Dallas Roberts talks about changed scenes in Walking Dead

Dallas Roberts Talks ‘Walking Dead’ Alternate Version [Spoilers]

The Walking Dead fans who haven’t seen the season finale might want to turn away now. Dallas Roberts, who was introduced as Milton this season on the show opened up about some alternate versions to the scenes that aired on Sunday night’s finales.

Roberts sat down for an interview with Entertainment Weekly and talked about how some of the scenes in which he appeared were changed quite a bit after they were first shot. Roberts’ character, Milton died in the season finale and after turning into a zombie killed Andrea with a vicious bite.

One of the things that Roberts points to as a change on the show from what was originally shot was the way that Milton and Andrea went out. Dallas Roberts says that The Walking Dead‘s finale was originally supposed to end for him by getting shot in the stomach, after taking the torture tools out.

The actor said he was always supposed to be mortally wounded and then left to change but that there was more to him trying to free Andrea in the original version. He also said that “there was a section where he was going to wrap the chain around the neck and try to choke her to death before he turned so she wouldn’t have to deal with Walker Milton.”

The actor said that originally it was supposed to be Tyreese finding the pair in the room, rather than Rick and Michone.

The actor talked about the fact that some people wanted to see Milton survive. He said that he thought his character could have turned into some kind of power broker in Woodbury but that the show clearly wanted the Governor to survive.

It seems obvious that the show couldn’t have both characters surviving in order to go in the direction AMC apparently wants to go with the Governor character.

What do you think of Dallas Roberts’ comments about how The Walking Dead season finale could have gone?

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