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Baby Shot 5 Times When Father Stops To Change Diaper

Baby Shot 5 Times When Father Stopped To Change Diaper

A baby was shot five times when her father stopped his vehicle to change her diaper. The six-month-old baby was reportedly shot as he father leaned into the vehicle to change her diaper in Chicago’s Woodlawn district.

Jonathan Wilkins and his daughter Johnylah were returning home from a visit with the child’s grandmother. Wilkins pulled over and stopped when he noticed his daughter needed her diaper changed.

Wilkins placed his daughter on the passenger seat and leaned into the vehicle to change her diaper.

Witnesses report that a man ran up next to Jonathan Wilkins’ vehicle while he changed his daughter Johnylah ‘s diaper. The suspect opened fire on the father and his daughter before jumping into a van and speeding away from the scene.

As reported by NBC News, the suspect’s vehicle is described as a “blue conversion van.” No further information is known about the man accused of shooting the baby five times.

Johnylah was immediately transported to Comer Children’s Hospital where she underwent surgery for her injuries. She is currently in critical condition.

Her father was taken to Northwestern Memorial Hospital where he is listed in critical condition as well.

Neighbors reported that the neighborhood is known for criminal activity. Gunshots are nothing new in the neighborhood as the area experiences a lot of drug trafficking and gang violence.

Authorities report that Watkins is known to be involved in gang activity. Watkins’ new wife was also the victim of a shooting when she was “grazed by a bullet” while she was pregnant with Johnylah.

As reported by the Chicago Sun-Times, the Rev. Corey Brooks is acting as spokesman for the family. Brooks asks that the community pray for the Wilkins family. The Reverend has offered a $5,000 award for any information leading to the arrest and conviction of the suspect who shot the baby five times.

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15 Responses to “Baby Shot 5 Times When Father Stops To Change Diaper”

  1. Mary Bullock

    it takes real men to shoot a 6 month old baby. how proud they should be, i wonder if there mothers are proud of them? this was a baby, a future teacher, doctor, wife, mother, human. and these animals killed her. it should be open season on hunting animals like them. lay them out like they did in the old west, in pine boxes. and before you say due process and there rights think about that babys rights.

  2. Deb Boneschans

    There is something wrong with this article…pictures that aren't relevant to title…no date/time stamp on pics/videos…and back in the day of good journalism…you started out with location so you knew where this was happening instead of creating sensationalism with titles and misleading photos. And who is Watkins? The author and editor both need to clean up their acts and resign from being so called journalists for poor reporting/writing. Report the news accurately please…get tired of people being lazy and not being able to tell a report accurately. Prayers go out to victims, if this is indeed a true story and if the names haven't been changed to protect the innocent. :/

  3. Scott Roberts

    Chicago. Need I say more? TOUGHEST ANTI-GUN LAWS IN THE COUNTRY, and they can't prevent this. Why? BECAUSE CRIMINALS, CRAZIES and GANG BANGERS DO NOT OBEY THE LAW! Anti-Gun laws are a CRIMINALS BEST ACCOMPLICE! And ANY politician who proposes them ONLY STRENGTHENS THE CRIMINAL'S HAND!

  4. Mike Yingst

    Johnylah was immediately transported to Comer Children’s Hospital where she underwent surgery for her injuries. She is currently in critical condition.

  5. Twayne Inevitable

    So I take it you blame Obama for the shooting? So before Obama was elected president, I take it Bush was responsible for all senseless killings in America in his time in office? Flawed way of thinking. There will always be crime in cities. It is up to the state, then the city to handle with what's going on under what their governing. Wanna blame someone? Blame the state's governor, and the city officials. The president handles WORLD situations that could put us in war everyday which would make stuff like this obsolete because we'll all be dead. Think next time.

  6. Charlotte Woods-Coachman

    I'm confused…so, someone JUST randomly came by saw this guy leanign over in his car shot him; no robbery, no car jacking…really? I'm not buying this. I know its violence but there is more to this story. and why report this without some type of explanation or questions that may suggest they this occurred.

  7. Charlotte Woods-Coachman

    that's what i said to myself…this is not a true story or its just bad, bad, reporting….it seems like there are no true journalist anymore, just mis-information and lack of true statements

  8. Brian Clites

    first off the journalist misspelled the mans name @ the end of the article and spelled the name watkins instead of the name Wilkins next it does tell you where it happened- Chicago’s Woodlawn district.On top of that it says that the man (who's daughter was shot)was involved in gang activity hence the reason why the man was not robbed or car jacked.obviously they weren't aiming for the child he was hunched over changing the childs diaper they just shot into the car probably not realizing the baby was in the seat.In other words READ THE DAMN STORY USE SOME COMMON SENSE AND KNOW WHAT THE HELL UR READING BEFORE MAKING THE ASSUMPTIONS ABOUT POOR JOURNALISM.AND TO THE OTHER PERSON WHERE IN THE WORLD DOES IT SAY IN THE ARTICLE THE CHILD DIED.

  9. Jessie James

    I'm guessing the journalist must got drunk or the editor did. There is no way you can write a persons name that many times and all of a sudden misspell it like that. It's sloppy and confusing.

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