Tom Parker Feuds With Louis Tomlinson

The Wanted’s Tom Parker Feuds With One Direction’s Louis Tomlinson On Twitter

The Wanted’s Tom Parker has engaged in a Twitter feud with One Direction’s Louis Tomlinson.

The pair became involved in a minor war of words after Parker asked why Tomlinson keeps mentioning The Wanted while on tour. The One Direction singer fired back with a tweet containing a link to Parker’s interview regarding The X Factor.

According to the piece, Tom Parker was “shattered” by his audition on the show. Apparently his time on the singing competition didn’t go as smoothly as he had hoped.

Parker explained to the Metro:

“You don’t meet Simon at the first audition, you sing for a director. He told me: ‘It’s a no’ before I even finished the first chorus. I was 16 and it shattered me. I didn’t sing for two years. There was a girl who was really terrible at the same audition who got through. It turned out she was one of the people they put in the show to laugh at.”

Tom Parker then fired back with a YouTube video featuring Louis’ own involvement with The X Factor. It was then that the tensions between the two started to seriously escalate.

Tomlinson and Parker exchanged barbs for a bit before Louis called Tom the “biggest tw*t on Twitter.” Other members of The Wanted and One Direction also tossed their two cents into the fray at one point.

Although Tom Parker and Louis Tomlinson were at each others virtual throats for a while, it would seem things have settled down for the time being. Parker issued the following tweet once the two had stopped dragging one another through the mud.

Are you a fan of The Wanted or One Direction? What do you think about the Twitter feud between Tom Parker and Louis Tomlinson?

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