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24 IRS Workers Charged With Theft

irs workers

Federal prosecutors announced today that 24 IRS workers have been charged with theft.

The Internal Revenue Service employees, both current and former, were indicted on charges for defrauding the government for over $250,000. The U.S. Attorney’s office in Memphis said that the IRS workers stole more than a quarter of a million dollars in unemployment insurance payments, welfare, food stamps and housing vouchers.

U.S. Attorney Edward Stanton said in a statement: “While these IRS employees were supposed to be serving the public, they were instead brazenly stealing from law-abiding American taxpayers.”

According to ABC News, 13 of the IRS employees are being accused of lying to the government to receive benefits. Prosecutors says that the IRS workers lied about being unemployed while they were recertifying their government benefits. If convicted of making false statements they could face five years in prison.

The names of the IRS workers were not announced but WSMV Nashville reports that the government employees ranged in age from 28 to 64 and came from Tennessee and Mississippi.

Amy Weirich, the district attorney for Shelby County, said: “The taxes that we pay are supposed to support our nation and assist individuals in need, not free-loaders who are gaming the system.”

The indictments was scheduled to be announced in a press conference today. U.S. attorney’s office spokesman Rodney King said that the conference was canceled at the last minute due to “unforeseen events.”

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46 Responses to “24 IRS Workers Charged With Theft”

  1. Anonymous

    Tip of the ICEBURG no one in Memphis has ever had an original thought, criminal or otherwise so if they're doing it there it's all over the country. Now if they would FIRE the IRS employees who have not PAID their taxes we could recover some more tax payer money.

  2. Diana Wilson

    Just more proof that the U.S. government does not control anything it sticks its fingers into. Not more theft from government employees….say it isn't so!

  3. Tallulah Cusati

    At least they are American citizens, and NOT the 30 million ILLEGAL criminals osama has allowed to remain in the USA, and take millions of American citizens jobs. He also released 30,0000 ILLEGAL criminals, from jails/prisons, all over the USA, leaving hundreds of thousands of non-violent American citizens, rotting away, in the same jails/prisons. IMPEACH osama, NOW.

  4. Steven Calhoun

    you better get tough because that's why this country is sinking. it's not debt, it's thievery. when I steal something, give me the same time for that much as you give them. they should be held at higher standard and they are, less time for their crime! I am sick of this and lock thenm up with common criminals, they're no better than them or me.

  5. Dwight Betts

    They will send them to prison and let all the politicians and well connected bureaucrats slide by free at no charge.

  6. Steve Dubrosky

    Cusati, we can impeach Obama now and that will make absolutely no difference at all except put Biden in office to start the third world war and end the US. During the Bush years, he did nothing to curb the tide of illegals, just talk. At least Obama deployed twice as many troops to the border for twice as long as Bush ever did. And the arrests of illegals are at a all time high for America. Numbers do not lie, but we should still impeach him for being a typical liberal and throwing his religion and salvation out the window. It wasnt Obama that released the prisoners, it was the Congressionally unfunded prison system, plain and simple.

  7. Anonymous

    Impeach, HELL, let Fatboy in NK get lucky with a drone with SATAN's name on it, and get rid of the vermin, and all his blow-buddies, in one fell swoop!

  8. Dwain Culpepper

    this article states that these IRS employees could face up to 5 years in prison for making false statements,,,,,,, wonder if that applies to all government employee's?

  9. Steve Rhoads

    What's the big deal, they learned it from their employer. Check out how many government people owe big amounts of back taxes including some at the IRS. If that were us they would take everything we own and put us in prison.

  10. Robert Lewis

    So, it's OK for the government to steal from the people, but it is not OK for people to steal from the government.

  11. Douglas Abbott

    We let government get too big a long time ago. Now there is no accountability at the federal level, with few exceptions.

  12. Chuck Slack

    Funny that they failed to mention that all 24 were BLACK! Wow there's a surprise for ya!

  13. Grover Watson

    Tallulah, if they deport them, who's going to clean your toilet? You're so fat, you don't bend at the waist anymore!

  14. Grover Watson

    Yep, Black…. just like the guy who stole your wife!

  15. Grover Watson

    Steve, you're an idiot, a loser, a liar, and you are way off your meds, boy! Better ease off of the MM too!

  16. Olden Days

    Americans get in-trouble for stealing, but illegal immigrants who steal BILLIONS in taxes by claiming dozens of kids that don't even live in the U.S. they don't even pay in to, we have to and are forced to look the other way. Go Figure.

  17. Curtis Lloyd

    All black people….imagine that! They get gravy government jobs and benefits yet they still steal. I see young black people all the time driving 25000 cars…how the hell do they afford that? By stealing and scamming the government. They go out and have 6 or 7 kids by multiple mothers..then they go and get benefits by all these mothers and kids….and tax time is like christmas in february for these people..

  18. Sylvia Bu

    Impeach yourself first because what the hell does this have to do with the topic and why dont you take that crap to the White House site

  19. Sylvia Bu

    Wow from the mouth of an idiot hiding behind his/her computer thanks for letting us know how ignorant you really are

  20. Sylvia Bu

    Isnt that what they saying about you and your family losers we already know you fos because that can be said for many races bias azzho

  21. Sylvia Bu

    They will do more time than any lying, thieving politian so cheerios

  22. Dewayne Evans

    We don't want to think it has got this way but it has we have one of the most criminal minded government on earth but they are very sly about it sometimes. They want 2 things control over everyone and the most money they can get form us to keep us limited as they can. And beside the IRS robs us everyday and they didn't do anything the very ones who are trying the punish them hasn't done.

  23. Tallulah Cusati

    Grover, you are an 'A.H.', you and people like you are why the ILLEGALS are here. I'm sure you are an ILLEGAL, because of your nasty writing. You go straight to 'HELL'.

  24. Tallulah Cusati

    Sylvia, you are as STUPID as Grover. You go straight to 'HELL', also. It's people like you and Grover, who are turning country into, a third-world country.

  25. Ziamae Davis

    what so funny about that, no one said funny they forgot that the man killed all those kids at the school was white……how soon we forget that crime has no color dumbass

  26. Brenda Dean

    the people who work for the IRS do not have any access or control over unemployment insurance payments, welfare, food stamps and housing vouchers. those are all different agencies – some of them aren't even federal agencies. Therefore, the fact that they are IRS employees has nothing to do with the crimes they committed. Chances are that they all know each other and learned from each other how to scam the system, just like many other co-workers in different lines of work collude with each other – but their actions are not related to the IRS or their employment. BUT, I can guarantee you that the reason they were caught is because they work for the IRS. The IRS polices its employees with TIGTA and they audit IRS employee returns. Imagine if you worked for a company that policed your activities and audited your income tax returns? clearly they are idiots and have no business working for the IRS but their jobs have nothing to do with their crimes.

  27. Brenda Dean

    actually, the whole reason they were caught is because they work for the IRS. The IRS policies its employees with TIGTA and audits employee returns every year. therefore, the IRS controls its employees more than any private employer ever did.

  28. Brenda Dean

    exactly! the reason that the recent bill on firing federal employees who haven't paid their taxes failed was because it included congressmen and their staff.

  29. Sylvia Bu

    Lol, oh yeah loser like I have the power to, but I did have the power to make you read my post and than get you to send me a stupid response troll and hell waits for no one but hell enjoy loser

  30. Sylvia Bu

    @Chuck slack your a coward next time you want to be a racist pig post on the post I post so everyone can see who you really are and calling someone a Ignorant N must make you feel really brave behind your computer coward and loser.

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