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‘The Walking Dead’ Season 4 Spoiler: Rick Grimes Could Be Killed Off

The Walking Dead could kill off Rick Grimes

Spoiler alert: On The Walking Dead, even Rick Grimes isn’t safe.

The Walking Dead, based on a series of graphic novels by Robert Kirkman, follows a small group of survivors who are led by Georgia Sheriff Rick Grimes (British actor Andrew Lincoln) in a quest to try to find a safe haven far away from the menacing zombie-cannibal “walkers,” a.k.a. “biters.”

The Walking Dead on the AMC network, said to be most popular basic cable show in America, is scheduled to return for season 4 in October. The show is part of AMC’s powerhouse Sunday night franchise which also includes Mad Men and Breaking Bad. The season 3 finale featured the death by zombie of series regular Laurie Holden, who played “Andrea” for all three seasons, a development that was traumatic for many fans. As viewers know, “Dale” and “Shane,” two other principal characters, died in season 2.

In an interview, Kirkman, who is also the executive producer of the zombie apocalypse TV show, has said that even Sheriff — or perhaps more precisely former sheriff — Rick Grimes is not “out of the woods” as it were, and if so, the remaining group of series survivors could move forward without Rick:

“We’ve been saying that no one is safe on this show, and I wouldn’t rule out seeing the death of Rick Grimes at almost any point. We really like to keep people guessing, and I could definitely see some interesting stories coming from that. While Rick has been a pretty solid leader, he’s definitely made his share of mistakes. I think seeing Daryl or Maggie or Glenn picking up a larger leadership role in the group could pose some interesting story possibilities.”

He also said that because the comic book plot developments are so different from what occurs on the TV episodes, it gives him and the others on the creative team the opportunity to pick and choose and perhaps get a do-over in what amounts to an alternative Walking Dead universe portrayed on television: “Well that’s a long process involving all the writers, the showrunner, everybody. It’s really a matter of sitting down at the beginning of the season and working out what happened in the comics and when and how and why, and seeing if it plugs into our world. It’s a pretty organic thing. Also [it’s a chance] to set up things and do comic book moments in ways that I didn’t really do when I was writing the comics — with the benefit of hindsight.”

Do you think The Walking Dead would really ever kill off the Rick Grimes character, and if so, how do you see the show going forward without him as part of the cast?

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112 Responses to “‘The Walking Dead’ Season 4 Spoiler: Rick Grimes Could Be Killed Off”

  1. Kyle Holloway

    Rick was an integral part of the comic tyre story was basically about him and his family with side stories on the people he met if they kill rick the show might as well end because like I sais it's about his story

  2. Chandra Jordan

    Seriously, what the fuck ever. They can sell us that, it ain't happening. and nice job with your title to draw more here.

  3. Randall Lind

    I always thought if Rick dies then it would all be over. My theory was Rick is in a coma and this is all a bad dream. He would wake up and all the people would be neighbors etc.

  4. Edward Lamb

    That's a huge narrative cliche. I doubt Kirkman would touch that story ending with a ten foot barge pole.

  5. Sheyne Lee Benoit

    I think the death of Rick should come towards the end of the series itself. TWD should go out gracefully like Sopranos, Oz and Lost. A point was reached where the creative minds set a time frame to acheive all they wanted to then finsh the story… even if not every plot was wrapped up in a neat bow. Perhaps the show continues for 3 more years and the fall finale of final season 6 kills Rick and the resulting episodes picks up the peices from that?

  6. Justin Emery

    Then you'll have more time to catch up on your Vampire dairies

  7. Tyler Erickson

    Yeah I agree with Edward. I've seen that thrown around so much. If it ended with him waking up from the coma, it would go down as the worst possible ending in my mind.

  8. Anonymous

    I think they are all going to die except Carl and Sophia, they will probably find a cure in the end.

  9. Paul Smith

    I agree if your going to kill of Rick do it either on the last episdoe of the series or something, But I still wonder how there going to end the show, It has to be on a Happy Note, I mean why invest in all these characters if there all going to die? I wan't something good to happen.

  10. Rezãul Kãrim R-if

    If RICK is gone from Walking Dead….I will surely stop watching it… He is character is the main attraction of the Show, They can't do that at lest till season 5-6…

  11. Victor Gonzalez

    If Rick dies then there's really no point. Who is going to lead the group? the overrated hillbilly who does not a damn thing but perceived as a god through the fanboys? Glenn who almost got killed himself? If anything kill Daryl, Tyreese that band wagon jumper and Hershel since he is basically useless due to his one leg.

  12. Brian Graham

    If Rick dies it will just be like The Office when Micheal Scott left. It would be still very much enjoyable but there would always be something missing…

  13. Donna Wilson

    We need to have people we like otherwise there's no point watching. Rick needs to stay, he needs to be strong but human and likeable! It was great with Daryl and Glen liking and supporting him.
    I LOVE the show but it needs Rick and a strong team for me to keep watching it,

  14. Ant-Ann Wilson

    Agree completely! He needs to be a tough bastard but still as you say human and likeable.

  15. Will Fismith

    I agree except for killing off Herschel if anything he should be used more he is a great character.
    If they don't do something with Daryl or Michionne soon, they will become the worst characters the show has. I mean all they do is "OH LOOK I'M KILLING ZOMBIES IN A COOL WAY". Two words character development.

  16. Anthony Lawson

    After the season 3 finale I am completely done with this show. To kill off Andrea was uncalled for and totally done only to find an ending to the season, I only watched because of Lori Holding A.K.A Andrea. Due to killing of that character that is 2 lost viewers on top of all my friends who stopped watching now due to the untimely death of Andrea.

  17. Debbie Bryant

    Kill Rick off the show? LMAO! This show has been centered around Rick from waking up in a hospital bed to his travels and people he meets along the way. Norman Reedus (Daryl) has said that he doesn't want to lead and I can't think of anyone else that's capable. I've watched shows where a leading character has been killed off and the show flops…never fails. Killing off Rick would be a major mistake! Don't believe me? Kill him off and see for yourself how long the show would last…

  18. Debbie Bryant

    Norman Reedus (Daryl) has stated that he does NOT want that job. Next suggestion?

  19. Katrina Ali

    There was something that Dale said in the comics about Rick's character that really resonated with me- "Being the 'leader' of our little group… even when we didn't want you to be… it was never about bossing people around. It was never about control. The decisions you had to make, the consequences of those decisions– none of us were prepared to carry that burden. Nobody wanted the responsibility. You didn't want it– but you took it just the same. It's easy to blame you for what happened at times– and that's your burden for taking control– for taking care of strangers– trying to protect us. It's not as easy to give you credit for things that didn't happen." For me, that pretty much sums up why I think Rick is the best leader for the group, even with some questionable decisions and the seeing things and stuff 😛 I love Daryl and Glenn but they are not prepared for the weight and burden of the deaths that will be on their hands because of the decisions they make. Rick is a natural born leader. He was a sheriff. He has a healthy balance of doing the right thing but doing what NEEDS to be done at the same time. None of them could have killed Sophia when she came out of that barn. It was Rick who had to be the strength of the group and do what needed to be done. And he is an inherently good person. I think that Rick, Michonne, Glenn and Daryl work best as as team and I hope I never have to see any of them die.

  20. MissAnna- Marie

    They haven't stayed 100% true to The Walking Dead Comics. If that were the case Judith should have been killed with Lori when the Governor invades the prison. So why now?

  21. Anonymous

    I hope they don't kill of Rick! sorry but I know Kirkman wants to do things alittle different from the comic books but come on! they killled of Andrea and she is still alive in the comics! sorry but this would be a big mistake if they do this! imo I wish people would write in to them and complain like they did for Daryl! I know I will.

  22. Anonymous

    most popular basic cable show… need to edit…..right the first time doctor

  23. Jacquelyn Bean

    I'll stop watching it like I did Dexter when they kill Rita, Grey's Anatomy when they killed off Mark, and to go way back ER when they killed off Dr. Mark Green. I pick and choose my shows carefully bc I don't get to watch TV that often. It would be a HUGE loss if you killed off Rick. Huge. One that many of us could not forgive.

  24. Jess Hermiller

    it is Rick's story.. how do you kill off the protagonist of the show? it would be an absolute flop. Rick dies, the show ends.

  25. Dusty Spears

    I love the Rick character. He's probably the most human on the show. Andrew Lincoln does an incredible job at showing the stress Rick has to endure with each episode. Knowing that each decision he makes could kill his few loved ones. But The Walking Dead has become a phenomenon. It's outgrown the comics so much that now, trying to guess events of future seasons based on comics is almost a foolish effort. With that being said, in order for things to be fresh, faces need to change. The key to The Walking Dead's longevity will be the revolution of old characters dying and new ones coming onto the show. I'm a Daryl fanboy, but quite honestly, if the show doesn't start using the character to his full potential, they might as well let him die. I'm also really anxious to see how Carl's darkness progresses in season 4, especially if Rick does 'bite' the big one.

  26. Paul Webb

    Why kill Rick? We have been with him from the begining, we follow his struggles and moral's and have been following him along the journey! We want to follow him to the end and see how it turn's out! to kill hm, for me would kill the show…i'm not sure I'd want to watch it anymore without the soul of the show.

  27. Alex Orozco

    Why would they kill off rick , one of the few main characters that got killed off , if so they should of kept andrea , & especially shane. That character was awesome

  28. Frank Hemenway

    I would TOTALLY stop watching it if they killed off either Rick or Darryl. Those two OWN the show.

  29. Theresa Abbott Decker

    NO NO NO! Don't kill off Rick! It wouldn't be the same…find another way to add a twist to the show…NOT HIM!

  30. Heather Parnham Sayers

    If Rick dies, the show dies. Not going to happen. They just want to confuse us, make us think they might possibly kill him off. Just trying to scare us and make us wonder. No worry here… ;o)

  31. Margo Johnson

    Rick should definitely not be killed. The show would never recover. Not to mention he has way too many things and stuff to do. 😉

  32. Tonya Peterson

    Rick is the main person n the show its mostly of him before the zombies then after the zombies. I as well as my family and friends look for him. The show wouldn't be the same without him. He and his group has to survive

  33. Tiffany Trespeces

    if he dies in the show, I'll stop watching. my whole family would be very disappointed and wont have any appetite to watch it.

  34. Sam Rose Bowen

    Don't kill him off wtf the story's based around him AMC should know what killing of Rick or daryl or Glenn is a BAD IDEA!!!

  35. Jackie Stewart

    There are some major characters you can write out of shows in general, and them some you just can't. Rick is one, Daryl is another. Especially Daryl because they would lose a LOT of the female audience.

  36. Veronica Stefanski-Schwartz

    I could see him getting killed off but further down the road but not in season 4.

  37. Alex Ward

    Killing off Rick? I don't even want to imagine that happening like some of you have said the show has been basted on him seance he left the hospital and he is pretty much the main character of the show. Watching the walking dead without Rick would be hard for me to do I could still watch the show but itle always feel like something is missing and that would be Rick. I don't really see them killing Rick cause he is one of the main characters in the show and the comic book unless Rick (Andrew Lincoln) wants out of the show then they probably would Kill him off but I dought Andrew Lincoln wants out of the show by a long shot. But over all we`ll just have to wait and see what happens with season 4 they like to play with our mines a lot and keep use wondering.

  38. Steven Puchalo Jr.

    If rick or daryl die so will the fan base. Dont be a bunch of tools amc!

  39. Ann Mann

    If Rick and his son and daughter, daryl, glenn, michonne and the farm families dies… I think I don't want to wait for the next episode… Better stop watching then see them die, it hurt so much. They are the reason why I wait for the next season. As it was suppose to come out May and it change to October.. Its worth the wait, since season 3 end up them becoming a bigger group. I hope no one from their group dies.. and all of them would be strong like the previous team..

  40. Michael Killey

    Robert Kirkman is too unsparing to make all of these deaths turn out to be but a dream.

  41. Jeffrey Johnson

    Yea thats just dumb to kill off the main character he's what this whole show is centered around… him and his psycho kid lol when lori went it didnt bother me one bit she had trouble all over her but no all jokes aside rick needs to stay that's like taking Daryl from the show or.. raylan out of justified… you'd lose half your viewers at least… I'd prolly stop watching it

  42. Brad Murphy

    Hershel is the probable best suggestion out of all of them, I get what your saying about Daryl but I think killing him off is as bad as killing Rick off (in the fans eyes, they probably lose just as much if not more of their viewers if they killed Daryl off). Tyreese was apparently a huge part of the comic and so I think it would be nice to bring him into all of this and make him one of the main characters

  43. Oren Waknine

    Merle being killed off kinda killed the show for me a little bit.

  44. Oren Waknine

    Don't kill Rick off, if they have to give us a new "leader" sometime during the 4th season, just make Rick pass his leadership on to someone else and he can be a supporting character.

  45. Sam Wyatt

    If they kill off Rick Grimes (andrew lincoln) then that will be one of their biggest mistakes.., I for one would not watch the show any longer if he was killed off purely because he's the reason I watched it.

  46. Jayklen Kash

    Rick is one of the main characters on walking dead,so for him to be killed off would not be a, "huh" moment. In fact, it would be a great disappointment and i can't see the group being lead by anyone else as much as i love Daryl. But, if they were wanting to keep the viewers interested they should most definitely have Rick go from being the good guy to the bad guy. It only makes sense considering now that he is having to take charge over more people.

  47. Daniel Miranda

    but Hershel is the voice of experience in the group… he is very important doing the "psicologic part" of the group!

  48. Kern Swasey

    I don't see the show moving forward if Rick got killed off so soon. He made me liked the show and if he died i think walking dead wouldn't last another season. Everyone would lose interest!

  49. Rachel Powell

    He is one of the main characters and a HUGE part of the group. We've already lost so many. Why does someone dying have to always be the "best parts"? Everyone loves him. My heart is with him. I would still watch it but it won't be as satisfying!

  50. Junaid Khan

    well it would be a huge upset but id still watch it purely because ive seen every episode, True that Rick is the main actor but others need a chance too

  51. Junaid Khan

    well it would be a huge upset but id still watch it purely because ive seen every episode, True that Rick is the main actor but others need a chance too

  52. Rodolfo Corrêa de Barros

    It would be a big mistake! Rick is the heart and the soul of The Walking Dead. Daryl, Glenn, Maggie… They are a fantastic characters, but I don't know if they will be greats leaders as Rick.

  53. Brent Hirokawa

    I think Rick will die but not for a long time, and I think kirkman just saying that too get everyone all anxious…I KNOW I AM! CAN't WAIT!

  54. Blu Indigo

    Why would you include a "spoiler" in an article headline? Idiots!

  55. Shelley Stowers

    as long as its not Daryl I don't care, rick cries to much, carl is a little sociopath that wont listen, but I think you would lose a ton of viewers by killing off rick.

  56. Judy Minghini

    I agree that if they keep killing off the people we have attachments too, why bother watching… Rick is off limits in my mind and so is the rest of the original gang!

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