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Transgender Woman Banned From Supermarket

Transgender Woman

A transgender woman was banned from a supermarket in Lewiston, Idaho last week over a restroom dispute involving store employees and fellow customers.

Rosauer’s supermarket issued a year-long ban against 25-year-old Ally Robledo after claiming that customers were upset by her use of a restroom facility designated for women. Although Ally was born male, she is considered transgender and identifies as female.

In addition to being banned from the supermarket, Ally was also served with a criminal trespassing charge following the incident.

According to Lewiston Police Captain Roger Lanier, “The store security officer said he had been dealing with a problem over a couple days with the person going into the women’s restroom and urinating while standing up.”

As a transgender woman, Ally considers the supermarket’s ban against her to be hurtful and discriminatory.

The 25-year-old, who says that she has completed the first phase of reconstructive surgery toward become physically female, cites safety concerns as part of the reason she chooses to use female restrooms.

“When I did use the males [restroom] there would be people that would harass me in school,” Ally explained. “I would feel really embarrassed and there were times when I found myself in a lot of dangerous situations.”

Ally also feels that the supermarket’s decision to address the matter by involving local authorities was unnecessary. “I think calling the police is not really sufficient and I think it’s a waste of our tax payer dollars,” she suggested.

However, according to Police Captain Lanier, Rosauer’s supermarket has the legal right to issue bans against anyone it chooses. “The store employees didn’t want any further problems, and they chose to exercise their right to trespass this individual from the business,” Lanier explained. “Anyone who owns or controls their property can make that decision.”

According to the American Civil Liberties Union, Idaho does not currently have any laws in place that explicitly disallow discrimination against transgender people when it comes to public accommodations. While several states do have such stipulations, the battle continues to be fought for equal rights in many others.

For Ilona Turner, legal director of the Transgender Law Center in San Francisco, withholding basic human needs — such as the use of public restrooms — is a discriminatory act.

“Transgender people have the same needs and deserve the same access to public stores and facilities as others without discrimination based on who they are,” she explained in an email to Reuters. “They just need to go to the bathroom like everyone else.”

Do you think a transgender woman being banned from a supermarket for using a female restroom should be considered discrimination?

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19 Responses to “Transgender Woman Banned From Supermarket”

  1. Captain Hindsight

    Good for that store. They want to create a fuss because they "feel" like they're someone else. Well those women FELT uncomfortable with a dude walking into the womens bathroom. What's to stop a guy from going into the girls locker room and claiming he "feels" like he's a woman so they have to let him in. This is getting ridiculous. You cant change your DNA you cant change your chromosomes. All you can do is jack up your penis or destroy your body with manufactured hormones but that wont make you a man or a woman.

  2. Marco Tulley

    Being…he/she….knows that it's going to make women uncomfortable…why do it, especially repeatedly.
    Why do anybody have a problem with the store telling him/her to take their business else where?

  3. Robert Leon

    I'm all for equal rights, but if this person REALLY identified itself as a woman, why didn't it sit down to pee like a woman?

  4. Anonymous

    I feel like a totally hot supermodel….please excuse me while I loiter in the women's restroom a while, powdering my nose.

  5. Anonymous

    I agree with Robert Leon. The truth is, trannies are men, but if they want to sit down to pee, then maybe I would feel like telling women to give em a break. If they want to stand up, then the real women will feel like a guy in their bathroom. Tough love for shemales, Door A, sit and pee or Door B, get beat up in the mens room. You have to respect the ladies, so if you want to be one so bad, at least act the part!

  6. Bruce Kinghorn

    Glad to see a store that stands up for principles. This idiot is doing this on purpose to draw attention. Come on, when's the last time you just had to go at the grocery store?, and I'm an elder.

  7. Anonymous

    If an ordinary guy walked into the woman's restroom when there are women in there and stands there urinating in front of them, you can believe me he would be charged with more than just trespassing. The only difference here is that this guy who wants everyone to think he is a woman by dressing like one thinks he should be able to go into and use the womans rest room but the regular looking (in mens clothes) should not be allowed. Wow who is he trying to kid. If he has a penis then he is a male no matter what he thinks he is or wants to be. If I saw him going into the rest room while my mother, my wife, or my daughter were in there, I would probably take his purse and high heels and beat the h–l out of him with them or worse. So I say if you have a penis stay out of the women's rest room. Women are not allowed to go into the men's restroom and sit down to use the restroom with men present so men should not be allowed to go into thw women's. Plain and simple.

  8. Mary Fournier

    psycho..if you are so innnocent..why don't you use the bathroom before you got to the just sound like a pervert to me.

  9. DJ Loggins

    News Flash Mr. Kinghorn: I have FREQUENTLY had to go either at a grocery store or at a Walmart even. As a sufferer of Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia, when I have to go, I have to go RIGHT THEN!

  10. DJ Loggins

    You clearly have a highly un-Christian attitude and probably do not even know anyone who is transgender. If she has begun the surgical and hormonal process, as well as is dressed as a woman, they should be allowed to use the corresponding restroom. Most in-process transgender also try to carry some form of documentation from their physician regarding their transition status.

  11. Thinking Right for Change

    DJ Loggins so it's better to make 99.99% of women uncomfortable than it is to hurt one little bittle feeling of a guy that thinks he's girl? Any guy can put on a dress, go in the women's restroom and go after my daughter? That's okay? I say if you have a penis, don't go in the woman's room.

  12. Caitlyn Elizabeth Gabriel

    Terri Strickland Medford Many women hover, Terri especially in public loos where hygiene standards are questionable.

  13. Caitlyn Elizabeth Gabriel

    Thinking Right for Change How about a post operative trans woman who doesn't have a penis?

  14. Caitlyn Elizabeth Gabriel

    Plenty of women hover instead of sitting down to pee, Robert. It's mostly in public loos, for hygiene reasons, so don't judge this one person if you're unprepared to accept that this is a female thing too. I think the reason you brought this up was to undermine this woman's gender identity by implying that her method of using a toilet made her less of a woman. Grow up!

  15. Caitlyn Elizabeth Gabriel

    Proof, Mary. Proof??? We live in a society where we are equal before the law and evidence is needed to back up allegations like the one you've just brashly made. I didn't realise that there was mandatory reading for the use of public loos, I must have missed this memo. Some of these comments are just childish.

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