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Time Traveler Video May Be Solved, 1938 Woman Actually Holding Cell Phone

Time Traveler Video May Be Solved

A time traveler video that shows a young woman holding what appears to be a cellular phone may be solved, with an explanation almost as strange as the video itself — the woman actually is holding a primitive cell phone.

The footage of the so-called time traveler showed up about a year ago. It shows a group of people walking out of a building, with a brunette holding her hand to her ear with what appears to be a large portable phone. The strange sight led conspiracy theorists to claim that the woman was a time traveler — because how else would she have a cell phone in 1938?

This wasn’t the first time conspiracy theorists claimed to have found evidence of time travel. A clip that emerged in 2010 of a Charlie Chaplain movie premiere in the 1920s also showed what appeared to be a woman holding a cell phone to her ear.

That instance hasn’t been fully explained, but it appears the time traveler video from last year does have an explanation. A YouTube user named Planetcheck claims to be the woman’s grandchild and says that she is indeed holding a portable phone.

Planetcheck wrote:

“She was 17 years old.I asked her about this video and she remembers it quite clearly. She says Dupont [the company that reportedly owns the factory in the video] had a telephone communications section in the factory. They were experimenting with wireless telephones. Gertrude and five other women were given these wireless phones to test out for a week. Gertrude is talking to one of the scientists holding another wireless phone who is off to her right as she walks by.”

When other YouTube commenters grew suspicious, Planetcheck offered more explanations:

“It is light brown and made of Bakelite material. It is about 5 inches long and 3 inches wide. It has small buttons on the inside of the phone. The numbers are nearly worn out. They go from 0 to 9. It has the words Dupont Co. on the bottom of the phone. It weighs about a half a pound. The phone is sealed away in a glass box and has not been touched for many years. I have held the box though and am always amazed that this phone was around in 1938 making wireless calls.”

Planetcheck offered no proof of the claims. And the conspiracy theorists may have more fuel to add to the fire — the YouTube time traveler video was taken down shortly after the explanation went up.

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29 Responses to “Time Traveler Video May Be Solved, 1938 Woman Actually Holding Cell Phone”

  1. Andrew Evans

    Sucks that the grandchild has to lie about his/her grandmother being a time traveler. But we don't want the federal government to go haywire over it.

  2. Justin Powell

    If dupont had a patant in the 1930's for wireless commications device, then why did we not see cell phones before the 1980's? It just don't make since.

  3. Edgar Ruiz Jr.

    Because time travelers have nothing better to do with their time but to go back to a factory instead of the birth of Christ or some other important date in history. Come on!

  4. Lisa Bauer

    Another question is 'if' she is using a cell phone then there must be at least two of them. Who is holding the other? I think patants are thrown out there because of a possible progression more than actual data. If dupont had a patant then it has an expiration date. Perhaps it ended prior to the actual invention?

  5. Josh Watkins

    what service provider does she have that works in 1938, and who would she be calling, the future?

  6. Hope Sears

    It's true, I thought this when the first video came out. There were primitive cell phones that were being worked with, but the cell phone range sucked because it was basically a walkie talkie toy range.

  7. Ty Maciejewski

    Lets just say that they are time travelers and they were talking on cell phones. There were no cell towers in 1928 or 1938 so how on earth would they even be able to use the cell phone? cell phones don't work like a 2 way radios or walkie talkies, so even if they were time travelers the cell phones would be useless technology becasue it didn't exist yet.

    No towers, no signal, no phone calls or text messages.

  8. Tom Ly

    most likely a prototype walkie talkie. that was around the time the first walkie came out, and it could have easily been misunderstood for a cell phone.

  9. Boco Corwin

    All those people that are skeptical are so because they themselves have actually done so little with their lives, that they find even the most minutely extraordinary story unbelievable. Read a book, why don't ya?

  10. Boco Corwin

    Um… who said a cellular phone? The article clearly states "portable phone"as well as "wireless phone." Yes, they did call it a "primitive cell phone," but that's like calloing Neanderthal primitive man

  11. Raymond Wilmore

    first off it doesn't look like she is holding anything up to her ear… looks to me like she has a cigarette case in her hand and is scratching her cheek..

  12. Jay Raja

    oh man hahaha you really think that if the person is a time traveler who has the technology to time travel that they wouldn't have, just maybe figured out a way to make wireless calls without cell phone towers and stuff?

  13. Jeremy Carter

    Wait, haven't Quantum Physicists already theorized that, when time traveling, Technology can't be taken back to a date before it was initially created? It had something to do with Conservation of Energy, I do believe…. Man, I wish I remembered the link to that article…

  14. Jeremy Carter

    That's kinda like saying that your Dentist, a tooth doctor, should be able to treat you for heart disease. Just because a person knows theirway around one type of technology doesn't mean they know all technology. Besides, whoever said the time traveler was the same person who created the time machine, assuming a time machine, and not some freak accident of Space Exploration or something, created the incidence of Time Travel?

  15. Jeremy Carter

    Unfortunately, the Fiction section doesn't apply to real life in most cases.

  16. Dominic Santillo

    Who said it has to be a cell phone.? Could be any type of 2 way communication. Maybe she's communicating with a starship or whatever? And if Dupont indeed had a wireless phone in 1938 I am sure that this could be confirmed and it took 50 years to get that technology to market? I doubt it… It was someone from the Enterprise.

  17. Wooden Fish

    Maybe the signal follows through time as well !! I need one of these! I have the darndest time getting a signal