, "For the preaching of the cross is to them that perish foolishness; but unto us which are saved it is the power of God." and (1 Corinthians 2:14) reads, "But the natural man receiveth not the things of the Spirit of God: for they are foolishness unto him: neither can he know them, because they are spiritually discerned."

    The young woman in the article is dead in the sense of what the natural world defines as dead, but spiritually, she is very much alive and I won't go into explaining what I mean — that would make an already long reply even longer (other Christians know exactly what I mean.) I will say that my heart and prayers go out to her family, and even though it may neither be received nor wanted, my heart and prayers also go out to you and the nine (so far) that agreed with your comment by clicking like. Last but most important, you may not believe in or love God, but I guarantee you, He truly believes in and loves you, and that's a fact that will never change. I know this because I am a recipient of His patient, unconditional, forgiving love and can, without reservation, bear witness to the fact that there is NOTHING more precious, comforting and REAL.

  88. Sherri Kowalski

    Well, it usually IS always about money or sex, so if it's not the missing funds then it's an affair…..

  89. Michelle Kirkwood

    Angelo Salami

    Sorry, but both men & women DO wig the hell out for no reason sometimes (and because they're just &@%$# crazy sometimes.) Seriously, I'm tired of seeing remarks from guys like you who obviously have serious issues with women saying stuff like, "Oh, it must have been the woman's fault," even though the article provides NO facts to back that up. But, according to you, the woman's always gotta be in the wrong and she deserved it just because she's a woman? Seriously, GTFOOH with that BS! There's probably more to it that what was mentioned in the article, but until ore facts are provided, you really can't draw ANY real conclusions,period.

  90. Lana Zemler

    Angelo Salami, Anyone who is married to someone that makes them angry, should get a divorce. If a woman "pushes" your buttons, then why stay married to them ? And if they push you to the point of assault, it's your own fault for staying with that person. Get out before you become too angry to control yourself. And the same goes for a woman who marries a bully.

  91. Anonymous

    so his wife is brutally murdered an the next day he sends out a tweet? something sounds funny.

  92. Aurelia Magnussen

    Angelo, you are uninformed and you sound like a guilty victim blamer. THERE IS NO EXCUSE for murder or domestic violence, period!

  93. Michelle Stein

    1ST we have to nag sometimes cause most men are hard headed and do stupid kid stuff. 2nd does not matter because if you cant take the heat get out of the kitchen. Its just crazy for any man to hurt anyone but to hurt a woman because she nagged you is just a sick excuse for a man.

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